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    Supercross is both, the reason we dominated so long, and the reason we cant win now. Supercross in the begining was a motocross track, indoors, with it brought intensity and aggression. If you wanted to win on the tight tracks with 20 minute motos you had to get a start, charge hard from the start of the race till the end and if you wanted to pass, you had to push the guy out of the way. We brought that attitude outdoors and dominated with that attitude for years. In the late 80s, along came bigger triples, no problem, it helped with our corner speed, because if you wanted to win you had to jump and in rder to jump ypu have to have exit speed. In the mid 2000s supercross tracks started changing, jumps got bigger, rythems got longer because it was entertaining, when guy couldn't hit the big jumps, they created bowl turns so even the average novice could rail it. Our kids, most of todays stars, started emphasizing on jumping more, and cornering less. While all this was happening, the euros were learning our race intensity and aggression while still progressing outdoors. France started hand picking youth to put into special programs. Instead of being a dumb homeschool kid, their riders go to a special school where they actually learn about life and than do intensive mx training. Instead of 8 races a year like our top amatuers do, they have the EMX series. They have MXGP academy that helps kids get to the big races with full support. I was out at a private track last week watching some you fast kids practice, once the track dried up and got rough theyu stopped riding and started complaining about the track. GP kids practice on straight junk tracks. Their top teenagers would come here and destroy LLs, they dont even come here to do LLs anymore because they think its a joke. Our kids better hope that the Euro kids dont start coming, because they are faster.
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    One lb heavier. Sixteen whole oz. My God it must be utterly unrideable.
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    The cause is the pussification US males due to liberalism.
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    It was on Ricky's diet plan
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    KTM swingers are a bunch of jealous haters. Tomac gets a shitload of SX wins but loses title? Hate on Tomac. Tomac backs it down like Dungey to play it safe and win the title? Hate on Tomac.
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    SX is the problem , it makes USA riders amazing at technical rythem etc but poor at pure corner speed on rough corners you can't argue with stupid or Yamaha owners
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    He's coming to take out Tomac and help his fellow Red Bull KTM rider win the championship.
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    Most underrated great racer of all time. This guy was a total package. Always showed up ready. Did his job with few complaints, and few mishaps. Very nice, honest, godfearing racer that was underrated for his tallent and skill. I wish he would come back and just race. I don't care if he won. I think he was an asset to the mx/sx scene. Sent from my VS880 using ThumperTalk mobile app
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    You drink ipa's?
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    Clean your bike really good, drain all the fluids, and put it on a stand in your bedroom and look at it. It will stay cherry that way. There are people that own bikes then there are people that ride bikes.
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    This ones for the older generation. As for you youngsters, see what you have to look forward to! I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds. People get out of the way much faster now. Gone are the days when girls used to cook like their mothers. Now they drink like their fathers.. You know that tingly little feeling you get when you really like someone? That's common sense leaving your body. I didn't make it to the gym today. That makes five years in a row. I decided to stop calling the bathroom the “John” and renamed it the “Jim”. I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning. Old age is coming at a really bad time. When I was a child I thought “Nap Time” was a punishment. Now, as a grownup, it feels like a small vacation. The biggest lie I tell myself is..."I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it." I don't have gray hair; I have "wisdom highlights" I'm just very wise. If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would've put them on my knees. Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators We haven't met yet. Why do I have to press one for English when you're just going to transfer me to someone I can't understand anyway? Of course I talk to myself; sometimes I need expert advice. At my age "Getting lucky" means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for. Actually I'm not complaining because I am a Senager. (Senior teenager) I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later. I don’t have to go to school or work. I get an allowance every month. I have my own pad. I don’t have a curfew. I have a driver’s license and my own car. The people I hang around with are not scared of getting pregnant. And I don’t have acne. Life is great.
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    I don't see an issue, this is how I sleep every night.
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    Roczen... you don't have to get on that red bike those days are over,you don't want to lose that arm for life Roczen stay out of the stadium tonight take the insurance money,I don't care if you think its wrong,cause it is right Roczen You don't have to put on those boots tonight Catch that plane to Frankfurt and eat schnitzel for the rest of your life chorus Roczen [get on the red bike] X5
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    We, as a Nation, need someone to step up and take it. Then we can start the healing process from the train wreck of years past.
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    You haven't camped until you've eaten a hotdog on a screwdriver and slept in yer gear.
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    Perfect weather in the HD today. Cloudy and cool till about 1pm. I think Rickie may have scratched the new bike
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    I always put something like this in my criagslist ads and I've never had anyone try to talk me down on price. $3,000 firm or $4,000 negotiable, your choice. Doc
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    All the "what ifs" are laughable. The guy won the championship against the guys that showed up. That's the best you can do. He did it the right way after he got a good series lead.....he knows his own history better than us. A less mature Tomac would have been screaming through the pack every moto, but this time he knew better. You'll see a different guy at the start of the next series and if he gets a big lead again.....you'll see the same guy as at the end of this series. He's learned a little about himself.
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    58 year-old FNG here in middle Georgia. I was gonna try to read this forum from the beginning but my eyes will fall out of my head first. I currently ride a crf450x (when I wanna go fast), a montesa 4RT (when I wanna go anywhere), and a xr650l (when I need to be legal). Like y'all, I love riding scooters in the dirt. Retired military so I've been to my share of motorcycle safety courses and taught a few. Everything I took a class I learned something that I was unaware of. Scooter riding itself is a learning experience and I hope to continue being schooled for many years to come. Looking forward to getting to know you 'old-geezers'.
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    Left an oil cap partially loose on a small plane once. Mayday-mayday-mayday...but it was just oil splashing on the windshield. You'll probably never forget again, until you do. I went riding at Manchester State Park yesterday. Been hellishly hot here, so was pleased with mid 80s and a light breeze. Was putting on my helmet, ready to hit the trails, when I noticed how wonderfully cool the breeze was. Man it felt great! Then I realized I didn't have my pants on. Just padded compression shorts, knee braces, armor, gloves, boots and all! Thankfully Manchester is almost always deserted.
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    I saw this on the Vashon to Southworth ferry yesterday. Didn't get a chance to talk to the rider. Familiar to anyone?
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    It's not a 450 but it is an '18 (250X).
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    Back to Yamaha for me. Been kicking around the new bike idea for a couple years. Held off the itch for a while but after having some issues recently with my main bike a 91 cr500 i decided it was just time to get something current. Big end bearing of the crank in the 500 went bad, so it basically needs a complete rebuild, cases are good though. Don't feel like working on it right now (it has been a PITA since i bought it, one thing after another it seemed) and i need something to ride now. Called some shops looking for a deal on a few bikes i have been interested in for a couple years now. 17 ktm 250sx, yz250x and the beta 250/300rr or RE. All a little different but i'm sure i would like them all. When looking for a 17 yz250x i could not find any at good prices, either sold out or the price was just not there, only 17 ktm 250sx i found i wasn't keen on the price and then a local dealer had no 17's 250x's but gave me a decent deal on a 2018 yz250x that i was on board with and not expecting. (Side note, Cyclemax in Gaithersburg, MD has a good deal on their 17 beta's, if it was closer i probably would have snagged a 250 or 300rr off of them) . $7300 OTD after taxes Hell yeah! Can't wait to put her through the paces and see what she is made of. I had a woods/enduro built 03 yz250 for several years. It was great but i had a love hate relationship with that bike. Mainly the power delivery, but only hated it on technical hill climbs and then the MX gearing i was never happy with, it always felt compromised somewhere not matter what sprockets i used. Sold that bike a few years back, been riding the 500 for a while, love it but it's not without it's nuances. Thinking this X is gonna be right up my alley, only thing i can say now is it feels really light (of courses it does compared to a 91 500). And the clutch lever pull feels really light (of course it does compared to a 500) So basically i got nothing Enough chit chat, Ill give some 1st impressions after i giver her a good thrashing.
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    Following is an actual ride report. History: I purchased the cheap Chinese PD pumper carb and made all the necessary modifications and tuning as detailed by others here (Mixxer, NEODS, Ricky,etc) and tested it against a PWK Clone (OKO) on my modified 230 with full EO exhaust, 67mm BBR piston, Terry Miller porting and ST2.0 cam. After much tuning and a nice gift from NEODS (replacement jet nozzle) I was very happy with the PD clone pumper compared to my well performing PWK clone. Not sure how good the OKO PWK is or how good it could be since it is a clone (this potential issue was highlighted previously) but all parts from Keihin fit the OKO. So with who knows what jetting that really worked well on the OKO, I was happy as hell compared to the OEM carb. I can't overemphasize how much of an improvement this carb is as compared to the OEM. The Chinese PD pumper that I bought was for my cheapskate friends stock uncorked 230. A nice investment for him at about $40 total with no adapters or additional cables needed. What I found really interesting was how well it worked on my modded 230, so much so that I bought a factory Keihin pumper carb for my 230. This weekend was a test and tune weekend. I put the Chinese PD pumper on my friends bike...wow! It made a very noticeable improvement over the OEM carb. He was extremely happy and impressed with this small investment, although I did a lot of work to get it tuned. I highly recommend this for anyone with mechanical aptitude, probably the most bang/per buck yet. I rode my 230 on Saturday with the PWK carb and I was really happy. I switched to the OEM 1978 XL250 pumper on Sunday. Initially I did not notice much difference between the two carbs. Pretty much splitting hairs. Sunday night revealed some issues with the Keihin pumper. It was mounted at an angle and the pump lever was contacting the shroud which was preventing it from actuating. Also, the plug that I slipped into the choke shaft had came out which caused air bypassing the jets. I fixed both of these issues and rode again today. Today was a real eye opener. I am experiencing some real performance from this bike that I did not think was possible. Roll on throttle results in a nice wheelie. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (with persuasion) wheelies. Cranks super easy, even hot. Idles super smooth. Throttle response is snappy. WOT pulls awesome. No dead spots or stumbles anywhere. I have a few powerhouses in my stable of bikes, but none so rideable as this 230. Everything seems to be working together...the Fox shock, CRF150R forks (still too harsh), the engine, carb, seat height, Vulcanduro tire, CRF450 pegs, Rox risers in forward position, Scotts stabilizer. I feel a real test coming soon for this 230, maybe a National Enduro race or a local hare scramble race. I can't seem to stay off this bike, spending too much time practicing skills such as balancing,pivot turns, log jumps, riding up trees and pivoting, stoppies,etc etc etc. The only real issue is the LOUD ASS EO EXHAUST! My neighbors are hating on me at an unprecedented level. I wish I had a fix for this. Other than that, I am golden.
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    Sure,because those multiple advisers are multiple investors that want to see a return,they don't care if he turns into captain hook
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    Highs in the 80s the next week and a half... 81-82F next weekend. Gonna be nice. I'm actually heading up to Kennedy Meadows next Thursday to camp, drink and eat with some friends for a few days. Should be great temps there too. No hurricanes... no Trump... no Democrats... no wife... just my favorite camp chair and some buddies.
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    Before buying those $550, $800, or +$1000 aftermarket wheels set you should consider giving a makeover to yours. I knew my wheels were in perfect condition no bents or scratches but they were normal OEM.. being short on $$$ and wanting to save as much, I had to do something, I had a project in my hands. Now I am in no way stating by doing this to your OEM wheels you will compare to the performance of $1000 dollar name brand wheels as they are fabricated with high quality parts but you will atleast get the look. First I started by completely striping them bare apart: rim, hub, spokes altogether. Secondly, I cleaned all the build up on the hubs and spokes with Metal wool 000, 0000 finest. At the moment that's what I had at my disposal. The rim had no build up so I just used Aluminum Polish and it was ready. After preparation, I had to come up with what I wanted. Black wheels it was but I had to come up with even something better. If I had the money I would buy "DUBYA" being one of my most desired name brand I got my inspiration. I custom made my design and make "knock-off" Dubya rim/ hub decals from vynil. I proceed it by powder coating the rim and hubs black thoroughly. I gave it plenty of time for the paint to cure and installed my decals on the rim lip and hubs. My plan was to give it a clear coat over the decals so they would be "stamped" or imprint to the rim itself and hoped for the best. The result was great, I rebuilt my wheels back completely and topped it of by new Maxxis Desert IT tires. So far I have had no issues but plan to get a real aftermarket soon in the future. I started this project on Friday 8/25/17 and finished on Tuesday 8/29/17. I calculated on materials and expenses and this project cost me approximately $51.63, not counting my time.
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    Went for a ride last Sunday with my brother. Up Juniper ridge,jumbo peak,sunrise and came down Devils staircase. Took a nap in the meadow then made the last leg back to the truck.
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    Don't lie George, you'd hit it!
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    A pic from yesterday's ride with our club to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial high on Sargents Mesa. Our club's president said a few words in memory of his brother who gave his all in Vietnam and in memory of all who have sacrificed for our country. Some of us placed small items in memory of our veterans. Michael & I rode some of the Continental Divide Trail along the way. After descending from the monument around 2 PM, most club members decided to go grab some lunch, but 4 of us proceeded down to refuel and wound our way up to the Monarch Crest Trail, which had been on my list for about 15 years. We somehow danced between the rain showers and only got a few sprinkles here and there. It was great! Dennis (on the XR) is 70 YO, and a damn fine rider. Rob (he is my age) (and Dennis) put the whole thing together and took the time to show Michael and I the Crest Trail. Many thanks to both!!!
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    And best of all...when I got back to my car, this note and wallet were on my windshield
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    I'm pretty sure I bought a gold one for my little sister. Bugging me that I don't remember what we did with the purple one. I have a long story about my little sister and her bike. Read it or skip it. My sister was 10 years younger than me. She was considered mentally retarded. But she had something many do not common sense. But anyway her bike story. I got training wheels from a neighbor and taught her how to ride. When she was very good at riding, I fixed it so thebIke training wheels where up just on the bike. We rode our bikes on trails and gravel roads so a lot off vibrations and weeds that caught on them. Soon a wheel fell off. She noticed it and feel down. Telling me it was my fault because she couldn't ride without them. In her head she couldnt. So I put it back on but wired them up - almost upside down. She knew this wasn't right and told me if she crashed it was my fault. But she rode it, until once again a wheel fell off. She cried telling me she couldn't ride her bike because the training wheels was off again. I said nope not going back on. She decided finally to ride her bike with one training wheel. After awhile she asked me to take off the other one, because she could " ride any bike now". Once she had it in her mind she could do anything. She was a "natual seat" on a horse. And loved horses and motorcycles. She was given my Suzuki 90, but someone told her it was to hard for her. So in her mind shifting was So she had a Yamaha 125, 3 wheeler, Yamaha,moped (Q50?) and a Yamaha Warrior 350, which she learned to shift. Which is another long story. The 350 she bought herself. With the money she earned at her job bussing tables at a fancy restaurant. Not a "special" job just a job done by a special person. I miss her, always Sent from my XT1635-01 using ThumperTalk mobile app
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    Look what followed me home today!
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    Might be the single best picture I've ever taken....I'll give it to you free
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    But it's the lightest axle in the industry! Aren't you glad the KTMs are so lightweight?
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    Stoked to be picking this baby up in the morning. It's gonna be a good riding season
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    Snow! And a winter storm warning.
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    even looks happier in the "BLUE" photos.....huuummmm...
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    I pretty much agree with all of the above. Also because of supercross many of the kids go Hare scrambling. Why risk the life altering injury when you can ride your tail off on an older bike in one of the many Hare Scrambles/off road series. The races are long enough you get your fill...even back when I did the Moto thing you had to ride two classes to get enough ride time to be worth it. Also I lived and remember the ground swell in the 70's that produced the dominant 80's. I Remember those multiple heats of 100's, 125's full of kids. Those two strokes were relatively cheap and fixable by most farmer and clutch head type. My kids bounced out of Moto because of the cost of competitive 250 four strokes. Things may have changed but it wasn't long ago it was cheaper racing a 450 as stock it had more power than useful. Wish the current kids had that opportunity I had....to mow lawns, build rock walls, and cut trees to be able to earn a series of bikes that I could race. Looks like unless there is a completely dedicated family, a family in the business, or lots of money, its had to move ahead in the sport. That leaves a lot of talent playing video's games as the alternative
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    They may not have noticed a thing... My girlfriend and I were hiking during the eclipse and we totally missed it! Aaaargh! It was a 95% total eclipse in our area. We thought it was supposed to happen at 11:30, but we weren't totally sure if we were remembering right (CRS you know). But we knew the shadows would be affected so we were watching for that. We would glance up at the sun. Even though we're not supposed to, we thought a glance would at least let us confirm that it was starting and then we could do the pinhole in paper map we had setup. We hiked from 9 to 3 through pretty dense forest that occasionally opened up to some direct sunlight. We didn't notice anything different at all and we were looking for the damn thing so maybe there were many natives that didn't notice a thing either. Traffic was horrendous here, too. Not bumper to bumper, but for Montana, it was steady traffic in both lanes on the interstate. I've never seen that much traffic on that highway in the 14 years I've lived here. This view from the spot where we camped Sunday night totally makes up for missing the eclipse. Sent from my SM-G930V using ThumperTalk mobile app