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    No rating, or opinion as of yet. Just picked it up today, and haven't even started it up yet. Will update when I have some data to share. I think It looks awesome. That's about all I can say as of now. It's January in NH, so I won't have this out for a few months.
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    I've had the bike since new in 2001. It's my 2nd CR250 (1st was an '87). I can't say anything bad about the bike. plenty of power, handles well.
    I recently gave it a refresh this year (2017), after it sat on the stand dormant for the last 8-9 years.
    Add ons/mods are:
    - FMF SST/Shorty exhaust
    - V Force Reeds
    - Rejetted for exhaust (I believe Tom Morgan Racing)(It was done when the bike was still new)
    - Replaced all linkage bearings with Pivot works bearings
    - Factory Connection rebuild/revalve on front, and rear suspension
    - Wiseco piston/rings bearings
    - Warp 9 Elite wheels
    - Dunlop MX3S tires
    - EBC brake pads
    - Renthal bars
    - Odi clamp on grips
    - Ebay front folding levers
    - Tusk shifter lever
    - UFO black plastics
    - Split Designs custom graphics
    - SDG seat
    - Sidewinder chain/sprockets
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