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  2. Hi All, I've got a weird behavior when changing the pilot jet on my 2001 yz250f. I bumped it up from a 42 to a 45 because I have to run the fuel screw around 3 turns or so before it's happy on the 42. But when I changed it for the 45, it won't even start, no matter where I put the fuel screw. Go back to the 42 and it's happy as a clam, but needs 3+ turns out to not be lean. I've cleaned the carb thoroughly, made sure all the air and fuel journals are clear. Any ideas on what I can do about this? Do I have a crappy fuel screw? (Honestly I can't even find it on the 'Net now) I'm really worried I'm going to lose my fuel screw on the trail. Thanks!
  3. repurposing zach's bunghole LOL. Red that shit is too funny
  4. worn countershaft ?
  5. We can ALL file this under "Quit your whining"
  6. If you end up with a DR650 don't go to the ProCycle website, they have so much chit for that bike you'll go completely broke. [emoji38]
  7. What does the 690 weigh with the equivalent of a full tank on a 450L?
  8. I had one year of experience, was tired, bike damaged, too big a gas tank and I decided to solo hit one of the tougher trails as the sun was starting to set. This ride would really test me, progressively the ride went from being fun and funny to serious. There was a ton of dead trees I had to cross and many were pretty big. Am I evil? Yes I am...
  9. better than samurai, geishas!
  10. Novice my A** they’re too poor. You and I both know it’s gonna end up a 50+ Vet beginner who will use exactly 3.5% of that bike’s potential. And 2017? Where’s the past model year discount? What’s Showa A suspension? Specially valved by Samurai warriors using swords to stack the shims?
  11. Anyone want to ride on Sunday with me and Duane (Dirt Dirty Spicer)? Going to Nuevo Hills again, Duane is hooked on the single track up there. Leaving my house about 1:00 pm ride till dusk. Whos IN? Stop all the talking guys, let get a group together and ride. sorry about last min planning. We had quite the adventure last Saturday there. See below.
  12. It’s a 1995 xr650l what do I need to check for to know if my cam and rockers are good I’ve gotta a stage 1 hot cam that I’m gonna throw in it when I rebuild it
  13. Ill be there June 8th through 11th, where does she hang out? [emoji57]
  14. There are some moderate rides there and if you don’t break easy and have a high threshold for pain then the other trails are fun. The fear of heights can be an issue occasionally. But if we’re riding in the dark, you can’t really see the super dangerous fall to your death stuff.
  15. I ride a lot of rocky technical single track and use shinko cheaters it works. It’s all about traction where I live. If I have to ride FS roads I dial up the front psi and rear sometimes. I check the inner pressure every ride but sometimes don’t even check the outer. Less is more for me. I’m pretty sure you could run shinko 505 120 rear and oversized shinko front with no frickin*air and be fine, they are that good for my terrain. its cool to see what works for others in this post for their respective riding areas and styles
  16. If you do by it, I wouldn't put it on the bike until you go to sell it or get some more experience riding it. See the picture of my 1977 YZ-250. The stickers just fell off of that bike. Maybe the glue wasn't as good back then.
  17. bob you and I can pull it off, the real trails can be done
  18. I’m tempted to buy this right now lol:
  19. This is "head shake" we're talking about, correct? YZs are about the last bikes to get head shake, which makes this curious... Tighten the steering bearings so that the wheel doesn't flop side-to-side (when on a stand). Sorry, that's about all I got.
  20. it was the kickstart stop and a couple other things.... what should i do?
  21. What year did they stop WR250 production?
  22. Thanks I'm planning on being there
  23. I sure need one! Maybe I will work this backlog down to the point that I can ride again when the weather cools down. I want to see if I can meet up with him one of the nights that he is practicing on the MX track in Tucson. Only problem with that is its about a 1.5 hr drive home afterward. Never bothered me when I was 18 and racing at Borderland Raceway in El Paso and had to drive back to Las Cruces, but I am more "experienced" now.
  24. I cant really remove anything ive added as it's intended for offroad use.
  25. California

    thats a hard rental. proof of rental: 1) the shine 2) not 20 years old.
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