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    The bike is actually a 2018 CRF250R. The websites drop down menu doesnt have 2018 model years yet. 
    I rode for a couple of years in highschool before my 80’s YZ150 was stollen. Im still getting used to riding again after taking a 10 year break. This bike feels perfect for me as a confident novice rider. So far, Ive only ridden tight, forest single track in the very wet and snow in Walker Valley Washington state. I have abused it (stalling repeatedly on roots and mud) nearly the entire time I have owned it. It has taken a few small spills but holds up fairly well. Some denting on the exhaust tip, some very small crushing on one of the foot pegs and some small deflection on one side for the radiator mount. I havnt adjusted any of the suspention settings, I really need to learn the bike before I start “softening up the front forks” like everyone claims it needs. Im 180 lbs so the bike feels stable and only slightly stiff on the front end when riding over rocky logging roads at higher speeds. I havnt messed with the ECU mapping choices other than the most mild. I am enjoying become the rider this bike deserves!
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