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    First thumper I ever purchased .. Went from a old 99' RM125 that i hadn't ridden in a few years to this bad boy .. Talk about a kick in the ASS 
    Pretty Stock with a few important mods; Suspension by SMART Performance Suspension, 13oz Fly Wheel, quick shot bowl, Oversize front rotor, Fastway EVO III Pegs, Renthal Fat Bars 
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    Completely built 02 YZ250 
    Started with a complete top and bottom rebuild of the engine and tranny. Then decided to go all out.
    - Suspension by Smart Performance Suspension 
    - Lectron Carburetor (so amazing!!) 
    - Magura Hydraulic Clutch 
    - FMF Gnarly pipe & Turbine core silencer 
    - P3 carbon pipe guard 
    - Vforce 3 
    - Steahly 11oz flywheel 
    - Scott’s Steering Stabilizer 
    - Fast Flexx handlebars 
    - Cycra ProBend full wrap hand guards 
    - Oversized front brake rotor 
    - 18” rear wheel conversion 
    - Kenda Equilibrium rear and Goldentyre front 
    - Fastway Evo III foot pegs 
    - Hammerhead designs extended shifter 
    - Hyde racing skid plate
    - Acerbis 3 gal tank 
    - SDG seat 
    - Polisport restyle plastic kit 
    - Graphics by Motopro Graphics
    Only thing left to do is the CRF front brake conversion which I’ll get to next week then send the head to RB design
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