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  2. This. [emoji1360]
  3. Doubt it. You can check by the color of the top cap. 05 suspension is silver, 06+ is SSS. The guards are restyled guards.
  4. supercross

  5. Why make what is so simple so hard. Look under the Gal. of gas used on the Ratio rite drop below and it shows how much oil to use per the ratio you want. Remember how many oz's per gal and stick with it. or as stated above do the math
  6. Here is some factory picts from back in the day:
  7. Bombastic, I would encourage you to not be discouraged! As weird as that sounds. Brand new trails are always tight and a bit more difficult at first, but as they get burned in and cleared out they will become somewhat easier. Also we have yet to "dial" the new trails in. New trails usually require a little "dialing" in after the first few rides. The trails in Tigers video look more tight than hard to me. I've seen you out there at the work parties and you put in too much work to give up now, it Will all be worth it. As a TMC member I think you guys are on to something really special.
  8. Exactly. I’ll map it and throw a pipe on it but I’m not making it into a zebra.
  9. Excellent, thanks. About what I was thinking.
  10. supercross

    Understood, just needing some more visual evidence.
  11. Just to add a little clarification. Hose A is the float bowl drain hose and hose B is the carb vent hose. They do not attached to anything but to be safe route them down and secure them so that they do not flop around.
  12. It's more of a slight "piston slap" Type noise, not the knocking, chattering of a bottom end bearing.
  13. I just had my 300XCW done at 140 hours. Was thinking I could wait until 200, but now is winter and the 200 hour mark would come right in the middle of prime riding season. The piston and rings looked perfect. There was zero blow-by, no scuffing on the piston. Now I'm an old slow rider, a young gun who is always WFO might have a different story, but I will have no worries going the full 200 hours next time.
  14. Gross misinterpretation of his post. I could add to that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  15. supercross

    He won't let you feel them, many have asked.
  16. He didn't ask about power and if he did, you'll spend a ton of money to get the 250 close to a 300 with a head mod, and probably not close to that even. If you rode a slightly modded 300 you would think differently. s3 head is $225, lectron $450, that's 675 for a modest improvement and still not close to the breadth of power a 300 can make. Lectron doesn't make more power, it's just smoother.
  17. My 16 TE300 is no different.....cold you kick. Just sold it this am....somewhat sad about that
  18. Pulled the hot start out, kicked it over while cold and starts awesome now. So i guess its safe to say the pilot jet is too rich. Ill get one from my local dealer tomorrow.
  19. my 2018 300 xc-w says to run 60:1 with motorex. They didnt change the engine from 17-18 with the 300s though.
  20. Spot on. Mine- 2003 Service Honda CR500af. When I hear people talk about the crazy out of control power the cr500 has I have to wonder what they are talking about. There are a few things I wish the bike had, such as a lower first gear, basically a WR tranny. And yeah with the tall first gear and lame clutch feel stalling happens. I went rekluse and it transformed the bike. It really is a trail weapon so long as you dont ride it like a 250.
  21. Footpegs relocated Flat slide carb?
  22. Hey Ryder, haven't seen a build from you since your amazing 183 lb XR200R BBR framed wonderbike. You are absolutely right on this: Honda should be ashamed of themselves for not having done this to the CRF230F years ago. Great job, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the details of this build revealed. Jay PS: I WANT one!
  23. I read (in MXA mag, March 2018) that KTM has revised their recommended gas/oil ratio to 40:1 for the 2018 KTM 250SX. If so, does that mean we all should be switching to 40:1 ratio on our KTM 2-strokes??
  24. I think you can say that about almost all of CA except Downieville and Horse Canyon trail - though Hose was a blown apart from squids that can't ride.
  25. Pennsylvania

    a couple of years back, we were riding Darkwater and Hite got stuck waist deep in one of those puddles. I made him take off his clothes and tie them onto the trailer, no way I wanted those close inside my car. I'm pretty sure his wife made him burn them when he got home.
  26. Ok but 😀 powervalves don't make much noise unless its clapped out. What kinda noise is it? A bad rod bearing will make clicking chatter sound when worn
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