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  2. Looking into getting back into riding dirt bikes. Currently have an 04 Yfz450 with some mods and it rides great. Planning on selling that to put money into my new bike. I’m almost 16, ride mainly open fields and some double track with lots of whoops, my budget is around $1800. I’m about 5’8 and weigh about 145. I’m on the fence between getting a 125 two stroke or a 250 two stroke. Hopefully some of you great people can help me decide which bike I should go with. Also I live in the Central Valley in California if that helps. Any help is appreciated!
  3. I have owned both and they had essentially the same mods. RB head and bored 35mm regular PWK carb, FMF pipe Fatty on 200 and Desert pipe on 220, Vforce III on 200 and RAD valve w/pro series reeds on 220, stock porting, both 13/48 gearing, both engines were completely rebuilt by me. I'm ride and race in the AZ desert. I prefer the 220 for it's ability to lug up things like a 4T, I can carry a higher gear thereby maintaining better traction, it is considerably better the more tight and technical the terrain becomes, and it is less tiring to ride over the course of a 3-4 hour hare scramble. Yeah, bigger bikes will walk away from it in the high speed stuff but the 200 suffers the same problem. The 200 I see being better for riders that are more aggressive, have a point-n-shoot riding style, and/or just like the sound of a screaming 2T.
  4. That’s the target demographic The odd muffler design adds just the right amount of balance for their riding style
  5. after Looking at the new motor 2019 rmz250 im lead to believe there will be new- -New Head -New motor hanger/mount -New kickstart design
  6. Mine was getting Mobil 1 as well. The 0w20 as recommended by Toyota. It had been right up until 200,000 miles. That's when I moved to California and began having my oil changed at the Toyota dealer. Now they are using whatever bulk oil they get. I need to nail down what they are using. I will say though that even after an additional 17,000 miles, the truck is still running like a Top. A Bully Dogged, supercharged Top, but a Top none the less. Not long ago, I was going to buy another diesel for my next truck. I have since decided that I would rather buy another, newer, Tundra and supercharge and Bully Dog it just like this one. This truck is so much fun to drive and I have no need to tow anything heavier than what my Tundra is rated for. Plus you just can't beat the reliability. Dave
  7. Hello fellow dirt riders, Looking to rebuild my 2000 yz426f, my question is I would like to change the idler gear from the 2000 key way style to the 2001 spline crank that drives everything off the crank on the right side, obviousness you would have to change the idle gear itself from key way to the spline gear. but is that all ? and is it possible ? has anybody done this upgrade to eliminate the old key way on the 2000 idle gear from coming loose ? Voz
  8. Hey guys. Found something on the 2019 rmz250 thats got me pretty pumped. If you zoom in on both the 18 and 19 motor and look at the head. They are different the 2019 rmz250 has a new head from the 2018.
  9. california

  10. I learned a long time ago that money management works in two directions. FIRST your sales are meaningless... it's about how much you get to take home and stuff in the mattress. SECOND and even more important is how you spend it ! Most folks gotta earn $200 minimum to spend $100. If you can figure out a way to SAVE a $100 through better spending habits... you just got the equivalent of a $200 bonus. My Rules for ME: Get off the man's clock Make your own money Be invisible whenever possible Always pay cash unless someone is paying you to use their credit and you have the cash to back your play Never pay retail Did I stray a bit far afield ? Sorry
  11. That's where I do most of my riding. One example is Henness Pass Road.
  12. The end leaves you in suspense, not fair.
  13. ASP do like I do, and remind yourself it is just a movie. That said I hardly ever watch tv or movies.
  14. Same here, except instead of a jet boat I went for a ride. Needed to cool off both physically and mentally. Saw something today that really triggered a nerve. Mom brought home a foreign movie, life in the village, dad beats Mom and daughter, daughter grows up to be a star, dad hates it. Typical. I hate these movies. The dude kept pissing me off. I felt the urge to go out and start lifting weights and get ripped just so I could snap the f*ckers spine over my knee. If I ever saw this in real life I would kick that guys ass. I’d never make it in India, wouldn’t be able to stand shit like that. Had to walk out of the house and go for a ride. I wrung that bike out, probably shredded more tire in the 30 minutes I rode it today then all 6 hours before. Had a hard time keeping the front tire down, was pretty awesome. Now if only I could channel that anger out while on the track, I’d probably start clearing tables. I should try that next time. 927 smells good going in the tank AND coming out the exhaust. [emoji106]
  15. See he even has you fooled... I used to think he was kinda of a good natured Jethro type... it's all an act my friend.
  16. Piston, rings, and jug look okay. How is the ring end gap? Cylinder to piston clearance?
  17. Today
  18. It was a sad day. I loved that bike. Weird to be on a quad but I need it. Plus it keeps me busy seeing the gas gas project was done. I'll own another. At least I still got 2 wheels too.
  19. Yes, I would. I would start at position 2 and a 30 pilot if you have it. That needle is terrible on a 17 300 based on my experience. Note I ran that set up at sea level and it still studdered transitioning onto the needle. You're going to have to get it close and live with it for your trip if that is the only needle you have. Good luck and try to have fun.
  20. Check the valve clearances. While you are in the carb, note the jetting and which needle. You can use a honda gasket kit - they are cheap - like $23 and replace all the carb gaskets. I think you can use both those quarts - they are close enough. Change your oil often though - every 2-5 hours, depending on how hard you ride. oil doesn't last long in these motors. Do you still have the decompressor lever? Pick up a 2003-2009 exhaust cam (yz450 has more aggressive timing for more power, but wr450 will work too) for auto decompression. Where is the gas leaking? If the petcock is on, and gas is not leaking from the petcock, then the petcock is fine. Could be a stuck needle - make sure to inspect that while you are in the carb. Look up the o-ring mod for the acccelerator pump on the carb too. Helps with the throttle response. And might as well check to see if the grey wire mod has been done. Hopefully that's enough to go on for now Enjoy!
  21. If it was me, seeing that the sprockets still look fine, I'd go with the cheaper chain for now. When it's time to replace the sprockets, perhaps get the more expensive o-ring chain then.
  22. Any of those will do. Gt333 should shine up there.
  23. For me it was a long day at work, followed by a jet boat ride this evening to be out on the cool water. It has been hot here.
  24. Ah, thanks for letting me know. I have brand new Athena ones coming in. Would love to get a set of OEM, even if it means 4 times the price.
  25. Comes out February!!! Thats real far away. bit ta be good
  26. Has the DRZ400S or SM been suggested? Would be a much more reliable option, though perhaps not as fun as the WR on the dirt or singletrack
  27. Since everyone is throwing out their favorite helmet(s), I have had great experiences with Shoei, Klim, and my current lid of almost a year, a Kali Shiva 2.0. All of them have held up great but I'm really liking the lightweight of the Kali over the others.
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