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    I purchased the MX version because it was a lighter bike than the enduro. Aside from the bolt-on parts you see from the pics, I installed a heavier flywheel to tame the power and a racing piston (just because I could). Additionally I had the forks and shock tuned for woods riding and my weight. I have about 20 hours on this engine rebuild.The MX gear ratios and the 'skinny' back tire are not ideal for enduro but you get used to that. There are times I've wished I had gotten the enduro because of the electric start. When you're on a steep hill and the engine kills, it would be really nice not to have to kick the thing back to life. Hey, I'm old school. We never had that stuff in the '70s.Love this bike. Probably never sell it. Still runs like new. Of course I keep it that way.
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