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  2. California

    I run E85 in my 525
  3. These guys are your best bet being on Cody Webbs level.
  4. I just saw the photo of the 2019 Beta 200RR on Steve Holcombe Racing site on Facebook. Looks pretty... not sure what the suspension manufacturer is, it looks different.
  5. Well......looking at the video. NEw Forks. No more red fork anodizing. Labeled ZF. Unsure of cartridges. Looks like whole line is going to a clear ano triple clamp/black fork combo. Good sensible idea. Rear shock looks like larger diameter resevoir and is red ano. More oil may be how they are trying to address fading. Valving? Who knows? Not sure but motor castings look like possibly a new casting process (vac die cast?) Seem to be more glossy. Or just got a can of Maxima SC1 and went to town? Graphics looked cleaned up a bit. Strokers exhaust is still the same. Hopefully the whole line gets CARB certified for the dual injectors or Beta gets smart and offers an "offroad only" kit to retrofit. Pretty sure that 200 is gonna be awesome!
  6. California

    I add ethanol to my fuel for cleaner spark plug. 2Tee still lights off first button push every time
  7. Thanks, Jeff, but on those days I'll be in Berlin.
  8. That sounds simple enough but I've played with it before and never noticed any air bubbles. I'm guessing there is air trapped in behind the pistons? I cant think of any other place air could be.
  9. Thanks for the reaponse, turns out the dealer failed to give me the box with all the parts lights mirrors ect... All sorted now!
  10. The Older MX3S in my Terrain is hard to beat. I ride loam Through Deep sand with minimal hardpack and aside from normal wear i have no chunking etc. they hook up amazingly and track perfectly the front has a great progressive feel into corners and i can easily feel when im near the limits of traction. Im no so keen on the new 33 hope it sticks as well as the 3S i can live with lower durability.
  11. I'm with ya I spend hours cleaning and working on my ttr-250. I clean it after every ride and purposefully look for stuff to fixed make look nicer or mod.
  12. I’d say appropriate at the time, I use it on a regular basis
  13. Yes, respect the law as it stands currently. I would suggest also pushing for a requirement that large industrial timber owners be required to allow free public recreational access as part of the property tax deferral they receive on timber lands. BTW, the motorized permit still may not work for a motorcycle. The Campbell Global lands near Snoqualmie specifically exclude motorcycles in any fashion. They permit doesn't apply to them, they can't even be in the back of a pickup that has a motorized permit.
  14. Has the jetting been adjusted to match the intake and exhaust changes? Also, gearing can help in these cases, may be worth looking at what gearing is currently on the bike, (and compare to stock if changed) and may go up or down depending from there.
  15. How many years ago did it do km
  16. Hey, So I have a 2006 ttr-250 with a 2005 yz250f muffler, and the air box was modded to match the muffler, but it does not have as good of low end power as my brothers and my dads XR250s. it also stalls at a higher rpm then the XRs was wondering if any of you have any tips on increasing low end power and/or reducing the rpms before it stalls? Thanks
  17. Did you check inside the bars? Sometimes they will unthread and the wedges will stay stuck in the bars... Worth a shot!
  18. It's great to see more trails systems being developed, but there should be more balance. I recently emailed the DNR Recreation Manager the message below and have not received any response yet. If you haven't checked out the new mountain bike trails going in at places like Raging River and Capitol Forest, I suggest doing so. They are the equivalent of MX tracks through the woods, and should be precedent for more moto trail. Living near Raging River, it is great to see these new trails and I have been riding them regularly. I can’t help but compare the Popping Tops and Flow State trails to motocross tracks, especially Popping Tops, which has jumps as large as those found on actual MX tracks. That begs the question of, when DNR is building a machine built motocross track through the woods, why aren’t motorcycles having similar facilities developed? Especially with the advancement of electric motorcycles, such as the Alta, that could allow such use near population centers like Seattle. Please afford motorcycle users the same consideration being given to MTB users.
  19. I can't notice any rattle when I shake the helmet. And the amount of noise varies with something I don't understand. Sometimes it makes the video unusable, other times its just annoying and sometimes I can even just mute the sound. I haven't found any solid reason. I agree that the U30 is way better than my Hero 3+ was by a mile. Even with my electrical tape lining the case, at one part in the last ride it started rattling. No clue why
  20. This is my 2017 500, it’s an awesome bike. After running around all over and wearing out the Michelin’s I switched to goldentyre fatty and m5b and thought I messed up the bike because it was so different then I got used to it and was stoked. Then I switched to the 333 dominator and was like YEAHH... I hit those false neutrals too often. Can the new gear selector work on my bike? and if it will could you explain it better to me so I can pull it off on mine. Apologies for not knowing more about these kinds of things. I wiped out a few too many times because of the false neutrals and my buds were like what??? and I was like “f-ing betas transmissions more clunky than a RM!”. [emoji851] I’m more aware of it now but it still happens more than I’d like.
  21. I am also interested in this topic so I hope this isn't highjacking... I have a 93 XR600 and I am running a Baja Designs Squadron Pro as a headlight with their reg/rec installed inline. When I am idling my headlight pulses and I would prefer not to ride like that on the street. I am thinking that I could install a cap inline after the reg/rec to even out the voltage to the light but I am not sure about the size capacitor I will need. Anybody have experience with an install like this or experience picking out hardware like this? I have some electrical experience but nothing suitable for this. Any help is appreciated
  22. why not the Drz then?
  23. shinko cheater is a great tire. I have 70 hours on mine with 25 of them on pavement. Knobs are close together so lasts awhile on pavement and hooks up great in the bush. I don't ride it easy in the bush either. Have the shinko 546 on the front with the same hours and its also solid.
  24. That happens with all Dunlops mang. That's why the @Creature-Sauce has so much dislike of Dunlops. Actually the stock tires on my 300 XC seem to be holding up decently.
  25. I actually already bought a 2012 frame off of ebay for 200 bucks the morning after posting this because I was afraid it would sell since there was not one other one for sale and the 2014 and up frames were at least twice that price with no title even. Thought worst case I'd just sell the frame if the newer frame swap was possible. Do you have the engine relocation kit, plastics and upper rear shock bolt? I might need some other parts like stator, flywheel and possibly exhaust but wont know till I get to fire her up. This build was really just to flip and make some money so I'm trying not to spend money on extras like the engine relocation kit but if the price is decent and can help out then guess it would be a win win for us both. Thanks and good luck with the family stuff!
  26. I had to Google it, and was dieing laughing when I went back and reread it. I thought for sure it was just some fat finger typing.
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