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All my broken garbage!

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    So far it's been awesome, but I need more time on it since before this I was a zinger. However I'm already on love with my new darling, second kick starts up guaranteed! 
    06/01/2019: After my first evening at the track, I learned two things.. I am horridly out of shape and I need to tune my suspension! Air spring tutorials here I come! Also bike ran awesome and I loved it, I did stall it twice, operator error hah!
    07/19/19: Hands down the best bike I've ridden in a while! Maybe I have no point of reference but it runs rides and turns clean. easy to understand the bike and how it moves. Very forgiving, I love the Rumblebee! I would recommend one to anyone advanced or just starting out!
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    What can I say? She was my first love and as old and tired as she is (even now the engine has been out of the frame for 6 years) I still loved racing it and ripping it. Strong power band up high but she could grunt a little. Operator error killed her and I aim to bring her back. But everytime I dice into the rebuild something else needs to be replaced. One day I'll kick over this goddess but until then, she will lie in slumber awaiting my return (also back in my hometown in Sudbury Ontario I have no idea how to get it to B.C) pics will come later
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