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    The 350 is the perfect power plant for woods riding, more grunt than a 250, but less rotational mass than a 500. From the factory, the EPA-mandated restrictions keep it corked up. With the intake and exhaust opened up and emissions junk removed, a Vortex ECU wakes this bike right up. I have been super happy with the purchase, it rides like a dream and has plenty of power to keep me smiling.
    As for my current upgrades, not many were needed. Vortex, FMF 4.1, EE hand guards and engine protection, BRP mounts, TMD skid plate, Bulletproof Designs radiator and rotor guards, XC-F fender, ASV levers, Sicass switches, Goldentyre GT333 rear and 216AA fatty front. A Seat Concepts gripper seat is on the way.
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