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    Glad your alive! But we still need to make a little fun out of it! Recover soon, we need to do more single track up there!
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    I shared this in team TT. I’m sharing it here in hopes others can appreciate how fast things can change. Always be prepared and stay calm. Nice day for a ride in the Montana back country. Till this... 10 miles from civilization on single track I am suddenly impacting something I have no idea what. When I finally stopped on the ground I knew I took a shot to my shoulder. I thought oh crap I think my collar bone is sticking out. I pulled my helmet off and could see a stick moving with me out of the corner of my eye. My first thought was to stay calm. I started feeling the area and could not find blood. I knew that was a good sign. By now my riding partner had turned around. As he pull up I pointed to my collarbone and watched to se what his eyes did. He’s had EMT training and has been through a friend dieing in his arms. He assessed and explained the situation. We discussed our options and since there was no blood, I was conscious and not dizzy we were getting back on the bikes and headed down the mountain to the dirt rode to get cell service. We ended up at a farm house and they knew who to call. We waited for the ambulance for 20-25 minutes. It was another 45 minutes I. The ambulance to the ER. When I woke up the stick was gone. It went in the left side of my neck down between my esophagus and spine then slightly piercing my right lung. 5” in. I could have easily hit my artery and bleed out there in my friends arms. He DEFINITELY didn’t need that again and I have a second chance. I was in The hospital for 24 hours. Finally! I got real good luck!!! the top of the pine tree pointed at me
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    That right there is what we call "trailer trash". I'm sure Marvin just laughed it off on his way to get his 1st place trophy.
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    After which Marvin's hot wife rubbed him down with coacoe butter and then climbed on top for some wet French fun while trailer trash finger boy drank himself into a Miller High Life stupor and slept outside with his 13 beagles because he couldn't find the keys to his padlocked sleepin shed.
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    Less sound equals more ground. Period. Please don't be an idiot, we already have too many.
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    You have to (not) wonder who is laughing to the bank and who is trying to re-level a single wide.
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    The most badass move on TT this year.
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    But... he paid $70 to have the tubes aligned, a ten minute job and they screwed it up! If I were him, I'd complain to the shop and they should refund his money. That is inexcusable 'work'.
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    Keep it quiet please. Loud bikes contribute to losing riding areas.
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    Our first grand daughter Rylee Rose. She was born on Wed at 3pm, 7lbs 6oz and 21" long.
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    That's the stereotypical ugly American right there
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    I guess the 18" sheathed machete bungied on my tail bag is a little risky. Too big to fit in a tail bag and some trails would be tough without it. Officer: "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Me: "Because I let you?"
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    I bet he is really fast on his American Made Dirt Bike.
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    It's back! I've been doing some frame work on this thing as time allows. Engineering the frame to be able to handle the torsional forces of a single-sided swingarm and a one-sided spring/shock sometimes feels above my pay grade. A plate was made to reinforce the seat mounts, and the upper shock mount reinforcement follows the contour of the seat and doubles as a catch for the seat latch. It's getting hard to see what's going on, so bear with me. The right side got a triangulated framework that incorporated the lower muffler mount. The left side channeled its inner Ducati and got some ladder work. The inside got a single crossbar that is curved out towards the wheel to give maximum space inside the core for the airbox and wiring. I took it out last night and pushed it up my driveway just to ride it back down. It feels amazingly agile for also feeling so large and intimidating. I can't wait to ride it. I have a few more small gussets to add, then I'm going to hook up the wiring and fire it up to make sure it works before I put too much more time and money into it. The brake lines are going to be pricey, and there's no point in making it stop if it doesn't go.
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    I guess I don't get it. When I dual sport, my plate is in plain view for untold 1,000s. If someone wants a photo on the Interwebz, with a cell phone, it takes two seconds. I'm a nobody, so I don't see who would care. If you find me, tell me you're a TT'er and I'll buy you a beer.
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    Meh... Lol, just let the man load his bike... And afterward punch himself in the dick for whining about a problem he created...lol
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    Get your arses up. It's REEEEEEEEEEEEEDBUUUUUUUUUUUD time !!!! 7:10 PDT Qualifications on deck yo !
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    Leave a door that wide open and any rider with salt will walk through it. Now maybe Forkner will realize he isnt in the amateurs anymore.
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    I drive a UPS truck for work, doors wide open of course. I am constantly startled when a loud-assed Harley suddenly just "appears" right next to my door as he's passing me, laying on the throttle to "make sure I hear him", and I didn't hear it at all until it was right next to me, so now instead of being pre-warned I'm just pissed because I just got my eardrums blasted as it went by. And that's with an open cab. Make it a car with windows up, AC cranking and tunes blasting, and there's no chance of hearing that overtaking Harley until it's already passing. Loud pipes don't do shit except piss people off. You stay safe by riding safe, not by being a jerk.
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    12X12 will make a nice closet. Save up and double that at least. Double the lights and elec outlets you think you need. White ceiling and paint the walls high gloss white and it will make everything better. Do this before you put anything in it or you will be sorry later.
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    Once again KRoc has impressed me beyond anything I thought possible! He has a drive beyond compare!! As others have said, if he can just survive through this season, he just might contend for more Championships next year!!! Indoors, completely possible. Outdoors, even more difficult, but still possible for him!!! Hang tough KRoc!!!
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    I am 60 and I am retiring next year so I can ride more. I still hit the track every so often but mostly ride trails and sand. I like it when I remove my helmet and they see the old man and grey hair.
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    A lot of great ideas. The thing that was important to me in my new dream shop was lighting. So I went with LED. Super bright and don't use much juice. The wiring is about a 3rd the size as required with old florescent lighting so that helps a bit to offset the initial cost of the lights. They are also cool so you don't have to have a much a/c to off set the heat during the summer. I would cover one workbench with metal or better yet steel plate. Can't hurt it and you can hammer on it. You can also use a torch on things in your vice with setting the bench on fire! I found all of my stainless steel in a hospital that was being demolished! Got 3 trailer loads for cheap! The floor is just polished with a diamond pad and water and a coat of sealer which was about 150.00 for the whole shop. Get the floors sealed so things clean up and you can use a dust mop instead of sweeping your arms off! This is not my first shop but will probably be my last. Hahahaha Took 4 years to restore the building we live in and my shop is next to our living area. My equipment is older stuff that I restore and the old stuff usually works for a long time. So just take your time and spend your money on what you need. I don't own a Snap On tool! Craftsman have been good enough and are real cheap certain times of the year.
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    I am a 73 year old man and I have owned many different brands of motorcycles since I was 13. I no longer ride on the highway just mostly in my neighborhood and there is a lot of open woods trails. I am still in pretty good shape but no longer have the desire or ability to walk on back wheel as I used to love to do. I currently ride a 2009 Yamaha XT250 and love it.
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    You can relax junior, just don't run it 3 miles down a 6% logging road without feeding it some mix occasionally. No trail in the world has enough downhill to cause an issue.
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    You are still new here (going by your post count) you don't realize that's what we do in here. A lot of shit talking, brand bashing, and right on the edge insults to one another. We all buy into it, participate in it, and get butt hurt by it. So we suck it up, rub dirt on it, and come up with new and clever ways to shame your fellow moto brother. It's the cycle of life yo! Jump in, put your extra thick skinned coat on, and join in the fray.
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    Quiet all the way. It's pretty fun when you can come up behind mountain bikers and scare the piss out of them.
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    [emoji106] https://exhaust.racerxonline.com/2018/06/29/dean-wilson-surprises-kid-with-a-brand-new-husqvarna-tc-50
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    Well guys.. quick update.. My original post sparked a conversation with none other than Mr. Bryan Bosch himself, owner of Thumpertalk.com. We have discussed, and i have accepted, the position of Director of Advertising for Thumpertalk.com. Even as i type that i dont think its fully sunk in. I will lead the ad suite and drive traffic by post/creating relevant content. Its an opportunity i am incredibly grateful for. I am over the moon, to say i am excited is an extreme understatement. I look forward to serving each and every one of you great members for years to come. See y'all out there!!
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    Just spoke to Eli, JMart came thru the surgery like a champ, has the titanium connecting link in his back now, but the got him up walking this afternoon. PT is starting tmrw or Wednesday, full recovery expected within 3 months
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    Picked up my 19 300XC this week! Some nice updates to plastic and chassis (like the latest 450 Factory Edition). Thinner shrouds and slimmer rear end. New pipe is way different - oval shaped up front and tucked in better. A few pics.....
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    After nearly 2 long months in pieces and with some help from DiverDown and Erik Marquez, the 462 is running and did a few quick pulls today to see where we are at. If you don't feel like reading this I'll cut to the chase, 48.5 hp 34.13 ft-lbs torque. Definitely a little lower than I expected but the jetting was a bit lean and the cams are kind of small for the build. Peak hp doesn't tell the entire story though, the gains in the usable range were quite significant compared to what I had as a 434 with a 39mm and 41mm FCR. Between 5k - 7k the stroker gained 3 hp vs the 434 w/41mm carb. 462 Vs. 434, w/ 39mm gained 3-5hp over the same range. From 7.5- 9k the 462 has a 2-3 hp advantage on the 41mm carbed 434 and 3-4 hp over the 39mm bike. The 434 w/41 catches up and matches the 462 from 9.5 -10k while the 39mm carb bike is only down 1 hp at this point. Overall it feels a good bit stronger then it did as a 434. With the same cams and less displacement the power was mostly mid to top. The power now comes on sooner and hits much harder in the mid-range then slowly dies down on top. To me it feels more appropriate for a street bike. That said, I have never been able to leave things alone so possibly we'll see down the road what some custom cams can do. Cylinder Works 94mm cylinder kit- Hotrods +4 crank Triple layer gasket 41mm FCR-MX -R&D Power Bowl 2 Ferrea standard size valves MRD SSW Exhaust Dynatek CDI custom curve Web Racing 540/540 cams Trail Tech Flywheel
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    Daughter and I just went for a short rip at the track here. She is worn out and tired from treatment, and still i rarely heard her come out of the power band on her rm 85. I have trouble keeping up with her on my yz 250 except on the straights where shear power lets me build a slight lead and then she gains back in the corners and jumps. I feel so so so damn old. When I was over talking to a kid and helping him with his chain, she took my 250, she is way too short for it, and the suspension much too stiff for her, and still she is fast on it. If it falls off the pipe for a half second she gets it right back on and ripping. Best part is she uses the stand to get on it and start it...rides back to the stand to dismount because she is much too short lol I have to say that watching her ride hard made my year.
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    A quickie after work. Hot but the forest all to myself
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    CaveMike go on vacation once to I would rather not say. It really horrible there. Him hoping for better next year. Spring Break Iraq 2019!
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    The OEM vacuum operated petcock found on the DRZ400S and SM is a part that will fail.. Not the parts fault, just that rubber and today's gas don't do well together. (that's actually not really true, its just the type of rubber being used is not holding up) Sometimes the OEM vacuum petcock fails on the gas side, other times the vacuum diaphragm side. The Yamaha Raptor non vacuum OEM petcock was found to fit well so it was a common go to swap..... The problem was, those making that recommendation had a DRZ400E with plastic tank, or DRZ S/SM one of the many aftermarket plastic tanks and we did not know the part did not fit well with the OEM steel S/Sm tank and either the stock BSR36 carb or the commonly swapped in FCR. The issue is the fuel line path..and Choke knob interference. With the steel tank and BSR or FCR, you have a close fit, large misalignment, and interference with the FCR choke Though same have figured out a way to make it work.... I call this one "The long way home" About a year ago, I had several new OEM Raptor fuel petcocks on the shelf and a DRZ customer with a built SM but using a stock tank..I needed to make it work... Over the years I have seen more then a few pressed in steel barb fittings come out of a aluminum petcock ...so i figured, way not remove that steel one on the raptor part and put a barb on the other side. I tried it, and it works, so have a few of them on bikes for years now..both FCR and BSR bikes. Parts required: Raptor petcock Yamaha FUEL COCK ASSY 1 (5LP-24500-01-00) 1/8" NPT hex socket plug (you can use brass, steel, aluminum, and it can be hex socket, or an external drive type..I prefer the socket hex so it will be recessed , but anything will work. If i were to use an external square drive plug, after installing it, id cut off the plug flush to the petcock body for more finger clearance on that side and a cleaner look) 90deg 1/8" NPT x 5/16" barb (again there are lost of options, you can use fancy Aeroquip, Earls, , Jegs branded aluminum fittings here or brass stuff from the local hardware store.. BUT, most of those I have found have been 1/4" barb, which is slightly underside to stock..in action, they have worked just fine though. You could also use a 90deg 1/8" NPT male x 1/8" NPT female fitting and then a 1/8"NPT x 5/16" barb if the barb/NPT fitting is not available.) Teflon tape or other fuel resistant sealer LTR Q drill bit (21/64 is the closest fractional bit to the LTR Q, it is slightly undersized, but I have found most are not using an ultra precision mil to drill the hole, so some wiggle in the drill bit happens in your drill press or hand drill , that makes the hole slightly oversized...and it works out just fine.) 1/8" - 27 TPI NPT tap (not super common at big box hardware stores, so you may have to order it) New Raptor petcock stripped down read to go, the steel tube that was in the right side comes out easily with a pair of pliers, crush and twist/pull . A way..... I have used a drill press, mil, and hand drill.... all work. When I use a drill press or the mil, I put a piece of drill rod (you can use a twist drill 5/16") inserted in the hole left from removing the tube... ..insert the drill as far as it will go into the petcock, then chuck up the drill.... now adjust your vice or other hold down to hold the part... Your drill press is now centered and aligned to drill straight through the port at the same axis as the old hole.... Once the part is set up.. Drill a hole all the way though.. Go slow and sneak up on the thread depth...test fit the plug / fitting after every few turns of the tap... there are lots of variables in thread size I have found in off the shelf NPT products.. if you cut too deep, the plug or fitting may go in to far and block the transfer port...not deep enough and the fitting/ plug will not go in far enough to be stable and be retained. As you can see below, the threads are of different depth on this one..I had to cut a bit deeper to get the 90deg fitting in 4 full turns. The particular hex plug I used this time must have been at the smaller range of allowable diameter for the thread size as it went in flush with much less thread cutting..Test fit, often........ Once your done cutting threads on both sides, blow out the holes, flush with some break clean to remove cutting fluid and swarf... Plug installed on the right (forward facing) side of the petcock where the steel tube used to be..it is flush with outside, and not interfering at all with the fuel transfer port Screw in the 90deg fitting and reassemble the petcock. I cleaned up all the exsposed teflon tape for a cleaner look In no way is this anything more than A WAY to MOD the Raptor petcock to work with the DRZ Steel tank.... Others have found ingenious way to MOD it that worked for them, the materials and tools at hand
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    Don't be so quick to judge. He lives in the penthouse and its PIF
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    Those last 2 laps were awesome. I think I was most impressed by his comment on the podium that he WANTS to be on the MXdN team. Good for Barcia.
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    I have to laugh at people who think making noise is a safety thing. Personally, when I ride or drive (walk even) I look around and have situational awareness. It is up to me to be aware of those (people and obstacles) near me, not the other way around. Last I knew, I had to look out for trees, trees do not look out for me. On the street, do not travel in blind spots, look before you enter an intersection. It is not rocket science. The only time I turn a blind eye is when I go to sleep. Though it seems many do this when out in the world as well.
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    He went 3-3 on the day. So basically, if he can't beat the best two MX riders in the US, he sucks and is overrated huh? Perhaps competitive underwater basket weaving is more your kind of sport?
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    I have two of those they are called EX-wives.
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    I was just going to post a thread about the “Mature Eli” What he said on the podium after the 2nd moto better make everyone rethink their strategy. A smart racer with his speed, consistency and endurance is nearly impossible to beat unless you're his equal. Nobody else is this season so far
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    He's riding at the Beta press/demo ride. It's what they had setup for the course. Also I think you guys are putting WAY too much stock in watching a guy ride in a video. With different riders a bike could look really good or really bad. Different people rev bikes more or less and can make you think it has one type of power when it's completely different.
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    Since joining the club in April my wife won’t leave me alone in the bedroom, my kids listen to everything I have to say and my male-pattern-baldness is reversing. I wish I would have known years ago that I just needed 50 more cc’s.
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    You suffer from "Selective Auditory Attention" Don't worry, it's not debilitating. In fact you may enjoy it if you are married or plan to be in the future