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Honda XR250R (2004)

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  • Price C$2300.00
  • Odometer 200 Hours

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Vehicle Details

The XR250R, simple, bulletproof, and just a blast to ride. These bikes were manufactured by Honda from 1979 to 2004. The simple motor design means that you will still see bone stock XRs driving around today with piston rings stock from the factory. Its not often with newer race bikes to go a year without changing the rings and adjusting valves. These bikes are bulletproof. As long as you check your oil before every ride, change oil and filters every little while, and keep your air filter clean your set! The XR comes with a 249cc 4 valve 6 speed kick-start only motor, I am completely satisfied with the engine on the XR. The power is predictable and easy to control. The 6 speed gearbox is nothing short of great. The nice and low first gear allows for crawling over rough terrain, and as I have found found is great when following fourwheelers through tight trails. The 6th gear is an awesome addition to the transmission which is very convenient for cruising down dirt roads. The XR is not too light in today's standards but this gives it "tractorability" and allows the bike to feel planted on difficult terrain and allows for much improved traction. My only complaint with this bike would be the carburetor tends to flood the engine easily, and can be a pain to start when tipped over. The modifications done to this bike are... Stage 1 hotcams, Cycra handgaurds, Factoryfx gripper seat, and it has an 02 CR250R front end.