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  2. That's strange. IIRC the 480 is same stroke but bigger bore and I thought that RR480 and RR500-s (same engine) are still being sold to US. Perhaps motxgiant can give more info on this. However I can still source the parts if you can't find them locally (meaning the US).
  3. Has the bike been laid over hard on the shifter side at any point? The shift forks in the regular yz250s are a little weak and can bend easily causing similar and potentially worse problems. If not, it's just you
  4. A 200 though, that’s a cool change of direction for you in this conversation. Maybe you should try a 150! I hear that with a plutonium head, 42mm turbo, and a 50 shot of nitrous, they’ll make half the power of a 300, but be so much more fun, because you can run them WOT on rocky downhills, and they’ll never overheat underwater.
  5. love these threads
  6. Get real , what seller is going to be ok with pulling off the stator cover ? If you are going to do that why not bring a compression tester and ask you mind if I pull the spark plug out real quick ?
  7. Yes. SX head - large torque gains across board. SX ignition milder but noticeable upgrade from xcw cdi
  8. The service manual does mention a fuel filter...just doesn’t say where it is. Crapflinger’s post is right. These days, the fuel pump and filter is in the fricken’ gas tank just like on most newer cars and trucks. Still don’t understand to this day why an electronic fuel pump is submerged in gasoline from a safety standpoint. It apparently works and keeps the pump cooler, but I would rather it be external. The fuel filter, “sock”, on the fuel pump is supposed to be “self-cleaning” when the engine stops. It supposedly backwashes. Again, I would rather it be external for ease of cleaning/replacement. Luckily gas stations have filters on their pumps, so not much crap winds up in the tank. It is a pain in the butt to change a fuel pump on a car these days and I’m sure not fun on the CRF and other bikes.
  9. Wait, so now we are talking a 200? My answer is, I don’t know, because I’ve never been on a 200. I didn’t know this conversation was everything is > 300. My sons 70 may run cooler than my 300 too, but I’m not sure.
  10. Got an interesting dilemma going on. So my rear caliper on my 20 yr old bike (1998 yzf400fk) finally has given up the ghost. Tried pulling the pins out to remove the pads and got them out but the pin towards the back took the threads with it. So it's either heli-coil it back together with a new pin or upgrade to a newer year caliper. I purchased a caliper off an old 2001 426. Now the biggest question has anyone done that before...and Am I going to need the rotor off the 2001....and does the darn rotor bolt up to the stock hub on the 98 (that's the million dollar question cause I'm almost certain I will have to get the bigger rotor that goes with that year)? If not looks like heli-coil...booo I know you are going to ask why bother but I enjoy restoring old bikes! That and I had bought the bike in 2000 and sold it in 2007 cause I needed the cash, then bought it back from the kid I sold it to in 2015 for 500$ in non running condition. And it's not really as much as a basket case as everyone thinks. I'll drop a pic down below.
  11. I asked my dealer about this a year ago and he said that Beta is no longer making them available in the USA. If you know anything otherwise, please post it.
  12. Since you got rid of the ears you should ditch the trunk as well and grab the RMZ250 front fender. It would go great with your slim profile
  13. Filter the gas (Simulated Charcoal). You can buy a mini-funnel filter, even though it makes fill-ups slower........ I used it to fill a 5gal can. A tank sock will only remove 85 microns of debris size. You really need to be filtering down to 15 microns! The Mr. Funnel will literally prevent any unrefined petrochemical or non petrochemical molecules larger than those in gasoline, from entering the container (like water, Diesel, Shellac, Glycol, etc), not to mention debris. The stock pump filter is cleanable. There also replacement filters on ebay and other sources. The pump assembly 'snaps' apart like a cheap toy, so be careful. Treat the gas with professional grade treatment like Pri-G or similar (Torco, Redline, etc). Stabil is not very good, and it lowers the octane.
  14. Swingin one time in college doesn't make you a swinger.
  15. The Race Tech spring calculator might not be exact for everyone but in both my applications (bikes listed below) their recommendations were spot-on. I even experimented a going one rate softer & stiffer front and back on the YZ but their recommended specs ended up best suited. Keep in mind not to over-evaluate your skill level when filling out the parameters (faster=stiffer rates) also, pretty sure the older age category you enter the algorithm figures you'll be riding sitting more than standing and increases the suggested shock spring rate.
  16. More obfuscation. Or maybe I have given you too many choices, I'll simplify. Yes or no, does a 200 run cooler then a 300. If you dont want to answer another obfuscation post will default to a YES vote. To be clear a YES vote would mean indeed it does run cooler then a 300.
  17. So do the other people on her that have no issues with overheating ride “bunny trails” too? Because, so far, nobody has this issue except you. Are you literally the only person with technical trails? Nah..... it’s just you.......again. It’s you.
  18. RK Tek... best production head out there imho... PC best production pipe imho... Lectron for people that dont wanna jet their bikes... and people say a JD Jet kit is expensive for what you get... Hey but two out of three aint bad.
  19. Not me . I said it before but I will say it again . My bike runs cooler and I am getting better gas mileage . Do you get both of those with an SX head ?
  20. I was tempted to buy a cheap copy, but went against it in the end. Its like $15 more for a genuine used cylinder, and yes it makes a world of difference. If you get one, do yourself a favor and get a brake bleeding kit, got it done in 30s, after trying to do it by hand for no joke, 3hrs. Such a PITA without one.
  21. You still can get a 480 top end with cylinder and re-map. I am not sure though about US pricing of the above....
  22. They're the DRC 50mm pegs, $45. They feel so much better, especially standing. Not like you're balancing on a twig. Thinking about StegPegz for offroad too.
  23. I was thinking he was asking XC riders what they were running. But yeah, the RK is definitely the first thing I would do to any bike and if I had to pick only one that would be it. However, the RK head, Lectron, and PC pipe is a killer combo on a 300.
  24. Such a nut swinger
  25. Fact is, your too slow to cook a bike off. I’ve ridden a lot of miles on a 250 and a 300, and have never had overheating issues on either. Again, it’s just you. Come try my “bunny trails,” and quit making ignorant comments. If it’s easy, show me. Let’s do it.
  26. I do cause that's what came on my SX. But RK Tek would say no need to blow $100-120 on one. Skip the pipe... skip the Lectron... skip the SX ignition... buy the head and save a ton. Gain all over performance and added cooling. Nobody ever talks about that... but that's a big deal too.
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