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    This is the machine made of dreams. 6 speed wide ratio big bore thumper with electric start (no kick starter which is an issue for me), excellent ergonomics, tunable suspension, trail ready right off the showroom floor. For kicks, I added a horn, license plate with on and off road stickers, brake light switch and brake light, and an object that looks like a mirror. Abracadabrazilicazam it's now a dual sport. I'll update the AT 81 Geomax tires to DOT when they wear out soon. Intended use is commute to BLM and USFS motorized trails, etc. I'm working in Silver City, New Mexico, surrounded by wildernesses ranging from tall pines to high desert with proximity to Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, etc. This machine will allow me to explore places I wouldn't dare ride the GS1250, for example.
    The FE 510 has a very quiet exhaust note. It is plugged up like the FE-S or EXC. It does have a reed valve in the intake boot but because there is an 02 sensor on the header the reed can be safely removed without causing lean condition making performance worse. I am going to check this out with Mr. Slavens, the preeminent authority on such matters, before I remove it because if this will lead down the rat hole of a new ECU I won't do it. The bike runs great as it is.  It has a mapping switch with standard and advanced positions with traction control if you like in each map...at the touch of a button.
    It needs an oil change after one hour or 30 miles. I use factory recommended oil and OEM oil filter. There are two screens and a magnetic plug that need to be taken out and cleaned at oil change. These are easily accessible and don't take much time. Refill volume is is 1200cc and there is a sight glass. Then it's every 15 hours or after a race.  Common sense and leaning towards change when in doubt is good advice. Break-in is outlined in the book and I'll leave it there. Personally, I follow factory guidelines as closely as possible.
    Once I get some time on this bike I'll update my garage.
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