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    I hate when you invite someone to ride who doesn’t appreciate fine things like steering dampeners and then sucks at riding and needs a solid warm up for anything other than RZR trails
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    Jesus cigaro needs to incorporate politics into everything, lay off the Fox News bro... Marvin was the one acting like a woman in the podium, "it wasn't me, I didn't mean to, he cut inside, my vag, blah blah blah"...
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    You guys make me lol. Moose cried like a child when Anderson did it to him.
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    I find it funny that people on a silly motorcycle forum would get bent because someone is rooting for a foreign rider. I'll take the lanky french rider over the arrogant entitled Tomac no matter what brand they're on.
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    NOW PILGRIM!! You are giving up way to soon. Maybe you should put some thought into trail riding or be competitive in some cross country or local harescrambles. A die hard dirt biker never hangs up his helmet unless it's for medical reasons! 76 and still at it!
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    I don't really hate seeing anyone. There is obvious nuisance when you go somewhere, anywhere. As long as it doesn't negatively affect me, I don't care. If I bring my family with me, and people are riding around my kids like idiots, or blaring music, I will go over and ensure they turn it down/make better passes. I become an A-Hole when my family is around and people act disrespectful. Overall I don't run into many problems. One time at HM trails, my kids were out with me and we were riding, 2 drunk guys came around the inside corner and nearly hit us, Of course I said some things they didn't like and they hopped off and came over to say something along the lines of " Say something now Mother Fu***r" needless to say it ended with drunk guys bleeding, wife freaking out, them getting banned from the trail systems, (Thanks GoPro) and Me getting a year free of riding, an ear full from Grandma (My mother) and a funny story to look back on.
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    He smoked you guys, he probably tells his buds how slow you are when your driving by
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    Why should country of origin matter in the choice to root for someone or not? That seems like a pretty narrow minded view, but that's just my .02.
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    Sherco didn't have the part I needed😤....so had to make one miself😏 Spent 5 hours making a cheap part but at least bike (Sherco ST300 trials) is back to the trail.
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    That guy that shows up with a $12,000 bike and single digit numbers on his plates wearing $1,500 in gear..... Then falls over just trying to start it.
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    I just want to say how knowledgeable and great people are on thumpertalk. This is by far the best forum I've ever been on hands down. Every be safe and enjoy your bikes
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    I wish dirt bike ownership came with federal protection for taking random days of leave to take advantage of the weather. "Sorry boss, traction was good today so I can't make it to work".
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    I didn't think it was bad at all. He was pissed, and I'd be pissed too. Musquin's problem riding like that is that I don't feel he has the toughness and mass to handle Tomac giving it back to him (which I hope he does). The pass was flat out dirty, and although he wanted to win, everyone wants to win. Does that mean that everyone should t-bone the guy in front of him, and it's all racing? I don't think so. I personally hope that Tomac punts him next week, penalty or not. Tomac wins the Tomac vs. Musquin battle 8 times out of 10 in my opinion.
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    I disagree One for the left hand ( . ) One for the right hand ( . ) And one for my mouth ( . )( . )( . )
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    I'm not really a "fan" of anyone if the 450 class. I like Marvin but I was rooting for Anderson. I don't dislike Eli but he does come off as an entitled bitch and no matter how fast he goes that won't change And any Eli fan that thinks that pass was dirty needs to rethink their love for Eli. He's no angle and for him to complain about it just shows how flawed he is. He wasn't in contention for the title but Marvin was and that pass moved him closer to his goal. Eli was in contention last year and pulled shome shady shit trying to win the title. If I was in his position I might have done the same thing...doubt it...but I sure as hell wouldn't bitch when it came back around. He's a spoiled &%$#@!
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    It sounds like the previous owner should have used a torque wrench.
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    the people I hate running into on the trail are any form of law enforcement and self righteous types who call law enforcement. fast old enduro riders who take me riding on their secret singletrack are cool.
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    Until those numbers are removed, your TT account will be locked. Section 5, Title 26 of the TT penal code. Sorry, rules are the rules!
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    Drunk or unsafe riders, especially quad riders riding with their kids not wearing helmets. Anyone who blasts loud music at the staging area or rides high speed through the parking lot. &%$#@!, every one of them. Not happy to see them when I pull up. Would enjoy pouring gas on them and lighting them on fire... ...wait, did I say that outloud? I mean I'd like to see them get their act together and act like civilized, good people.
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    A preview of his 2019 A1 debut
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    They aren't Phillips screws, trying to remove them with a Phillips screwdriver is what causes them to strip. Honda like the other Japanese manufactures use JIS screws(Japanese Industry Standard). You need to use JIS bits and if they are really tight use a hammer type impact driver it will do the trick. I'm still amazed that more rider don't know this... Here is the difference. This is the type of impact driver you need.
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    I really hate the guy that pulls up with a SxS on his trailer. I know he is there to destroy even more of our single track.
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    Hey guys, been reading on here for quite a while and love it, have gotten a lot of helpful info from here. Just wanted to introduce myself and throw up some pictures of my bike. Literally JUST finished it a couple weeks ago. Grew up on 4 wheels somewhat, got a ‘02 CR250 when I was 16, had it 4 years, sold it, missed the hell out of it for a decade (nearly 30 now) so I decided to get another bike. I wanted a 2 stroke, and I wanted to frame off the thing. After searching for what felt like forever for another CR250 I finally gave up and started looking at Yamaha. For some reason In my area there are 100 YZ bikes per every 1 CR I could find. I ended up buying a clean (I thought) 2003 YZ250 on the cheap. Needed a little TLC, but she got A LOT of TLC. Tore it all the way to the frame and here is the end result. My new seat cover was back ordered and actually is being delivered tomorrow, I’ll have to get it out on but wanted to go ahead and join the forum. I have more pictures and anyone who wants to know anything about it just ask. Glad to be on the forum!
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    Whether its with others or by yourself, just ride. Here's some motivation, trail near my house, ridge top ST (my favorite riding picture, worth posting again )
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    A couple long rewarding days of driving. Go whichever way the wind blows you, make your life happen, you'll only get one shot at it! From Phoenix to Albuquerque, on the Devil's HWY
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    A vagina? Did you watch that race? Tomac rode his heart, how can you find fault in that? Are any of you even actual race fans?
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    So.... you don't like highly skilled riders lol. Lotta sour grapes up in here.
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    It's your bike. Do what you want! Who cares what anybody else thinks about it.
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    Your mud must be different than mine. A hose wouldn’t even begin to touch this stuff.
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    Well it was time to redo the KLX, it now has 30k miles and was starting to make some noise under load after carrying my buddy whose BMW broke down up and over Massanutten Mountain. Anyway, the bike is 15 years old and has seen a lot of country, time for some upgrades. I started out by tearing motor down and checked rod side clearances. Side play and lateral movement was well within spec (thank you Silkolene Pro oil) so I proceeded to purchase new parts to update top end of motor. Started with a new 434cc piston and cylinder + timing chain. New bump sticks (HotCams stage 2) Single layer base gasket to raise compression. Head rebuilt by FastHeads with Kibblewhite upgrade package. Speaking of cams....as has been mentioned in several threads here on Thumpertalk the instructions that are included with the HotCams are erroneous in where they show the dots or index marks when the cam lobes are in there proper orientation. Everything is correct on their diagram except where they show the intake and exhaust cam dots aligning at the center of the head. As seen here marked in red and as shown in the destructions, is incorrect. This is how the center dots are aligned when installed correctly, marked in green. Added a brand new FCR MX 39 from Thumpertalk. Following the recommendations found on this site, initially I am going to say the jetting is spot on! Idles correctly on and off choke, accelerates without hesitation (jumps actually), runs smooth at all RPMs, very little popping on hard deceleration, no hanging idle. Pretty much all I did was raise the idle up to where it should be, ~1450 RPMs for me. Love this carb (had one on my KTM 250). Out with the old exhaust, on with the new! Sounds great, I will be leaving the USFS spark arrestor in place all of the time, the exhaust note is plenty loud with it installed. Manually adjusted the manual cam chain tensioner when I installed the new cams and cam chain. In other words, I set the tension by hand not by ear, as is the method used when you DON'T have the engine apart. I set the tension where all of the slack came out of the chain, then a hair, then stopped. I'm confident the cam chain is not over-tensioned and I am pretty sure it is not under-tensioned. The motor sounds nice and quiet.....I am thinking right now I am not going to adjust the cam tensioner with the proven method of using your ear and the sound a properly tensioned cam chain makes, but instead leave it how I set it by feel. Anyone else do this on a brand new top-end build? While I had the bike down for the Winter I also did some much needed swingarm maintenance and replaced the drive chain slider and guide. While bored I also bobbed the stock front fender 1", since I'm not MX racing with this bike I was all about removing some of the mile long front fender. Trailered the bike to a spot near Edinburg, VA where I could rip up and down the mountain roads and break the engine in properly. I used the "dry" install method for the piston, rings and cylinder, just a spot of oil on the piston skirts. I used Lucas assembly lube on the piston pin, cam journals and lobes. The bike rips! Still breaking the engine in but so far I'm very happy with the performance increase. GOLD!! Thanks for looking. -mp
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    I hate guys who call steering dampers steering dampeners [emoji3]
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    Up Mt Baker Road in the Washington Cascades. They got 70 feet (!) of snowfall on the mountain this winter. Mt Shuksan in the background here: End of the road for a couple more months:
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    Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy on the language.
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    The official Never Ride Alone film trailer A couple of years ago, a big dream of mine began manifesting itself into a huge film project. The story has been there since our group of buddies took on the 2007 Baja 1000. We put together a hodge podge team of riders/friends to take on one of the coolest races on the planet. One that we had all dreamed about as kids...some day. The idea of the story was to bring the same team of riders together, ten years later, to take on another impossible. Ride from the Peruvian Amazon Jungle through the entire Andes Mountain range, and end up at the beach on the Pacific Coast of Peru. No route, just overland enduro. Navigating however we could manage to reach our destination. The plan was being put together by a professional film producer and director. The film and support crews were being built, the logistics plan was developing, and the excitement from the riders was explosive. At the finish line 2007 Baja 1000 Our project took a tough turn. With a number of obstacles in our way, we postponed the project until the right pieces lined up. In the meantime, there was a section of two months that I had blocked out for filming and doing the ride. I had arranged to keep that time free and not schedule any tours or travel. Capturing stories on film... During the months leading up to our original film date, a backup film project reared its head. I could see things unraveling with our original project and didn't want to lose two months without anything planned. I developed the idea of doing a solo film project. This one would be all on my shoulders. Nobody to count on but me. No film crews. No other riders...just my bike, my backpack, and my camera. The Andes are a special place I am now at the final stages of completing the project. It's been a couple of years in the making. I thought I would share the trailer with the Thumpertalk community and let the cat out of the bag so to speak. I still have a lot of finish work to do, but the end is near. I am currently building the promotion and marketing side of the distribution effort. Make sure to like and follow our Facebook movie page at Never Ride Alone Film. From there, all the updates and release information will be available. Some alone time... As with everything we do at MotoMission, the film project is another one of our endeavors to help support social projects in the area of Cusco, Peru. Our hope is that the proceeds from the film will help support our partners at the Altivas Canas Children's Project for many years into the future.. Enjoy the trailer...And be on the lookout for an exciting film journey through the Andes by another Thumpertalk member gearhead and budding filmmaker. Scott Englund Owner/Operator MotoMission Peru
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    Just read the June issue of MXA and there's a short but good read about the Alessi's coming from Tony's point of view. I know a lot of it has been covered before but I think Tony has let his guard down a little more with not having to hover over his boys while they were racing here in the states. The thing that struck me the most is how he totally ballsed up by selling everything they owned to make a go at the Pro racing scene when both boys were still young. Like him or not Tony did what most of us would never do in quitting his job and pretty much resorted to living like racing gypsies in hopes to make a living which they have. I know both Mike & Jeff have had some mental/maturity issues but think about how cool it would be if you were in the 9th grade and your dad came to you and said "hey pack up all of your shit, we are selling the house and going racing full time". It takes a pretty ballsy guy to do what he did imo.
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    Going to the Sun road in Glacier Park. Is this why it’s called a “dual” sport??
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    I thought all riders were introverts....I mean, you are buying a machine that has room for one, and they cost so much it's not likely you would buy 2. Put a helmet on and you cant hear the best over that procircuit pipe, and you sure do have to try hard if you want to look at someone behind you. Bikes are by nature an introverts heaven.
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    I've put in a fair bit of solo rides over the years. I don't mind it honestly. I have a bluetooth headset, so cue up some music, ride not much past 80% and relax. Stop when I want, eat when I want, etc... Riding alone has an element of danger, but I don't see it as Russian Roulette risk. Poo happens for sure, but between the risk and not riding when nobody else can, I'm in. I have a phone and a SPOT tracker, but my most important safety device is me not doing stupid stuff.
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    Might as well start this thread off right
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    The drive from Phoenix to Albuquerque is amazing. Saturday and Sunday I’m riding here. Local legend RideFreak joins me Sunday for some technical st.
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    View from Chapman's Peak, Cape Town today.
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    I drive 2.5 hours just to unload at my closest trail area. If all I did was go round and round and round and round a track I would have quit forty years ago. Join a club and ride/compete offroad and expand your horizons/riding buddy base and it will get good again. Otherwise you can stay home weekends and clean the flower beds with the wife. Choose one.
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    Great time at the VMX races this weekend...it was dang hot on Saturday...not many people out practicing. My GF and I practiced on the VMX layout first, then went over to their bigger Vet track. My GF was excited she got some big air on one of the tables...she had worked up a little speed and took off the face faster than normal and she said she found herself higher than ever before and telling herself to relax and not to do anything stupid. Pretty fun when a 53 yr old woman gets excited about jumping bikes! She's always been the daredevil type. VMX Racing Sunday was fun too!
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    Back from the hospital and we got pretty good news! The doc needs biopsy results, but he thinks its a treatable condition and not at all what we'd been thinking (gallbladder), nor what we feared (big C). So, it'll be a couple weeks, but we are feeling relieved.
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    My boys hung up some decorations
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    I was in Utah this weekend. Seen some sights and fought some battles
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    Funniest thing in the whole article... (4) Shock collar. The KTM nylon shock collar is such a bad idea that Suzuki copied it