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    Almost 100 hours on the engine since new, and I did a pile of regular maintenance because I'm parked for the winter into the foreseeable future. Besides the suspension, I wanted to take a look at the Bendix because I have the starting squeal common to the Xtrainer. A lot of people are calling out the Bendix/Starter. So here goes. BTW the manual for the Xtrainer engine and this entire procedure in in the support section of the Beta USA website. I just finished removing the Bendix and installing fresh oil in the small reservoir at the starter gear. It's not very difficult BUT a stator puller is required to remove the flywheel from the crankshaft in order to remove the Bendix. After removing the stator cover screws (5 bolts, 8mm Hex head, but two are longer than the other three, pay attention to locations), I hung the cover out of the way with a zip tie to the frame, and screwed the bolts back into the case for safe keeping and location. The red gasket came off with the cover, no fuss, not damaged. The flywheel nut (17mm) had to be removed (Electric Impact , easy). Then the flywheel puller is used ( I bought a Motion Pro 08-0293 26mm Flywheel Puller) to remove the flywheel complete. It requires a big adjustable wrench and a 19mm socket, again I used an electric impact to zap the flywheel right off. There is a key in the crankshaft, mine did not fall out or move. The Bendix then comes right out, easy. Mine was very clean. But the small amount of oil in the bottom of the case was milky. I wondered if water had managed to get by the gasket and mix with the small amount of oil that belongs in that small reservoir at the bottom. I cleaned it completely. I also tested the starter motor, and it was silent, no strange noises, so then poured 10cc of 10W-40 Motul Synthetic transmission oil into the reservoir. The manual calls for 7cc of same, but I went a few cc more. It didn't look like too much, it almost covers the starter shaft gear. Reinstalled the Bendix after dripping a couple remaining CC'c of oil from the measuring tube I used into the Bendix itself. It works extremely smoothly, and I am surprised the return spring is so light duty, but it did seem very smooth in operation. Really easy to put back into place. Then put the flywheel back on. This did require that I hold the flywheel from turning while tightening the 17mm nut and wavy washer back on (60Nm). I used a flat bladed screwdriver through one of the big holes in the flywheel and made it catch against the crankcase castings so the crank wouldn't turn. I imagine that shifting the transmission into 6th gear would also hold the flywheel pretty well, but I have a Rekluse and the clutch has no engagement without the engine running. The screwdriver worked perfect while tightening the nut. Then reinstalled the stator cover, 5 bolts at 10Nm each. It only took about an hour of slow methodical disassembly and reassembly, so it is NOT a hard job. I'll be changing that small amount of oil every year from now on. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to test it. It's dark, and cold outside. Hoping that squeal is gone.
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    Christmas brought more wet dirt and a bitchin sunset.
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    Oldalzheimer Whereami Haveyouseenmypills Still2smokinisadick Willyouridemybikeforme Notmechanicallyinclined Whereami Toomanythreads Ihatecleavage Slykosdad Ineverstand Notyourskipper Noseriouslywhereami Wannaseemyoldasspics Maryann
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    get a new well oiled air filter if you are getting sand in your reeds
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    That is true... But some times its better to sell than sellout.
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    You’ve paid your income tax, your gas tax, the taxes on you 12k ktm! You now have ownership in the forest! Don’t wait for sally the snot nosed ranger to tell you where an when to ride! You own it! Go!
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    This covers June to December and has footage of a bunch of you folks riding with me at all sorts of great local venues. Been a fun year, and I look forward to even more good times in 2019! We are so lucky to have such great riding here in our State!
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    Govt shutdown means everything thing is open and ok to ride. No rangers on patrol
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    I tow a 3 rail trailer with my '13 focus. I have an 06 titan I can use, but I choose the car more often because I get DOUBLE the gas mileage. I get between 28-34mpg average while towing. The Titan gets around 15. You just have to have big enough balls to not care what people think! I'd guess the tongue weight is 40-100 lbs depending on how many bikes are loaded up- even with 3 bikes loaded, there is not much rear sag at all. Just last weekend I hauled 3 bikes and three riders with gear over 100 miles (each way) which got me my worst mileage yet... 27mpg. WAY to many people think that cars can't pull anything without snapping in half and that you need a diesel dually to haul a small trailer. Can I feel it? Yes. Does it make the car handle poorly? No. Does it still cruse at 65-70 no problem? Yes, even at 7000ft.
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    depends how bad they are...I had to get these fixed...fabricator cut out half sections of tubing...welded in a bit thicker piece...then shaped.
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