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    I don't even know where to begin. 
    I've only owned 7 or 8 bikes in my time, but, this little guy is by far the funnest, slowest, shortest, and without competition the most joyous bike I've sat my fat ass on. 

    It goes everywhere I'd want I tell it to, zero fuss, and I can't ride it without smiling the entire time. When it blows up, I'll buy another in a heartbeat. 
    I usually just make bad jokes when I review bikes and stuff, but honestly, I can't. This bike is the truest definition of fun on two wheels I've experienced. Smiles for miles. Four strokes for slow folks. 
    Billy goat. Two wheeled tractor. Loyal to a fault. I started out at 17 on one of these, and found my way back after owning and riding lots of different bikes. 
    Now it's my wife swingin' her leg over this thing and hitting the trails with me, but not-so-secretly I wish we'd swap bikes!
    Might not be my DD. Might not be the one I dream about, but dammit, it's the one I am the most free on. Isn't that what we ride for, after all?

    PS: 90's neon inspiration was intentional. Bad? Yep. Great? Nope. Love it? Oh billy.... Yes.
    Christian Monteith
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    Christian Monteith
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    You know it, you love it! 

    Great 70/30 bike (in favour of off-road/on-road). If you're in the woods 70/80+ percent of the time, get a 250, ya butt! This thing got it's name for a reason. Better off-road than the KLR and the DR, but of the 3 definitely the worst on the road. It's a big dirt bike! You know what you're getting into! DR is perfectly 50/50, and KLR 30/70. Shop accordingly, friends! 

    Don't even bother unless you're going to do Dave's Mod, smog delete, and and slap a real air filter in there! Great bike. Wheelies!
    My favourite thing about it is when you turn the throttle, it like goes "vrooom" or like "braaaap" or like something, ya know? 'T's great!!
    Almost as fun as my wife's TW200....just kidding, this isn't nearly as fun as the TW, but then again, nothing is.
    Christian Monteith
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    Christian Monteith
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