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  2. Switched them to 6,6,6, I'll be riding Kennedy meadows this week which is 7500-8000 or so. If there is no percieved difference, I'll just leave it be.... A new bike is the better option , I've not been a fan of this one.....
  3. Glad to hear you got her running! I'm actually glad to know you had good luck with the China carb. Maybe the ones on eBay are a better quality than the ones I've had experience with.
  4. Hey Big Bob. Did you take the new scoot out for it’s inaugural first ride?
  5. Absolutely, it makes a field expedient rain barrel during times of drought 🌧! So many uses for the 5 gallon bucket.
  6. I'd also think, if everything else were the same, 5,5,5 would be richer for you than me at the altitude you're riding.
  7. Never known anyone that wore one, but here it is:
  8. You didn't mention above, but is it timed properly ? Also, how are you getting it to run if the CDI connector is not compatible with the stator (that you think is 1998) ?
  9. Spot on. Let’s us know we are still alive in an otherwise mundane boring life. Without riding I’d be even weirder and more socially inept than I am now! Ride on dudes!
  10. My son's on a YZ250, just downgraded from a 450. I could keep up with hime better when he was on the 450. Now he smokes me. Probably has less to do with the bike and more to do with his skill and the fact he weighs abut half what I do!
  11. You can stuff that bucket in a sock, Mister!
  12. motocross

    Tomac beats them both at Glen Helen or Millville.....imo. But yes Ravioli is one bad dude and so is Herlings.
  13. Orange is not magic. There are a number of very good Japanese off road bikes. Yamaha makes 3 of them.
  14. The interesting thing about dirt bikes (almost insane relative to most other things we do in life), is that we (ok, I) tend to push ourselves right to the edge of the envelope of our ability to maintain control. And then we usually even push ourselves even beyond that limit on a fairly regular basis. I know I feel like I push just to the brink of losing it several times per ride. Then I find I've learned something new, and the edge of the "in control" envelop stretches out just a little more. Occasionally, I wipe out because I pushed too far beyond that edge. And occasionally I get hurt. Getting back to that "almost insane relative to most other things we do in life", I can't wait to heal up and go do it some more. Adrenaline has a way of doing this to us.
  15. Do yoiu have the 81' coil on hand already? If so give it a shot! Wiring should be very similar and if I remember correctly the coils are close to identical in design.
  16. Do yoiu have the 81' coil on hand already? If so give it a shot! Wiring should be very similar and if I remember correctly the coils are close to identical in design.
  17. I know guys who actually ADD them to their bikes for technical riding for the reasons I mentioned above. That's why I bought it, but never ended up putting it on...also for the reasons mentioned above
  18. Dude keep that shit to yourself.. You went too far
  19. motocross

    Tonys old now....for a MX racer. But at the height of his greatness, he would have taken Herlings to school. At least IMO.
  20. I have a 2002 cr80 and I think the ok is bad. Can I use an ‘81 cool on it? I’m not worried about it mounting up, I just want to know if it will give me spark
  21. would you happen to have a picture to post?I would like to see the difference with the seat cut down.
  22. About 1/2 milw north of my place, it's the old AT&T fiber optics road, about 5 or so miles east is hwy 93. Here is a whole air force of Alien Robots! If you look in the upper right you will see a Hummingbird doing it's best to save the world from the Alien Robots!
  23. Seems like the way i do it but i dont leave it open all night no need for that. Try pumping the lever then hold it and open the bleeder a few times the lever will feel soft, then open the bleed and press hard and fast the lever hold and tighten the bleeder i feel like i had to do that 20 times and my lever finally got nice and hard.
  24. Picture from some “normal” trail out there
  25. Its funny because i dropped my 500 in a spot i couldnt pick up by myself. Waited for my friend. While i was waiting I clearly heard two guys on two strokes coming up. Thinking ah cool. These guys can help me pick up this beadt. Nope. Got quite then i heard the sound of the motors going back down.
  26. Intrested what a rib protector look like?
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