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  2. No problem. Enjoy the bike. It was one of the most fun bikes I have ever ridden.
  3. Is that similar to the one you bought ?
  4. I think I have a vacuum leak, I've rebuilt it n it still doesn't wanna come down to an idle so I'm kinda just done dealing with it
  5. I need a tire that can handle some road riding aswell so im kinda stumped on what tire to get cause i ride all types of terrain the track in my town is sand but i also ride alot of gravel back roads and some hard packed trails and mud
  6. Look at Michelin Starcross 5 tires if you wanna shave some weight.
  7. Very little difference in noise. You can remove your kickstand, kick starter if you have one. Depends what you wanna spend....titanium fastener kit, carbon hubs, lighter tires and tubes, etc. @Mid Life Crisis could give you some tips.
  8. Your picture is like the TT600 as well , didn't think they were that different from the XT's but Yamaha made more changes than I thought . .
  9. I havent removed the stock baffle how much of a noise difference does it make and i dont really want to start doing motor work so i think ill look into the battery another ways to save a few pounds?
  10. No real HP gain from an exhaust on this bike. If you want to save weight get a lithium battery. If you want more snap load a different map, buy an airbox/intake kit, different cam, etc. Did you remove the baffle in the stock muffler? If not try this first.
  11. I you haven't done it yet, fully charge your battery and immediately take it to Advance Auto or similar for a capacity test This should be #1 priority even if you think the battery is good
  12. I just ordered one on e bay that looks similar to that Moose device shown on u tube. It's cheap at US $23 so probably inferior quality, but for that price I thought I would give it a try. I'll report back when it arrives.
  13. Double check to make sure the timing chain is good and fresh... no tight spots or chunky kinky feeling in chain... also with the timing chain off spin both cams separately and make sure they spin easily with caps torqued down... also check your cam chain tensioner and make sure it’s keeping proper tension on the chain...
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  15. DID Narrow Xring chain no problems, here on 2015 and 13 sprocket
  16. Im slightly confused, can you please explain?
  17. try giving WebCam a call / email
  18. Bob and Ed would like to remind you that the "Swine Lake Resort" is open all year, that is from January the 1th to December the 31th. They have manicured the MUD to be the FINEST BEAUTY MUD in all of Golden Valley. As you can see Bob is the spokspig and Ed is doing what he does best, eating.
  19. I'm curious to see how an RKTek head (or any other aftermarket head) compares to a stock KTM head on a dyno where both heads share the same compression ratio
  20. Sometimes you might need to go up a size or 2 on the pilot and down 2-3 sizes on the main
  21. if they dont match up to any other plug on the bike - its probably for a different switchblock / instrument panel etc
  22. I find this to be a huge red flag when buying anything with an engine... car, bike, lawnmower
  23. Not rewiring, just putting it back together. The wires below are pale green, pale blue, and 4 black wires
  24. If you have any problems come on over to Arizona, can get a title in a heart beat! Yesterday I went to the MVD (AZ"s DMV) and it was like the twilight zone. It took less than 15 minuets from parking the ford to having new title and plate in hand for the CRF and back on the road.
  25. Sorry for the long break in replying drifter. But l think your right about the WR250F. Kinda stuck between that and an XR400
  26. KSK just means its for a CR 250 First owner ?
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