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    So Roxie and I took off for civilization today about 7am in search of dog food, tires and mousses. She is such a great car dog and buddy. Made our way to San Clemente to pick up a load of mousses... then back up to Fontana to grab the tires. I may have over estimated the van a bit... it was touch and go getting the doors closed. Saved room for Rox... but not much for me. Left enough room for conversation on the way home though... Last stop dog food... but she had to ride home on it...
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    From mxa "The Austrian brand, with the added production quantities from sister brand Husqvarna, sells more two-strokes than Yamaha sells four-strokes. "
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    I propose any poster who starts a new Rotella thread gets 5 demerits and put on double secret probation for a month.
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    When I asked Ronnie what happened with his crash, he said, “Really there’s no loser in the two-stroke race, except for me, I f@$*ing lost it, that kind of sucked (his crash). But you know it happens man when you ride the fastest bike on the planet a 1998 CR250, it’s going to spit you off every now and then, you know. It’s a wild horse, it’ll spit you out, bite your leg, it’s a mean mother and it got me. Stank Dog was right there for the picking. I thought I could get him in that second one, but he had me beat, even when I got back on the horse.” The whole thing was pretty much just crazy.
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    C'mon, probably the dumbest thing someone has wrote on TT in a while..
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    I full on flogged the dual sport for 5 hours with lots of awesome rocky climbs and mud. I'm so tired and so happy.
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    Any word on Ronnie Mac/Jimmy Albertson after his crash last night? I searched Vital but they're only bashing the Mac'r for being bad for the sport lol. He rode off but looked like he was hurting. I think his character brings some fun back into professional MX and find it hilarious that people would get bent about him being part of the scene. What's your take on his character being good or bad for the sport?
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    I can't stand supercr................wait, big tits?
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    In my last post, I shared details about how the two-stroke cylinder works, in today's post I want to provide an overview of how a performance two-stroke engine's exhaust system works. Adding a performance exhaust system can be a great way to increase power and/or alter the power delivery of an engine. I would also argue that optimizing a two-stroke engine’s exhaust system is equally as important as ensuring the cylinder’s ports are correctly designed for the given application. Not all exhaust systems are designed to do the same things, and much like cylinder port design, exhaust designs are intended to alter power in specific ways. Having a basic understanding of how an exhaust system works can go a long way when it comes to selecting the right exhaust pipe for your engine. Two-stroke exhaust design is complicated and there are many different variables that must be considered when designing a pipe. I don’t intend to go into all of them, but I will share a few of the most critical. Each time the exhaust port opens to release spent combustion gases, pressure pulses are created. Modern pipe designs harness this pulse energy and use it to help scavenge and fill the cylinder. The process starts when a positive pressure pulse is created once the exhaust port opens and combustion gases leave the cylinder. The positive pulse travels down the pipe until it reaches the diffuser, at which point part of the pulse is inverted and reflected back towards the cylinder as a negative wave. This negative wave is very beneficial in pulling spent exhaust gases out of the cylinder and fresh mixture up through the transfer ports. The remaining positive pulse continues on its journey towards the end of the pipe where it encounters the reflector. The reflector acts as the name implies and forces the positive pulse back towards the exhaust port. Once reflected back, the pulse remains positive and, if the pipe is designed correctly, will reach the exhaust port just as the piston is about to close off the port on the compression stroke at the desired RPM for maximum power. Any fresh mixture which has escaped out the cylinder will be forced back in by the positive pressure pulse. The tuned length of the pipe is dictated by the exhaust port timing, RPM of max power, and the speed of sound. Pulse length and amplitude are governed by the angles of the diffuser and reflector. Generally, steeper cone angles create pulses with more amplitude but shorter duration. Shallower angles generate pulses with less amplitude but longer duration. Given these variables, it is easy to see how a pipe could be tailored for specific applications. An engine converted for road racing may utilize a pipe designed for peak power which incorporates steep diffuser and reflector cone angles so that pulse amplitude is not sacrificed. This peak power would likely come at the expense of a narrowed range of power. An engine tailored for woods riding may feature a pipe with shallower cone angles, resulting in less pulse amplitude, but a broader spread of power. The last parameter I want to touch on is how the tailpipe, which is sometimes referred to as the stinger, influences the pipe. The tailpipe creates a flow restriction in the pipe which allows the pipe to have a certain amount of back pressure. Enlarge the tailpipe and the back pressure decreases, make it smaller and the back pressure increases. As back pressure increases or decreases, so does temperature and ultimately the speed of sound. As the speed of sound changes, so does the resonance RPM of the pipe. If the tailpipe is sized too small, cylinder scavenging will be inhibited. When this happens, the cylinder, fresh mixture, and piston will all be overheated. While engineers and tuners can estimate starting pipe dimensions and tuned lengths, a great deal of trial and error testing is usually still necessary to fine tune the exhaust pipe and optimize the design. Unless you intend on building your own exhausts, this work will have already been done for you. When selecting an exhaust system, you need to focus on how the exhaust alters the power curve. Exhaust systems are tailored to deliver more bottom end performance, top-end performance, or performance throughout the power curve. Selecting which system is right for you will depend on how you want your engine to perform. If you’ve chosen to modify your cylinder ports, installing an exhaust system that compliments the porting can be very beneficial. You might be wondering about slip-on mufflers. If you’ve followed along with my explanation of how exhaust pipes work, you’ll notice I made no mention of the muffler. While the muffler can have a small effect on performance, it is not the primary factor. Upgrading a muffler is a good way to reduce weight, but there won’t be a slip-on out there which significantly increases power, in the same way, a properly designed expansion chamber can. I hope you enjoyed this write-up on key features affecting the performance of two-stroke cylinders. As for Two Stroke Handbook news, we received our first printed proof of the book this week! Needless to say, we are inching closer and closer to an official release date. To stay updated on The Two Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Building Handbook we created an email sign up for our readers. Click this link to sign up, see the new cover, the Table of Contents, and some sneak peek pages right from the book. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your week! -Paul
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    Nuts to butts....figures
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    I'm a old guy from the late 1960z into the 1990z this guy is doing what we did back in the day,, riding and having fun this is great entertainment he's just having fun this is great hellcatt
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    Good. Pro MX/SX could use a sense of humor.
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    In the light of my recent hill climb shaming experience with one of our fellow TT heads, I fell victim to being called the attacker. As I wake the next day, I become aware of the situation a lot more better. I realize, it's not about shaming someone's hills or their hill climb prowlness, or even their definition of a "hill". It's about uniting as brothers who ride dirt bikes under the lord. Old common sense would state that not all hills are created equal, the new and correct common sense says yes they are. The big hill in prarie city is the same hill as impossible found in depths of the pit of snakes, which is the same hill as ballistic s El mirage hill. My mission here on Earth is clear to me now, stop hill shaming once and for all, and help the weak and less fortunate get up every hill they point at. I can only nip the hill shaming a-holes in the butt when I see it happen, but I will give every secret I know away in this thread for everyone to read forever. #1... Powerplant, 2 or 4 she needs to be healthy, keep up on maintenance #2 chain lube, high quality super slick compound, less friction= more horsepower to the wheels. (Wd-40) #3 ignition timing, give the top of your piston hell and over advance the piss out of your ignition timing, once you start to ping pour in race gas. #4 gripper seat, can't keep climbing when you can't stay on the seat #5 front brake pads, just kidding, don't need front brakes to climb hills frank #6 throttle and clutch control, if the hill is big, your 2 stroke needs to sound like a chain saw revved up just before a cut, if riding a 4 stroke you need to be on the rev limiter, don't be scared to down shift under wot #7 suspension geometry, pay attention I'm only writing down the exact specs I run, 98mm rider sag, 12 mm front sag, forks 10mm up in clamps. #8 least important is tire choice, I like dunglops but I hear good things about 130 or 140 m5bs at 8.25 psi with 3.5 mm of rimclean on a 18in with either dual rim locks and tube or tubliss. #9 no one has ever made a hill they didn't try. #10 you don't need weight you don't need, let your friends carry tools, water, spare parts for you, shed clothes if needed. #11 stupid sayings like throttle out when in doubt are false, use you better judgement as safety permits while using the Riddler's 10 secrets to get up any hill
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    At least that's the way I see it after last night straight rythem. The 250 2 smokers could hang with a 250F. No way in the 450 class. SX and MX have their heads up their ass.
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    Sorry it took a while, 6 months...to finish this. Gifford Pinchot in Washington is the Super Bowl of moto off road riding, but The Snake Pit is "Hallowed Ground"... I needed to put my 100% best effort into this video, have thought about it for months, needed the right motivation and time to do it....RIGHT. Hope you like it, it cost me 3600 miles, a ruptured achilles, and countless hours of work!
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    Happiest 14 year old EVER. In the middle with his 2018 250sx. And the rest of the team.
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    I've probably posted this picture before, its my favorite picture and its my desktop pic on my computer. When I'm at work, like now, and I wish I were somewhere else I just stare at it. TeamGreenPilot may recognize the area.
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    I was asked by my daughter's school counselor how I have time to ride since I am a single father raising a daughter on my own and working. My reply was my daughter enjoys riding, so we ride together. The woman then told me that it is not proper for girls to ride motorcycles. They are dangerous, and meant for adult men only who choose to ride those death machines. I was told if i was a good father to sell her dirt bike and mine, and buy her a tablet and video games instead because it is more girl appropriate. Well now about 5 years later my daughter still doesn't have a video game station. And I did sell that old bike of hers to. Replaced it with 2 bigger ones because she has grown a lot. But the best thing I did was take her out of the public school system. Only a nonrider would be foolish enough to think girls shouldn't ride, and video games are better than dirt bikes.
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    No, not for sale I have a gaggle of those little critters. Here's the nice ones and below is the one I tried to plaque on at the Big Bear Run.
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    Bryan This trolling bullshit is getting out of hand. We have a thread started on Poto's 2 stroke and out of 9 pages the last 6 are "who's better at trolling the f*ckhead troller McFly". Seriously, anyone outside of the forum regulars looking at the thread title must think wtf. When these threads get way off topic can you lock them or at least re-direct the posts to a continuous thread specifically for this kind of foreplay? You could title it "The Official Thumpertalk Pro Trolling Forum" and any idiot that needs to troll can to their heart's content so the rest of us don't have to be bombarded with their never ending lies and pointless dribble in legitimate threads. Thanks
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    I find it helps if I sit quietly in a corner in the dark and rock back and forth.
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    I rode my new bike today...first ride in about 9 years. New bike, new trails, so I took it easy and just cruised. I think Im in love
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    after riding for 30 years, I took the last 9 years off...got the itch and bought myself a new Husky FC250. I have a fussy back, but couldn't help myself...if I only get to ride it around easy in the woods, that'll be ok I guess. I looked at the local hare scramble series and if I make it happen, I'll be riding "45+ Super Senior" Mid-life crisis? You tell me...
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    Made this after this summer's club ride to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial where our president said a few words in remembrance of those who have served our country. He lost his brother in Nam and a friend of our's brother (Major James Ketterer) is still MIA. Jim was a back seater in a Phantom. Posting in honor or all veterans and current service members. Thank you for your service and sacrifices!! Dave
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    Here's a pic of mine right out of the crate. I still have the number plate for some reason,not sure why it didn't go with bike when sold.
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    Check out this 81 430CR Husky. Looks to be correct, even has the remote reservoir Ohlins. $1800. https://westslope.craigslist.org/mcy/d/81-430cr-husqvarna-in/6379078991.html
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    Went To Lake Havasu City Today. Look What Jumped In My Truck!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Calling someone a "fan boy" and then complaining about childishness in the same post. Excellent. Fortunately your ignorance about oils drowns out the nonsense you post.
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    OK...but you'e wrong...
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    Still prolly better than 4CS
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    ^^^ I have the Sanford and Son theme song playing in my head now.
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    I have an easier solution. Buy and install the kick starter on your '18 Beta. Personally I think every single person who buys a new bike should flat out tell the dealer your walking unless they put the kick starter kit in at their expense. If they refuse walk and go to another dealer. If enough dealers have to eat the cost of the kick starters perhaps the dealers can convince these moronic manufacturers that their customers want, no, demand a kick starter. I have a '16 350 XCF-W. I went on a trail ride about a month ago. I had the battery on a charger the night before. The bike started and off I went. Later after a stop, I noticed the starter turned very slowly and the bike barely started. The next time I stopped the starter wouldn't turn the bike over. I was 20 miles from no where, riding solo and in deep powdery sand, But it was a non issue because in '16 the XCF-W had a kicker. I will never buy a bike without a kick starter. Period. Doc
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    Can’t wait to see your recovery from the next head injury!
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    Someone needs a coloring book and a "safe place".
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    Regardless of breakdown it was still a fun #realride . ^^ this is where my bike first was out of water and so hot the crankcase breather tube melted away . 1800lb Mule tape is a wonderful thing to carry , I highly recommend it . Erio at the top pulling on the mule tape while Mongo and I pushed , pushed and pushed some more . Last weekends bad luck flat and now this .........I am on a &%$#@!in roll .
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    I love it .. he's the Ricky Bobby of MX and the Happy Gilmore of SX .
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    He's the antithesis of Dungey. My vote is good.
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    So, good topic. At 51, I'd like to believe that I'm staring right at geezerhood, perhaps knocking on the door. I have been a road rider my whole life but recently bought my 14yr old son a 150cc dirt bike. He, in turn, convinced me (more importantly my wife) that I needed to ride with him. I am getting a WR250R and this will be my first dirt bike. Of course, in 2 more years, I get to hand it down to my son, buy something else and the plan is to cross the Trans Wisconsin Trail. Well, that's the plan. So all of you fellow geezers, with years of dirt riding under your belt I am envious in that I am just getting started but also glad for the opportunity and good health to even get started. Wish me luck.
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    It's also a known fact that in order to ride beta, you must first touch penis tips with another beta rider.
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    If I had k own a few weeks ago I would hav come down when the wife & baby went down to check on the place. They spent more time swimming than anything else, but there wasn't any problems. That's my baby playing with dolphins
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    Lets face reality here. Diesel oils are made for extremely severe duty use. Millions of motorcycles all over the planet are running just fine on diesel engine oil, and have been for many decades. But for a group of people who are unable to move past there not being a picture of a motorcycle on the bottle it comes in, they will never be comfortable using it. Nothing and no amount of proof could ever convince them of anything different. So us who like running diesel engine oil in our bikes, lets keep on being happy to have extra money in our pockets. Let them who must have motorcycle specific oils in their bikes continue to be happy that they use it. And then both groups are happy! As for me and my bikes, they are running just fine on Chevron diesel oil in the 4 strokes, and chevron 2 stroke oil in the 2 strokes. Yes I have run shell rotella in many bikes over the years. But the chevron gas station is just down the street from me now, so I stop there for my oils, antifreeze, and other fluids. Changing the coolant and brake fluid this weekend in my Dodge pickup, sure hope it doesn't blow up since the bottles do not have a picture of a Dodge on the bottles.
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    What are you people doing to these oils to break then down in a day or two? These oils hold up to extreme duty high heat diesel turbos but a single cylinder dirt bike engine destroys it? This whole "good for someone who doesnt race" stuff is nonsense. Theres zero non-anecdotal evidence to back that up. If you've never done a blackstone labs (or similar) test - youre guessing at best. I would love to see broken down rotella as it would be a first. I know some forums force a "Are you sure the information isnt in these threads?" Search suggestion before someone posts. We need an all out ban on "Rekluse Engine Brake" and "Rotella" - at least until the next reformulation. Funny story Rekluse used to recommend Rotella, now they recommend more but still have Rotella on the table. OP - Google Blackstone Labs Bobistheoilguy Rotellta and have fun. Compare it to other oils new and used with VOA or UOA tests. That site will have more information then you'll want to know. On top of that, send your samples off to blackstone. They will tell you everything you want to know about the oil and internal engine wear. Spoiler Alert: OCI (Oil Change Interval) is more important then the oil you run. If you change your oil every ride you'd be fine with the cheapest walmart dino oil. If you run a high end synthetic, its likely that the filter will go bad before the oil. Yea, because they have these guys called lawyers that dont allow them. Funny story, if its not good for motorcycles why did it carry JASO MA2 certification? Stop trying to be clever and actually look up or post facts. Seriously you believe oil left black stuff? How is that even possible? Oil just picks up the carbon from combustion and removes it from the engine - oil turning black has little to nothing to do with quality or anything! Have you ever actually had your oil tested? Theres plenty of people that do and seem to say otherwise and have non-empirical data to back it up... https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2015818-Oil-Analysis-12-500-miles-Shell-Rotella-T6-5W40 Ugh. "Especially if you have a KTM"? Yea, because Yami, Suzi, Kawi, Husky, or any other motorcycle in the history of motorcycles rarely use wet clutches . Also it used to be rumor that synthetic was bad for clutches because it was too slick, how you're saying they require it? I also assume you mean "Cant afford". Rotella T6 goes in everything I own. Been doing it for years. Its a wonder how I havent blown anything up considering its a diesel oil and i dont own anything that burns diesel. PLEASE DONT TELL THEM IM USING DIESEL OIL IN MY MOTORCYCLE!!!! I DONT WANT THEM TO SHOOT MY DOGGO!
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    I thought you guys would like a short tour of a trail in my backyard we laid in nearly 15 years ago (damn, its been that long). Anyways starts in my backyard and goes up a ridge. There are a number of branch offs, here's one of them. Second to last one is the view looking north from the top. Apparently we have some weather moving in, th LaPlata Mtns are hidden.
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    Back-up sensor.
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    Absolutely Good !! He keeps them all honest on an old bike , Has the heart to keep going and draws the attention to the sport. F Vital !!!
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    I'm having a BLAST! It's awesome to be back on my bike. Rode a rocky trail yesterday with about 200 yards through a creek bed. Today, it was an easy flowing single track with an occasional technical section of rocks or roots on top of a ridge with gorgeous views. My foot only hurts a little after riding. I can ride easier than I can walk on it. Going to ride in the desert tomorrow.
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    I use Rotella in the wash for that. It really is good for everything.....
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    She's a Jeeper now... took Yolanda all the way to El Centro for her birthday present... 10 hour day... daaaaamn... but she loves it.... and the guy that set it up for his daughter did a nice job. His daughter didn't like the ride compared to her Lexus... so we gots it.