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  2. you can get cylinders on ebay - OEM used fairly cheap brand new OEM pistons as well and gasket sets all on ebay
  3. You can use soft straps that go around your forks above the lower clamps and a regular cam-style motorcycle strap. Obviously make sure the angle is good and you aren't pulling funny on your front number plate. That being said, I have used soft straps on my handlebars on my '16 for the last 2 years without any noticeable issues.
  4. If you search helicoil on youtube, their Comercial shows exactly that problem but with a car , but its exactly the same thing
  5. I've got the 450 and love it. I've ridden a friend's 17 350 and was underwhelmed. I didn't feel any advantage and missed the power.
  6. Agree on the oversize rotor. I recently rode a new yz250x with the stock oversize rotor, and the performance was comparable to my KTM, and much better than my 03 and 06 YZs. Now, how you get there, I'm not sure--but I guess the kit that matches the forks you are using?
  7. I have a full set up from a 13 150 on my 03 engine, my other 200 had the oem 04 setup, the 13 setup is much nicer.
  8. Helicoils are just perfekt for that
  9. I've strapped mine every which way you can and it's never hurt a thing.
  10. Our Dryer finally died... purchased it new in may 97... can't complain ..
  11. I just redid all my signals on my bike (led) and first of all they didn’t flash so I replaced the old flasher with a new DRC flasher and now they flash but instead of going totally off and turning on they just dim, get brighter, dim, get brighter... kinda bummed because there bright but they dim instead of totally shutting off and it’s not noticeable in daylight and barley at night How do u think I fix this? Another new flasher?
  12. which screw are you looking at ?
  13. 2003
  14. Not so dirty :-) For me its all about convenience, I live in a apartment building and rent a small space for my CRF in the basement parking area. Originally designated for mopeds... So there is practically no space for me to work on my bike, that`s why I choose the easy way about my chain maintenance.
  15. Thanks Dave !
  16. how much would you get for a roller - $1000 ?
  17. From other forums I believe most use DRZ400 shocks as a replacement , there is a wide variety for that model. I have a fully adjustable Works shock for one of mine to install sometime that was made for a KLX "C" so no need to try another one unless I decide to do it on my other KLX.. .
  18. I fixed it by using a 4 1/2" long, 1/4-20 AHSC with 4 little flutes ground into the first 2 threads = "self tapping screw". the 6mm is .230", the 1/4 is .250. not alot of material to work with, but it only needed 9 ft-lb of torque to do its job. it works. Thanks to all :-)
  19. Getting a new one?
  20. So I just purchased a 2011 250 xc-f and I'm having an issue with the plug fouling very easily on start up. It has roughly 220 hours, e-start works, has a 280 big bore kit, and a full FMF pipe (if either of those could matter). The issue is this... I understand that NO throttle is to be used during starting. I am quickly adapting my starting technique for this but I've fouled the plug a couple of times already nonetheless. It seems what is happening is that once it fires a bit I'm rolling on the throttle and it's stalling. Once this happens it seems to worsen until I remove the plug, clean it with carb cleaner, and reinstall. Then it will fire right up. My question is this... just HOW SENSITIVE should the plug be to fouling on start? Is there something I can do to help? I have a couple of new plugs ordered but haven't received them yet. I'm hoping this will help but are there other things I can do (fuel injector cleaning/tuning, fuel additive, different spark plug than stock, etc)?? I've only had the bike a few days but I can see this being a frustration in the future. Just yesterday a friend of mine hopped on to take it for a spin and I wasn't right there with him when he went to start it. What did he do? Twisted the throttle on start and fouled the plug immediately! Thanks for your advise! chris
  21. Wonder if the kid crashed hard on the shifter? That can cause transmission problems. When both third gears were trashed on my 150F, there was a gear/clutch whine noise. --L*64
  22. need pics
  23. they share the exact same transmission parts between 01 - 07 yz250f
  24. anyone happen to know the offset for the front spokes/rim on the 300rr ? thanks -t
  25. pitbike

    Thank you @Azrael888 i am just going to save up for a new head as i also have never touched valves cam etc, heads are pretty cheap tbh i can pick up a standard one for about £70 $80 or get a zx140 race cam and valves for about £100 $110 So its not too bad thanks for your help
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