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  2. I don't think it's anodized. The guy that sold it to me said he sprayed it, plus I believe all crf stock rims are chrome. So, an enamel paint. I'll check that out. What about the special paint for rims? I'd love to get be able to get it a sort of metallic chrome red (not metal flake).
  3. hey soanz! thx for the link but there is no mention of this pin. anyone else an idea?
  4. Anybody know if the 2013 filter will fit the 2018?
  5. Bringing my just purchased Elsinore home tomorrow. I'm in need of some kind of manual. Any recommendations? Any thoughts on what to check first would be helpful. It's been years since I've owned a bike. I'm interested in some docile trail riding, nothing rip roaring. It starts right up and holds an idle with good clutch action. Most of all, she just needs to be made pretty again. That's what Winters are for. Any thoughts on this bike greatly appreciated!
  6. Those are a premium, for sure.
  7. who has tried the single FMF silencer for 2017/18 C RF450r and r/x Please post a few pics and a review, looks like the cheapest one is $375 !!!!
  8. Herlings is fast sure, but maybe he not too smart ? Maybe he's exhausted, burnt out, and needs a break before the drudgery of being 23, and racing another season starts all over again.. Oh! the horror! Maybe a million bucks means nothing to him. Maybe the thought of racing the Americans again bores him to tears.
  9. Herlings is fast, but he's been injury prone enough racing outdoors that I think he's smart if he stays far away from SX. I could be eating those words in a few years, who knows.
  10. Yes you can Search google for "how to set odometer trail tech vapor" or something like that. Theres a certain wheel size you enter and it allows you to set odo/hour meter. Not "supposed" to know about it, but it works, did it on mine.
  11. I think some of you guys are quite confused. My understanding of running the Vortex is it will only work with their two position switch. The traction maps are not traction control they are simply traction maps. I have traction maps on my Vortex that is on my 07 WR450 and we know there is no traction control on a 07.
  12. Threads like this one remind me why I don't buy used if I can possibly avoid it.
  13. Rode Jean today on my KX500AF with Bret on his Husqvarna 300. He's a transplant from Minnesota. Learning the ways of the desert and a quick study!
  14. California

    Been looking to collect replicas of the bikes I owned and really loved as a kid... finally found a clean copy of my first street bike. Been looking for 10 years or more... 1978 Kawasaki KZ650. Bad boy has 3300 original miles... not bad for a bike almost 40 years old. \
  15. The cotters are in place and I can see the tip of the valve stem, but don't see anything different from left valve. I decided to change out the dented bucket for a good used one I got for free. The cam lobe doesn't look that bad, so I reinstalled it. The dented bucket and new bucket measured the same from bottom edge to center on inside. The dent on the bucket measures .006" from top. I somehow got the bike out of time putting it back together and will have to take it all back apart tomorrow. I'm a bout one more mistake or mishap away from the funny farm.
  16. I have two YZs and an 09 KTM 250sx set up for woods. My KTM turns well. Not quite as good as the YZs, but good enough. Here is what I have found that works for me: 1. Raise forks in clamps, and set sag on the short side of the specified range. I also have my stock style bars fairly forward. This helps with turning in the woods, but it also makes the bike unstable at higher speeds. I never could find a satisfactory compromise between stability and turning to match my J bikes, despite spending considerable time and money with suspension tuners. Ultimately the problem was solved by setting up the bike to turn, and using a Scotts stabilizer to keep things under control at speed. 2. Front tire choice is really important on my KTM! The M 51 works in my conditions, but your conditions may be different. 3. I think it also helps to keep the chain adjusters rotated to the short wheelbase setting.
  18. just bought it

    Ok cool I can't thank you enough you've been such a big help!
  19. He can reuse his SM spacers, and speedo drive if necessary. If he gets the TrailTech speedo, and want to get rid of the stock speedo drive, you make or buy a copy of the one on the other side of the wheel. They're the same size.
  20. Or just add a little coolant and ride on!
  21. I am putting one on my 430 this weekend, but due to a shoulder-meets-tree incident, I will not be testing it out. I am going OS impeller, overflow bottle, 2.0 cap, and no fan. That should keep the liquid inside.
  22. 45 is the correct pilot Inspect your TANK and FUEL LINE for debris / rotting.
  24. Altitude can vary. Up to 3,000 ft. . But I've been chasing a rich ideas since I've had the bike. Had a 45 and was way rich. Fouling plugs could be floats but I set it a few months ago
  25. Make sure you get a set with the spacers as well!
  26. No, you must bow to the will of your superiors, and like it.
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