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  2. i thought for 2015-2016 they reinforced gearing for durability ... so the 2013- 2014 can even have more problems !? or they are the same bikes in sense of transmission!?
  3. they have 02 stamped on them - so they must be 02 + 4 dots = april 2002
  4. Well, the fact that it is brand new of course. After years of used bikes with countless hours of fixing and spending gobs of cash for parts I decided it was time for a new one. No more of the used and abused. I searched for years for the bike that suited me with no luck. I have owned several brands and types of MX and offroad. I just couldn't quite gel with any of them. Then finally the perfect bike came in to my life. A brand new 2017 300 XC-W. It filled every gap that the others could not. I have owned older KTM bikes and I liked them pretty well. I have had the blessed sss equipped Yamahas. Also Honda, Suzuki and Kawi. Nothing compares to this bike. I have read bad reviews of the Xplor suspension and the Mikuni carb but personally I found the carb easy to dial in for around here. And the suspension is pure bliss on the rough, rocky, rooted terrain we ride. (mostly single track). The only adjustment i have made is I turned the high speed compression out some and added 2 clicks in on rear rebound. Not even a spring change (yet). I weigh in at 205 naked and it works so well stock that I may keep it as is for a while. I know that every person is different when it comes to suspension and setup but for me, this bike is perfect. I honestly can't think of anything I would change on it. I added an Acerbis skid, bark busters and a pipe guard (going to change it to a carbon fiber one though) and will be adding front and rear disc guards. Everyone in my riding group loves it. 3 of them liked it so well that they bought one too. One ditched his 450 Yamaha, another his CRF and the other replaced his Beta. It may not be the perfect bike for everyone but for me, absolutely. Sorry for the long post and I hope it didn't come across as bragging. Just wanted to share my new found happiness lol.
  5. 0.3mm yes
  6. My linkage was greased at around 25 hours and only one bolt was a bit dry , unless your super careful you can get dirt into the bearings , you might be more careful than I am however
  7. Hi, can someone tell me what you call number 26 on the chart here? I think this is what I found on the pickup
  8. Doesn't look like any KYB I have ever seen. Also has Paioli inked into the fork lug.
  9. I have multiple bikes that make big power, my 2003 cr250r seems to be winner however you match them up in dirt, but jetting is critical and stock jetting is rarely optimum for these bikes.
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  11. Any pics? I had the m5b 140 before on my cr 250 before.. don't know what an evo is yet.. In the m5b of years ago say 2008? The 140 was noticeably bigger than the 130. That was a while ago. I don't know if the tire has changed since.
  12. It really shouldn't be that hard. Speak to Jeremy at MX Tech. The guy knows his stuff. Tell him I recommended you and he will charge you double.... Have the bush lands re- tapered as well as revalving with a bleed port in the rebound piston. The potential in that fork cartridge is amazing.
  13. The aftermarket lock rings always seem to strike the cone, contaminating the oil with alloy particles. Heavier oil is more reliable if it corresponds to your valving.
  14. For what it’s worth looks like suzuki has sold mostly of what they have made as far as motorcycles
  15. What year model are these forks and what bike are they from?
  16. Hi , Im having the shifting problem on my 94 xr 600 as well, I found a piece of one of the springs in the magnetic pickup on the right side of the motor, I think I need to pull the star shaped plate off to look at the spring there under the right case to make sure the easy to get to spring is ok, Im trying to figure out if I need to split my case to find the broken spring, Thanks a bunch for the info I found here,
  17. okej i will try it , i appreciate your help
  18. is it okej to remove 2 of the standard spring !? or thats the worse idea ever !?
  19. At the end of the day the bike has a steel frame and so is never going to be as light as a proper Enduro bike, it's a cheap trail bike and so has been built to a price.
  20. Haaker is getting on my nerves.
  21. How is it with the handling and everything? Just want to make sure I don’t but it and put it on and mess it all up ha. I mean I ride it now no problem. Just would be more comfortable lower ya know ha.
  23. A friend of mine was sleeping (drunk) outdoors on an old couch in the Darwin rural area. His wakeup call was a centipede biting him in his belly button lol. A friend's mother said she saw one kill a duckling by repeatedly biting it in the eyes. Nasty things.
  24. weekly ride
  25. I have a WR250 and have a lower link - I dropped the forks a little. Also found a oem kick stand - took about a half inch out and welded to foot back on. Works great.
  26. I put a JGR lowering link on my RMZ450. Even though it's a little more than other brands I went with the JGR because it's adjustable with 6 different inserts. Each insert set has different offsets to allow adjustment in the amount lowered. As far as straight up lowering I would start by removing my seat cover and shaving the seat foam down first. Reason being that the lowering link will change the leverage ratio of your shock so the more you lower it the stiffer the suspension gets. I almost got tossed over the bars seat bouncing jumps with the most extreme lowered settings on the adjustable link. I ended up using setting 4 of 6 while softening up my high speed compression 2 clicks and slowing the rebound 2 clicks. It does have an overall firmer feel but for me it's great because that firmer feel also feels more solid allowing the rear end to track the front with much less slippage or wandering.
  27. It also looks like you may have some adjustment room on your hammerhead guard. If the mounting holes are oval (like what appears in this pic), can you loosen your top bolt, and move the guard a couple more millimeters away from the sprocket?
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