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    Still going through this new to me bike to figure out what all has been done to it!
    Previous owner claimed:
    13oz Flywheel Weight = No Dice
    Eric Gorr Big Bore kit = Flanged head gaskets appear correct still don't know which kit it is.
    Rekluse Z-Start Pro = After some adjustment this is working nicely
    Oversized Gas Tank = From what I can tell it is an IMS needs new cap
    So Far I have done:
    Adjusted rekluse
    new orings and springs on expansion chamber
    new clutch cover (stock was cracked due to overtightening)
    new twin air filter
    bled the brakes (fluid was toasted)
    new Kenda Equilibrium rear
    New grippy seat cover
    replaced some missing or incorrect fasteners with oem



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