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    Just picked this bike up second hand from a dealer after spending the last 8 years on a 2005 SXC625. God I loved that bike, yeah I know it was big on vibes, the seat was a vinyl covered 4*2, and it slurped fuel like a sailor on leave. <br /><br />But Christ it was a willing partner in off-road adventures. Steep rock strewn hill climbs, bogs deep enough to pour mud into your boots, single track forest lanes, or hard pack gravel roads, just pull the trigger and hold on. At the end of the day just hit it with the high pressure hose, change filters and your ready for next week. <br /><br />I put on 34000ks before blowing the motor on the highway to Sydney. I already knew the worth of the bike had dropped, I had already tentatively shopped it around as a trade-in and hadn't been offered more than $2,500AU. Got quotes to rebuild motor from $3-5,000. It looked like throwing good money after bad. <br /><br />Sold it to a wrecker as is for $1,250 and bought the 2012 690R Enduro as its replacement. Only had it two weeks and done 300ks none off road yet (this weekend) so I don't know the bike too well yet. <br /><br />Vastly different machine to the SXC, apart from being way more sophisticated (dual spark, slipper clutch etc etc), the first thing I noticed when I got it home (trailered) was I couldn't fit my bike lift underneath. Going for a ride the suspension feels wound up really stiff, not bad on the bitumen but needs to be softened before the weekend. <br /><br />The first 4 gears are so close together, I don't know what sort of riding they're for but not the sort I do. Once your up in 5 & 6 there is no need to change too much, torquey single cylinder and all that. I'm worried 1st will be too tall off road, I'll find out on the weekend, there is a few remedies if this proves to be true. <br /><br />The first 250ks returned 29ks per litre. I checked my calculations, I couldn't believe it either. I did mostly twisty poor quality back roads and didn't often get over 80kph so I expect that to come down once we get to know each other and start to push it a bit harder. <br /><br />Will post another rant once I've got to know the bike a bit better and if I can think of anything interesting to say. Read the thread on 690Rs and their oil burning tendencies, watching the oil glass like a hawk.<br />
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