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  2. I resemble that remark....
  3. Harvey, LPNF stands for Los Padres National Forest. You access these trails through the Gorman state off-road area. Have you ever been there? The forest trails are single-track narrow winding trails a few feet wide in some places. Have you ridden single-track before? Your XR650 is not the ideal bike for riding up there, although in the 90's I spent many a joyous mile up there on my XR600. If you break down, you more or less have to fix it there because in lots of places towing would be difficult. The elevation is 3500-8000 ft. Let me know if you're still interested, although if we don't get a couple more guys to come along I wouldn't feel comfortable taking you up there for the first time. If this doesn't work out there's another ride on Sunday which might interest you in the Santa Clarita area. There's a "Los Angeles area old man, rehab, and vet riders" thread on this forum which gives the time and place. Check it out. If there's not more response to the LPNF ride, I'll be doing the other ride which should also be lots of fun.
  4. Lol now I feel stupid lol
  5. Wonder how high rpm's are on those . Probley do better on a old Macio 490 than that 700 POS no offense to Macio their old bikes were badass
  6. That bike is better than new. Really a great KDX. You could ride it for five years just doing basic maintenance that you'd do on any other bike (oil changes, filter cleanings and oiling, new chains/sprockets, new tires and tubes) and easily sell it for $2000 then. Total cost of operation per year would be $140*. Wise investment! *I'm not including basic maintenance costs into the cost of ownership here because every other bike would need same inputs. Also note that if you end up riding it wide open everywhere you go in say 3 years then look into the RB Designs carb and head mods for the KDX. Transformational!
  7. all the engines are pretty equal these days and KTM has the best specs and DOT crap
  8. okay thanks
  9. 2018 45 is .2 in. higher while the 2018 250 stays the same as previous years
  10. It's a pretty misleading topic title. I also thought zip tie as well.
  11. Other topics were wondering part number so I will post it here. Yamaha #40 power jet part number: 4JT-1494F-03-00 RMATV has 10+ in stock They're expensive though, 5 bucks! Go to OEM parts, pick your year, scroll down to number 27. They just call it "JET" (#40) Some say the Kehin 40 leak jet is the same. I don't doubt it but I have not used it first hand.
  12. I was about to post the same thing, not really a failure. I zipped tied mine a while ago.
  13. Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    Located in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. 4305. Up for sale is my 2010 DRZ400E! This is the almighty reliable, can-do-anything, dual sport torquey thumper! $3800 (AUD) FIRM. It is fairly stock; - bark busters - exhaust baffle removed - 50/50 adventure tyres - airbox restrictor removed - carby jetting to suit the removed resitrictors - tail tidy with KTM style indicators on the rear - RMZ style front fender - Renthal handlebars - Comes with a spare set of Michelin AC10 DOT approved knobbies with heaps of tread ** Please note; Quadlock mount is NOT included with the motorbike ** It comes with the stock fender and tail tidy also should you wish to put them back on It has recently been fully serviced by myself. - It has brand new oil (less than 100km ago) - Brand new oil filter (also comes with another brand new genuine filter for it's next change, it's cheaper when you buy 2 or more) - Coolant flushed and new long life oolant put back in - Battery was replaced less than 3 months ago - Valves have been checked and adjusted to correct spec (have receipt to show this done less than 200km ago) The bike has a few marks and blemishes from being a dual sport and having the inevitable fall when off-road. (Pictures show this) However overall it is in decent condition and pulls like a freight train with no issues pulling a wheelie in 1-3rd gear (if you dare!) The tyres are fantastic for the road and stick like no tomorrow, offroad they perform well in all but deep sand and mud. The speedo is very multi-function which is great for trail riding and road usage. It has a 10L fuel tank, with normal riding I get about 180KM before needing reserve, which will get you to the 200km mark. So it's pretty good on fuel! It starts very easily every time and runs really well. Definitely not one to pass by! It will come with a RWC once I have a buyer. It has rego until 27/03/2018 so plenty of time to ride until it runs out! It also has 4x keys in total as the originals are slightly bent, so there are 2 new straight keys as well as the originals (which still work, just didn't want to risk breaking them off) I am selling it because as fantastic as it is, I don't get time to take it off roading and really have fun with it. (I have 2 children under 2 years old) so I am looking to get a road bike with 2 seats Instead. Would swap for a Yamaha MT-03 or something similar. Due to the amount of thefts lately, I will require a deposit of $1000 before a test ride as well as your license, or I am happy to demonstrate the bike working for you. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ipswich/motorcycles/suzuki-drz400-e-2010-lams-approved-rego-dual-sport-trail-bike/1165413663?utm_source=com.samsung.android.app.memo&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttonsVIP&utm_content=app_android


  14. good deal, thanks...was there a noticeable difference?
  15. Yamaha #40 power jet part number: 4JT-1494F-03-00 RMATV has 10+ in stock They're expensive though, 5 bucks! Go to OEM parts, pick your year, scroll down to number 27. They just call it "JET" (#40)
  16. I also removed the reeds inside the airbox.....
  17. Good luck on him letting you pull the cylinder. Side to side is fine, up/down bad!
  18. i've seen you ride (and crash) mr bull, i know you are an adrenalin junky lol. i reckon if that jolt to the system is working then why not? i guess that ECT where they jolt the brain with electrical current for extremely serious depression could be vaguely similar? and the magic mushrooms mentioned above are theorized to prompt the brain to think in different ways.... e.g. jolt your normal depressive ways of looking at things into a different view (probably lots of flying pink elephants lol).
  19. Sounds normal to me.
  20. Yes I knew that but it's still under a contract with someone. In house is far from a design and silkscreen in the back 40 but rather a guy with an art studio in Thailand and a manufacturer in China or Vietnam. Forbes put out 2 months ago that he was still worth 20 million but used a old article
  21. Here is the Idea I pitched to Harley. Partner with Maico. Build the 700 and have a class called The Big Boar series. Run it at the AMA events. The purse would be One Million dollars per race winner take all. With the Final race of the season a Ten million purse winner take all. It would draw all the Harley riders to races and all the gearheads to watch the greatest Moto Cross races ever held. Image a field of 40 guys going full wick on Macio 700 to win a million dollars?
  22. From the album 04yz 250 teardown

  23. 2017 450/250 are the same - 37.6 in.
  24. that's a tough one. like many i've done a bit of self-medicating and hit the booze for the night if i'm feeling down in the dumps but it does tend to make things worse... especially if you are hitting it regularly. same goes with most drugs, especially things like speed which feel like an instant 'cure' but the comedown is apparently much worse if you are depressed already. oddly enough though, there's some research into those hallucinogenic mushrooms helping with chronic depression. i haven't read up on that yet but sounds intriguing.
  25. It has the resourvar next to the cylinder, it doesn't appear to be a problem or affect performance.....and I push that shock hard.
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