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    6'0'' 202lbs Novice\inter C-class rider<br /><br />Power from the bike is very usable, easy to control and manage. but there's a lot of it when you twist it. won't snap on you like the MX model though.<br /><br />Suspension out of the box is plush, especially the forks. the shock is fine for my stats, but the forks are a bit too soft for me. Before my revalve I just added 5cc of fork oil and that solved my bottoming issue on jumps. <br /><br />weight-wise this bike is a bit of a bear, but the power and suspension makes it seem more agile that it probably should be. I would quickly shave lbs with a lithium Batt, exhaust, and lighter tires with tubeless.<br /><br />Clutch work is easy, doesn't want to stall ever and the pull won't kill you in a 2 hour HS.<br /><br />Overall I think this bike is amazing once setup for you size and style of riding.
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