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    California is a cancer on the rest of the USA right @Dwrizzol ?
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    When you bike breaks down in the dez and you half to dig for water or a grave.
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    Nearing the end of a 7 day GPSkevin adventure ride and got a chance to ride one of the guys 701 Husky. First thing that stuck out to me was you ride more forward on the bike, like a modern mx'er. The front wheel seems tucked under you more and it seems to turn with more grip on the front. Feels less hinged in the middle when speeding through loose gravely corners than the DRZ. The 701 needed very little throttle to accelerate away strongly. A great motor, though i didn't like the abruptness of the bike when rolling the throttle no and off, also the engine was a little more buzzy than mine. I liked the bike for the short ride i went on it, could really be a fun bike to ride. This guy had big Mosko soft bags mounted onto the back, it can hold the weight well and three of the different 701/690's had various devices for carrying extra fuel, it would make an excellent adventure bike. BUT even if money was out of the picture, i still would pick the DRZ over the 701 for many reasons (i know many will disagree with me). This trip i'm on now has convinced me that the DRZ is the best for me. It will easily keep up with any of the big adventure bikes or the 690/701's on all the backroads, fsr's. Keeping up with a former pro flat tracker on a fast sweepy fsr he said to me "you must be wringing out that bike to keep up" but my stock 434 just runs along in the mid range 5-7,000 rpm keeping pace just fine. The 701 rider that road my bike was shaking his head after our swap and said "that bike runs really strong and i'd be crazy to get a 701 for 3 or 4 times the money" his words. I just like the riding position, feel, reliability, Japanese electronics, suspension, amount of available accessories, fuel range and narly off-road ability. Was interesting talking to former owners of the 690's , most did not like the bike for one reason or an other, but the three owners of the 701's really liked theirs.
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    Just rebuilt my kdx200 which my grandpas bike he bought new in 89. He raced and my dad raced it. I striped it down and completly rebuilt it. I am currently racing in a local series and second in our vet a class and 3rd overall in the whole series. Nothing like passing 10k bikes on a kdx and all the old guys cheering u on in the woods.
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    During the last few years i’ve got some inspiration and some ideas from this forum as „silent reader“, so i would like to show you now the result of my XR600 Scrambler build. I’m doing Moto Cross since more than 20 years and i always was riding such type of bikes. So i’m fixed to this kind of bikes - i can’t deal with Cafe Racers or similar… Furthermore i own some 60ies and 70ies offroad bike, but i can’t ride them on public streets for several reasons. So the idea was to create a bike in the style of this era, but with modern suspension and modern brakes, low weight, good handling and a durable and trouble-free engine. I would like to use it at the small streets in the sorrounding of my hometown. (for harder offroad use i have other bikes.) I’ve started the project appr. 5 years ago. The "manufacturing stage" tooks appr. 2 years and i’m riding it now the 3rd season. My expectations came true more or less: excellent handling and a short geared engine, riding it is pure fun. It always make me smile. And when the streets are small and bumpy you can deal with larger bikes. But as you know, such projects never ends 😉 So probably i will need some advises in future time...
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    Yes, got a very bad infection, got very sick and was pretty much bed ridden, it slowed his progress badly. He is much better now, but he was bad off for a while. He will be lucky to be ready for east coast because of it all. I was told he is up and acting like his old self now.
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    I've go my Husky's. '74 250CR, '81 430CR (with '83 tank), '86 400 Enduro. Also, a couple of old Yamaha TY trials bikes.
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    Yup, my newest is 17 years old. I have this disease that takes over my mind when I see an old bike, especially if it is neglected and needs to be "rescued"... Some I've brought back to life over the years. One is my ZRX I don't have anymore, but you can see a few of the elders hiding in the background. '79 IT250 Yammy, '90 XR200, '84 CR60, '00 XR100, '71 CB175, '01 XR400 and the pile is an '84 XR250
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    Tomac is going to end up in a dog knot with Herlings, as they compare sack size in turn one..... Plessenger is going to go for broke and he will cross jump Cairolli... Barcia will throw another massive whip into Roczen's face and then stuff the landing... Marvin is going to through beer cans at Paulin and shout something nasty in French... Irish will win by attrition.... Still gunna root fur Merica !
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    I'm 31, I was all for it... but I have never had a stick up my ass, so there's that.
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