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  2. Yeah I am banned but I hang out with loads of dirtbikers who all have different enduro/mx bikes. So I was just curious 32hp isnt bad though, probably 27-30 is what you are on at the powerband then I suppose.
  3. I don’t have a daughter, but if I did and she showed up with 15-20 year old version of me...I’d have issues with
  4. It's actually a motor built to move not lug, the 300 2 strokes are better suited to this kind of riding but I wanted to try one of these bikes. The bike is very high geared. I've even dropped to a 13 front sprocket from a 14, cannot imagine how bad it would have been with the 14. I may even go up a tooth or 2 on the rear someday just to see how it works. I have a spare wheel set up with a 52 and a new Ibex.
  5. supercross

    Team green likes to freeze their tires outside in the snow. Interesting strategy...
  6. What do y’all think of the Kreft Moto option for the explor?
  7. My buddy picked up at 2018 Huskavarna 300 this year. After riding a little ways he said my tires feel really weird. I checked with my gauge and they both had 35 pounds in them. I laughed my ass off.
  8. Ok so you mean a primary drive chain guide is adjustable. Thanks
  9. A good base line might be, pull the carb and do a once-over, and every removable jet remove and clean them.
  10. Beta or African Twin depending on type of riding.
  11. i wouldn't bother with the wheel bearings -- if you doubt then just get some new ones --or just ride it until you do need new ones -- seems like yamaha front wheel brgs go away fairly often ..
  12. 60hp from a 434cc?
  13. supercross

    Susan's new swingarm is the most beautiful
  14. I have a set of warp 9 sm's with gran turismo tires that I just pulled off. They are available if anyone is interested. 1900 miles on them. Will be listing them tonight or tomorrow
  15. Beta parts are readily available, and most parts are only a few days away from being dropped off on your doorstep. But you are comparing a old vintage Honda to a modern day 2-stroke, if its so important to to get a case-half overnight I’d say stick with your Honda. Enjoy...
  16. Killabyte is right. I've seen way too many people try to bleed forks when the bike is on the ground.
  17. This what you're looking for?
  18. Use blue locktite and snug the bolts down. Do NOT get hamfisted.
  19. True ☺ thanks for that 👍👍
  20. We run plus which is the highest cleanest gas you can get where i live. We use klotz with 20% castor oil and mix 40:1. We have 2 more 250 2 smokers and run the same gas and its never posed a problem to those. Its either a broken powervalve or a bad crank bearing. Either way im pissed about it.
  21. I can ride a 650R as fast as any other bike. They are heavy. Endurance and torque are their strong points. They will outlast a sledgehammer. I put snowmobile spikes in the tires and ride ALL winter. I would love to have that turbo kit. I put 40,000mi on my XRR and would have put more on except I let it get low on oil. I have also put 200+mi days on in the dirt. Ride, change oil, repeat.
  22. Looks like you're a tooth off on flywheel...looks like needs to go one right in pic with cover off
  23. Not everybody powerwashes. I dont anymore. Id grease head bearings, linkage, and swingarm bearings to start. Put it on a stand and see if wheels have any side to side wobble or play to check wheel bearings. If not id leave them. The jap manufacturers dont use enough assembly grease. I change engine oil more often, 5-10 hrs. Good choice, durable yami motor. Enjoy
  24. What part of town are these trails on?
  25. looks like a brake line banjo bolt -- does you bike now have a stoplight switch on the rear brake ?? if so --- someone dropped that dolt when they installed the switch and could not find it so ... if it is a 10 mm bolt with 1.0 thread -- brake line banjo
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