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  2. You're doing a very nice job on this build!
  3. Looks good ASP. Thanks for keeping the helmet on during the selfie.
  4. I like that Force part, just wish it didn't cost $30 to ship it here.
  5. Next time, put the cases in the oven at 350-400f (no they won't melt). For maybe 30-60 mins or until they are evenly warm. Put your bearings on dry ice / in the freezer in a oil bath for some time. Then the bearings will drop straight in. No need for hammering. Just finger force. Source: Just changed all my trans bearing on 2010 yz250. Real easy and no way to crack anything . Just give them a light tap with a socket or drift punch to make sure they are all the way in. As others have stated, you can buy just the one side with no probs. Good luck!
  6. No you couldn’t
  7. I can make mine slip with just 1 finger on the lever na na na na na
  8. There is nothing saying that piston has huge amount of hours. The blow-by is likely from a bad break in. It will happen if you baby the engine on the stand for 20 mins during break in like most people do. When you install the new piston, warm up the engine then go ride it asap. Don't pin it for great amount of time but don't baby it either. Use all throttle positions. The marks in the head is either from some kind of mechanical failure OR pre-detonation. Can't tell without a pic. Bet the crank is good, side to side play is rarely a issue in my experience. Look for up and down. Both in crank and main bearings.
  9. You dont need to buy matched cases, in fact Yamaha does not sell matched cases for the YZ250. No problems matching a new right side with a used left side. Any 2002 or newer used case off ebay will work with your motor. If you are not seeing any of the 02+ cases on Ebay and willing to make a very minor modification, a 99-01 case will also work. You will simply have to enlarge the inner diameter of the swing arm bushing on the older 99-01 cases to fit the larger swing arm bolt on the 02 + bikes. You cant just swap the case's swing arm bushing as the outside diameter of the bushing is different, you need to drill out the inner hole to the larger diameter for the bolt. I havent just read about it on the internet, I have three motors in my garage with mixed cases. The motor currently in my bike has a modified left case from an 01 matched to an 02 right side case. I've never "pressed" any case bearings in and I've also never used dry ice. I freeze my bearings in my kitchens freezer for at least a full 24 hrs. Make sure the receiving bearing surface is clean and burr free. Then either bake the case your kitchen's oven (yes) or use a torch to heat your case. If your bearing is properly frozen, the bearing cavity clean, and the proper depth of heat is applied... the bearing will slip in without any force what so ever (they just drop in). At most a very light tap with a socket and rubber mallet. If its cocked, NEVER force the bearing in. Remove and start process all over as you just learned. I'm not a professional, but this is what I have learned about the YZ250 motor cases and my experience rebuilding them a number of times. Other's opinion and experience may vary. Good luck!
  10. The MFGs are never going to make the perfect dualsport. Build your own. Stop buying these modern finicky turdcycle-shaped anvils. I have a 272Lb (I weighed the bike with with all the fluids except gasoline) 1985 xr600r with modern suspension front and back. FCR carb. 628cc Big bore & high compression. I commute the interstate on it daily AND ride singletrack. And when im in the city for work, I ride with the city boys on their neutered dualsports (They call em supermotos but they aint very super at moto with their city SLICKer tires 😂). All we do in the city is pop wheelies, and my 50/50 tires do that just as well as any pavement princess tires. And then when we get to the twisties Im still one of the fastest guys in the pack, because dirtbike racers actually know how to ride a motorcycle properly, unlike pavement-bound lady boys. Done rambling now. Dualsport is just an offroad bike that uses a frame that has a street legal Vin #. So get a frame and title, roll up your sleeves, and just build the damn thing. Shit, cut the head tube off a Yamaha virago and glue it onto you YZ450f's head tube. There ya go. A bike that is more reliable than a DRZ400 or xr650l and will kick its ass in every other way as well 😋 (have I pissed everyone off yet? :p)
  11. Check the screen on the petcock.
  12. I wish they would just make a color screen version of the old voyager and offer it at a lower price point. I like my voyager, but it really needs a color screen so that I can add roads and differentiate between trails and roads. I don’t need all the super duper fancy features the new voyager has and don’t want to pay a premium for them.
  13. Wow, its been a month since I last got out riding. No classes today and the weather was good so I made sure to get out riding before the weather turns to crap again. Still badly out of shape so I suffered badly for the first hour. Then got a bit of a second wind and the next couple of hours were pretty fun. Didn't put in too many kilometres but explored a bunch of trails I had never ridden before and managed to tie a few trails together with ones I had been on before or was aware where they were. Mostly rode in the NW section of McNutt, above the power lines. Trails like Buddy's, the bottom section of Wages of Sin, The Pit and finished up downhill on Gordie's. This portion of Blue Mountain is quite fun to ride. Nothing really nasty but some nice swoopy trails. Definitely a few I want to go back and ride again.
  14. OK, I've crossed over to the dark side. Apparently WP recommends a brace for the AER 48 forks. There is a brace that comes with the 18.5 FE450 that doubles as a triangle axle stand. I still won't bother with them on my spring fork bikes.
  15. I have real issues with my clutch pulley from Arctic Cat 400. Will destroy transmision belt quickly. I knew he had this problem since I bought it. Now I need some parts from clutch pulley but I CAN'T FIND MY TIPE OF CLUTCH PULLEY ON OTHER Arctic Cat atvs. I try every year and model on and no one is like my model.
  16. Hook up with LJ, he knows the way!
  17. I want you to know that guy flying was not me, I'm the one taking the picture. Ahhh I only hate you 74.3% as much now haha!
  18. Looks good I used one like that a comercial one and found out the hard way the mounting points are very week don't overload it.
  19. Of course! Before I get a chance to ride Lava Flow they up and close it for logging.
  20. So I did figure out there was a small section of the wiring coming off the fuel pump without additional insulation, leaving the 2 wires open to the elements and a small knick in the insulation was causing the pump to ground out while riding. Really weird it would happen every time on the trail and after removing the tank and reinstalling multiple times, but I wrapped with rubber insulation tape and good electrical tape and problem solved. Due to all the prior tune up caused by this it runs better than before. Just goes to show a fuel injected bike can be disabled by the smallest issue.
  21. Does anyone know if I could swap 18 RMZ450 forks on a 14 RMZ450? After two revalves, I’m not really agreeing with the 48mm SFF forks on the bike. I’m not sure what size clamps I would need to mount the suspension from the new model.
  22. I never focus on standings and points , I watch the race itself. I have been going to races all my life for Drag Races MX, Drag Boats, Cart, Long Beach Grand Prix, Speedway and have always just focused on that race itself. Tomac came out and gave us a james tribute and I loved it. Most of the races listed I had no idea of who was on top so the leaderboard was of no matter to me. I flew to Unidilla just to see the national and Dungy won-Don't remember him at all. I do remember Weimer was hauling ass until a epic crash, I remember Barcia whipping off the sky jump. I do remember some kid on a 250 named Martin being a animal. The race was really good. I have no recollection of the leaderboard with the exception of Marvin won his first race and Dungy won the 450. I already have a room flights car and tickets to Red Bud De Nations, let the race itself unfold as that is what I paid all that money to see. The numbers game is something I will look at when I get home later. I want to see TC and Herlings and Tomac not a leaderboard.
  23. Today
  24. Give Cooksey a call. $181 US If you plan on cleaning up the power valve while you have it apart, and you probably should, he has the orings for that too. To know which size piston to go with, you need to measure the cylinder to see what it currently measures. Slavens has how to videos to guide you. He also sells top end kits. He says he recommends the B kit for all engines that have 25+ hours or 500+ miles. But I would still measure the cylinder. The B piston for my '13 300 called for a piston to cylinder clearance of .001" (.0254mm) per side. That's not much, so you need to be sure of the cylinder size. These guys kits may be a little different as to what parts are included with the price, so pay attention to that. The Easy Clips for the piston are great. Makes install so much easier and less chance of damaging things or loosing a clip while trying to get them in.
  25. Add on the Beta forum two sub forums for specific 2 and 4 stroke topics.
  26. Thanks for the compliment although I really need to proofread before I submit. The cool thing about finding parasitic drains on cars is that they have a crap load of fuses which drastically narrow down your search. I'm sure the aftermarket alarm was a bit challenging since there's no telling where they pick up power to run it not to mention some alarms have deep hooks in the car's electrical.
  27. Keep it all in one. Especially since most of the chassis parts are all the same between 2t and 4t
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