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  2. As someone who is their own practice bike mechanic, this is gold!
  3. Looks like a good score and glad you are happy with your purchase. Took me a while to find a bike that suites my wants/needs but when I finally found it, I am much happier on the trails.
  4. There is only the one dealer in close proximity, two in 4-5 hours and 3 within 12 hours drive so there isn't a lot of leverage on dealings. I have yet to see a 250 XT in Canada, I have heard of 250RR's, but again far and few between. I have ridden 300RR's and though I enjoyed the 200 a little more low end torque for the bigger stuff in the rockies would be nice. Rather than carry speed and use momentum I would look forward to have some bottom end as I slow down lol Picking up one south of the border wouldn't be an option with the dollar exchange, I would be paying $1000 plus taxes on import.
  5. From what I've heard, I would seriously consider getting a 650 V-Strom
  6. There is a reason why James can't ride around and collect a paycheck He can't get a ride
  7. Look into the G2 Throttle Cams. I had one on a mean bike I rode in the woods and it helps a great deal with sudden throttle response.
  8. The plastics are a minor detail for me. Having had orange bikes for years, the constant mix of colors going back and forth between white and orange and so on I can live with a little white headlight bezel. If anything I like the red, reminds me more of the RR's which some friends have. I had done some searching for the Lectron prior and saw posts where it couldn't be done easily as the oil injection system wouldn't allow it, I am happy if I can easily as long as the injection is simply case induction and doesn't have crank oil supplies and such. I wish I never sold my Lectron with the bike if that is the case as they are double the price compared to when I bought mine!
  9. As said lithium batteries don’t like cold and sometimes when it cranks slow it helps to turn on the headlight for a bit to preheat the battery then strangely enough it usually turns over quicker.
  10. So that was my first thought but after a lot of googling last night .. I found a lot that supported ZERO rotational play but some opposing play including something from Hinson (all of this info was second hand tho) Does that 03’ one you have have any out of curiosity? On mine it’s not a loose wiggle .. I have to grab the basket with one hand and the gear with the other and pull/push to get the little bit of movement
  11. the mountain that impossible is on has probably the biggest climb to the far left called $100 hill.
  12. 350DirtRider, thanks for the video!
  13. Buy an '11 or '12 rmz and you will be happy as a clam. Don't waste your time with a '13 or '14. '11 and '12 had great forks and great suspension overall. Bike corners like it's on rails. Just like buying any used bike, make sure it was taken care of and you will have no problems with the rmz from a reliability standpoint. I have well over 400 hours on mine and I've rebuilt the bottom end once (bad bearing)and the top end 3-4 times. Thing has been very reliable.
  14. if you trail ride, keep the longer silencer well packed.
  15. I'm thinking about treating my 04 yz125 to a new silencer for Xmas , love the looks of the FMF shorty, but is there any performance gain (or loss) with this ? I mainly do trail riding, and currently have a dep front pipe also
  16. Hey all, I need to test the regulator on m 87 XR600r. Had the bike running yesterday and blew my headlight/tail light. It's just the two wire regulator. Green and yellow/white wire. Thanks!
  17. When Barcia takes out Webb in the first turn, you will never hear the end of it.
  18. Heres an uncut clip with 800+ feet of elevation change. camera will never show how steep this stuff is but its not so bad when you have 100% traction. kinda like riding soft slickrock
  19. That's why I liked my Thor Phase gear so much, durable and not flashy. My new gear from Scott (they don't market in the US anymore for their gear) is bright red, but not a lot of colors. I do look like the red Power Ranger, though. I don't know what's with all this stupid clown outfit stuff now.
  20. Thanks for the advice Kenny I will keep that in mind. I definately need to set up the suspension for my weight.
  21. But if you stand and lean back you can ride down them! (I tested this theory on every hill haha) So which one is the tallest? the slide felt the longest but the speeds on that one were much slower, but impossible has some serious elevation change as well
  22. &%$#@! that dick! He is hereby excommunicated from the Beta ridership. What an arrogant prick.
  23. Opposite direction Sry bout that ik
  24. I think I can get ethanol free gas around gere. What fuel additive are you referring to? Ok, I will look into that. Yep, he gave me the OEM plastics/ lights and heavier fork springs. I weigh around 190 lbs so I think I will probably end up installing those...I will ride it first and see how it does though. I really like the looks of the mx style plastics he currently has on the motorcycle so at some point I would like to get an get a brake light kit to mount on those. What are the bare minimum requirements to make the bike street legal just so I can ride some forest service roads/ connect trails? Do I really need an electric horn, blinkers and all that or will a brake light switch install be sufficient? I have no idea how stringent they are about that kind of thing. Also, once street legal are ohv stickers even required to ride on off road trails? Silvfx, do you live here in Colorado? May be when spring rolls around we can go for a ride or something. At the moment I don't really have any riding buddies haha.
  25. I bought a set of ‘71 series gear from them 2 weeks ago, liked it so much I bought another! I like how it’s not stupid Millennial color schemed and its higher weight fabric
  26. No doubt the conversation we way off track from the original post...
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