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  2. Also, what about the wps featherweight? I plan on riding next weekend indoors so I would like to get a battery asap but I don't want to buy junk
  3. Mine leaked a little through the ventilation holes but I got them warm and coated them in sno-seal and now they're water tight and warm.
  4. Hi guys, I just bought a used 2014 YZ450f. It is my first ever track bike. I've previously owned a Honda XL80s, a Kawasaki KDX80, a KDX200. I still own a strong running 2001 WR426f and now this YZ450f. I downloaded the manual from the yamaha-motor website. I was looking at the maintenance schedule on chapter 3 and realized that they recommend inspecting the piston and rings every 10-15 hours. Seems overcautious to me but hey, I'm new to the world of motocross track bikes so maybe I need to get up to speed maintenance wise. Still, new gasket set every 3rd week-ends seems intense to me. What is your experience with piston/ring and valves on these beasts? Is 15 hours overcautious or is it the minimum to be safe? Details: the bike presently runs on the stock piston, power tuner says 63 hours, previous owner never raced, just rode it on the mx track (like I intend to do). Neither of him or I are fast aggressive riders. Previous owner is a yamaha mechanic, oil and air filtrer were done on a regular basis. Valves are right in the middle of the specs. Bike runs strong as of right now. Than you for your input.
  5. What is the black Friday deal with rekluse?
  6. You had the best advise - use what you already bought. It will take you some tests , but it WILL work with a little common sense. First you torque everything properly and check by hand how is spinning the camshaft. If it spins freely- put everything together and go for a ride. If it is not , or if you are not sure- use some emery cloth and start taking material lightly and keep checking from time to time , until you are SURE no more binding. Wash it with WD-40 , and finish the process like nothing ever happened. I have done it couple of times with success.
  7. Yeah, it just doesn't have the CCA to get it done. What website sells this?
  8. Why question an oil thread? ALL our machines have oil. Even if you go electric, you're going to have battery threads... I mean the science of oil is different in diesel motors than gasoline motors. Rotella is Jaso-Ma and everything done to it to work well in diesel motors makes it an excellent oil for wet clutch motors. Yes. I'm a cheapo. But everything about this switch was worth it. I've been using Rotella in bikes for 20 years. And I got a GN4 and HP4 hookup...
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  10. Haha!
  11. 8500 to me seems a bit high, maybe I'm wrong. Considering they got a full rework in 16' and are considered a big improvement. I'm not sure where you are located but you can get leftover 17' 300s and 250s here in the States for $7995.
  12. I had to raise my shifter a notch, but I love the 12's. Had them for years. On second set of soles. A guy in MN will resole them for like $100 with sg10 soles which last longer than the 12 soles. These boots just won't wear out. Best ones I've ever had.
  13. Thanks I appreciate it I'm almost tempted to run it the way it is the rest of the cylinder is perfect.i think it happened from the bike sitting in the weather
  14. OK, it's sprocket and chain time on the trusty "backup/buddy/fire road bike". My 2001 WR250F. I was given a couple of new 12t sprockets by a pal, who HAD a WR, but no longer. Free stuff! Typically, this bike has 13/52 sprockets. A quick trip to tells me that if I use a 48t rear sprocket I'll retain the ratio I have, and LOVE for the higher speeds/less challenging terrain that I keep this bike around for. So, other than the sprockets will wear, I dunno, 6.2% faster, is there a downside to this?
  15. Dropped the needle all the way and tied the over flow hose up over one of the others and mpg wasn’t that bad. Then I got a smart carb, but the stock jetting on the 18 isn’t that bad. The over flow needs to get tied up over the top of bowl so it’s not leaking all the time. I’m in Ct so jetting might be different depending where you live. Great bikes!! Get the 18! You’ll want better reeds too, but thats cheap and easy
  16. Awesome! Thank you
  17. I have used the info you have posted over the years to turn my '99 kx250 into the best woods bike I have ever ridden. I have conceded a little myself by recently installing an auto clutch, something at one time I swore I would never do lol. For reasons unknown to me, arm pump has become a much bigger issue as I have gotten older, and the auto clutch helps with that. My plan right now is to keep the kx for as long as I ride, but who knows, as I get older (I'm 49 now) and try to keep riding, I may give in to the magic button as well. Thanks again for all the research, experiments, and information you have shared on here. Enjoy the KTM, they are without a doubt great bikes (I had a 200xc, fun little bike!).
  18. Rode mine around my neighborhood. Nice out 33°. Took longer to get gear and bikes out then I could ride.
  19. Any jetting issues how did it run out of the box?
  20. Those pictures are bad ass
  21. My 1998 KX250. I got it on 2004 and It looked strange that it didn't have the green frame but I was told that it could be ordered that way. I don't know if that's true or not but I like it. I put new tires on this week and put the rear tire on backwards. Should I worry about it or will it make much of a difference?
  22. I saw one on ebay. Bux tools. No pics but there's videos on Youtube. Looks pretty easy/cool.
  23. Took a break from splitting firewood. Got my gear on and got out both the DRZ&TW. Took longer to get geared up then I could ride around neighborhood. I took my old iPhone to record my ride. Good idea bad apple. I haven't been connected to WiFi so it's locked until I do.[emoji21]. So just pics as I pushed them back in. Oh it was supposedly above freezing 33[emoji6]. So I got a Thanksgiving ride to be thankful for.
  24. When asked in clinics both Jarvis and Criss Birch said they do not ride bikes with modified suspension systems. They simply get a stock bike set for their weight and go. They said the last thing they want is to get used to riding a custom bike and for some reason not have it for a certain race. They learn to ride stock machines so consistency is their friend. I would be that other sponsored pros do the same so that they can just show up to a race anywhere grab a bike from their sponsored trailer and go win.
  25. I’ve got 40 hours on my 2018 Husqvarna TX 300 (same as the XC) and I love it! ARE suspension is amazing and works right out of the box. I like the gearing of the TX/XC over the W for aggressive woods riding and enduro racing. The bike is just so adjustable. All you’ll need is a 5.0 or 5.2 rear spring at 220
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