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    Hello all
    To start off I want to say I have had the XR400 for many years, but unfortunately it was not street legal.  I decided to sell my XR400 to buy a dual sport, that would be used ten fold more then the XR400.  In the DUal sport world only comparable power would be the DRZ400.  But with my research I found that the DRZ400 was outdated technology.  I finally decided on the WR250R for a few reasons.  The first reason was the WR250R came with fuel injection.  The second reason was that the WR250R came with a 6 speed tranny.  The third well in my opinion the WR250R looks better.  I knew I was going to take a power decrease, but it didn't matter to me, as well I am only getting older.  All the reviews I saw showed the WR250R owners loved their sporty, light little Yamaha.  SO I bought one.  I would say I have used my WR250R in one month more then I ever did owning my XR400 for 10 years.
    I had the opportunity to buy a used one with only 1200km on it so it was basically brand new.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  Now that I own it, I have had so much fun modding it to the way I want it to.  Eventually I will make the big purchases and have it capable of Super Moto.  But for now I have done mostly cosmetic upgrades with some minor performance mods.
    I created a YouTube channel and have been having lots of fun posting my mods.  Check out my channel here:
    Please subscribe and stay updated with my motorcycle for future vids.
    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to make a comment or post a questions.
    Cheers for now.
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