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    Going over my son's race footage from Saturday and I found this. I was pretty proud to see him stop and help a racer in need.
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    I got it out with a magnet. Just was really hard to find the thing.
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    I might change my name to the vintage vulture. This neat rotary valve 350 single came up for sale and I couldn't pass it up. It leaking some oil and the clutch slips badly. Other than that it doesn't need much.
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    Having multiple starting systems is certainly nice, but how come nobody worried about breaking their kickstarter when it was their only starting method?
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    Happy Thanksgiving everybody. God bless. Enjoy your families. Remember the less fortunate. Thank you to the troops and their families. Thank you first responders and police officers, and anybody else I am forgetting. And never forget family first, thumpertalk 2nd. Lol. Seriously thanks everyone. BE SAFE.
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    The XC-W / TE (enduro bikes) are exactly the same as the XC / TX (cross country bikes) from a engine performance perspective. Same engine, same head, same ECU, same pipe, etc. The XC-W / TE are the enduro race bikes. The XC / TX are the cross country race bikes. They are all hard core race bikes. I've owned both the enduro and cross country KTMs (some in 2-strokes and some in 4-strokes). It just matters what your focus is. Here's my opinion... The enduro bikes are very plush and amazing in the rocks and roots. But they dive hard under high speed braking and you'll find the limits of the suspension in the whoops or jumps pretty quickly, especially if you are like me and don't clear them and land them perfectly. The gearing will get you through the worst of the worst without killing your clutch but 1st gear is so low that if all you ride is faster stuff it won't be very useful. They have a steeper head tube angle which makes them turn very tightly in the trees but can make them less stable in the high speed whoops and bermed turned, etc. The cross country bikes are much stiffer and handle the faster stuff better, especially whoops and jumps. The cross country bikes can get around an MX track and not loose much time to a pure MX bike. But they won't get through the roots and rocks as easily as the enduro bikes. You definitely have to be a little more careful hustling through single track where an unseen rock, root or stump can kick the front end out whereas the enduro bikes would just eat them up without deflecting you. The cross country bikes have a more relaxed head tube angle (and longer forks) that makes them more stable at speed, through whoops and in higher speed corners. But they also have a wider turning radius which you probably won't notice except in the tightest of east coast woods enduros. But I ran a sprint enduro with a tight woods section on my XC-W (enduro) one day and my XC-F (cross country) the next. I immediately noticed the slightly larger turning radius and slower turning causing me some issues. The taller gearing on the XC gives you a useful 1st gear in the faster and flowerier stuff but if the going gets really, really tough and slow you're going to be working that clutch more. They are both great bikes. I've enjoyed both the enduro bikes and the cross country bikes. Of the two I think the cross country bike is a little more flexible if you are riding a wide range of stuff from really slow to really fast. The enduro bikes are better in the slow technical stuff but aren't as flexible. To put it another way, the cross country bikes are 90% as good as the enduro bikes in the tight / technical stuff. But the enduro bikes are only 50% as good as the cross country bikes through whoops, jumps, MX track, etc. Doc
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    If somebody writes, "other than that no problems," it probably has problems. If somebody is too lazy to replace a spark plug, they are probably too lazy to change the oil, change the piston, and so on. Bring a sparkplug and test ride it if you really want to buy the bike. If it's clapped, walk away
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    Since 2000, KTM has dominated virtually every aspect of motorcycle racing and recreational riding. For the past 2 decades KTM went from a boutique European bike to complete dominance in both racing and recreational riding. In the recessional off road world, they are the #1 bike in the woods. Go to any local staging area, trail, poker run, or event, and it's a sea of orange. Their sales far surpass and other competitor. During the past 20 years KTM has recognized and reacted to the market brilliantly with focusing on the 2-stroke dirt bikes as the Japanese manufacturers abandoned them. They continued to develop their 2-strokes and offered the ever popular 200 and 300's. Early on they recognized the desire and need for light weight 4-strokes with electric start, and the RFS line was unbelievably successful. An electric start woods dedicated 4-stroke in 2001 was unheard of. They filled voids in lineups with 200's, 400's, 500's etc when the others only offered 250 or 450's. KTM progress pushed and created the 350, which became highly popular and a top seller. They recognized early that a emissions compliant street legal dirt bike was highly desired and in '07 offered their RFS 450 and 525's and continued ever since in offering these highly desirable bikes. KTM jumped into to adventure bikes early as well recognized the huge trend in that arena and when the only high performance adventure bikes available where BMW, KTM offered a variety of cc's to best suit your adventure riding needs from street legal dirt bikes, to the 690, 990, 1190 and now 790. KTM during this time period did something that the naysayers said was foolish, would bankrupt them and could not be done, the created a SX bike to compete with the Japanese dominated MX world. KTM proceeded to then win in the SX/MX world in a relatively short period of time. A European manufacturer hadn't successfully been in SX for several decades prior. Now, they have several titles. They even have the mini SX series keeping the next generation involved in the sport. KTM did the same in motoGP. They entered that arena where Japanese and Ducati had dominance and within 3 years placed bikes on the podium. No one thought this was possible as historically it takes manufacturers new to the motoGP world many years to figure out how to build a successful bike to compete in this very expensive sport. Their off road racing dominance may never be surpassed both here in the US and abroad with GNCC titles from Russell and Mullins dating back for almost 10 years as well as Knight and Salmenin. National Enduro KTM's are the #1 winning manufacturer for over a decade. Internationally, Extreme Enduro KTM's have been almost exclusively the winning manufacturer. Dakar nothing but KTM's for a decade plus until last year. You'd be hard pressed to find a form of off road racing where KTM hasn't been either the top or near the top. Baja is the only one that comes to mind. In the meantime, they absorbed 3 other manufacturers, and have been continuously pushing the progress of dirt bike technology, never resting for long in previous successes. Offering new bikes in their lineups, leading the way in 2-stroke emissions compliant bikes keeping the 2-strokes alive and well for the future. It would be hard to find a more meteoric rise in the history of the industry. Honda in the 70's and 80's possibly. It would also be hard to argue against KTM's being instrumental in keeping our sport alive and thriving. Their impact from the last 20 years will be felt for decades to come.
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    My brother and me, he on a ‘77 RM125 (left), and me on my ‘77 RM100. California City back when you could ride to Galileo Hill for some food and not run into any fences....
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    Good reason to leave , not the only reason ....
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    Compare the specs. I dislike amazon and will never use it. I see a potential counterfeit issue. I suggest Rocky Mtn ATV as a totally trustworthy source and one that supports the sport.
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    I recently completed a 14,000 mile ride on my DR-Z 400. Pics 1 Going down into Canyonlands on Shaefer Trail. 2 Grand Tetons 3 Yellowstone Lower Falls 4 Yellowstone 5 Along the Salmon River-Idaho 6 Rattlesnake-Washington 7 Interesting sign in Elk City, Idaho 8 Nice road going to Lolo Pass in Idaho 9 Lake in Glacier National Park more coming
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    Hoooooollleeeeeeeeee Shiiiiiiiittt💩!! Since this forum got a bit messy with the new 250 getting tagged on it (still not a fan)... And not a lot of stuff happening in here.... I have ventured out of the safety of this forum looking to see if there's anything interesting... It's like attack of the brain dead zombies !!! Don't go out there!!! Nothing but drool and blank stares and posing and testosterone poisoned attitudes as far as the eye can see😳👁️👁️...!! There are a few non 230 dudes out there that are quite good... Helping out the flatliners.... Best of luck to them... Watch out men... They will eat your brain one stupid question at a time.... I know everyone starts at ground zero when they are getting into wrenching... So it's nice if you can help someone .... But the biggest common denominator of Team Short Bus Racing🤡🤡 Is nobody has an ogdamn OEM SERVICE FREAKING MANUAL 😡😡😡😡😡😡🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 from now on I really think my rule should be like: "I'd really like to help, but before I do, Please post a short vid of you by your bike holding and reading a paragraph from YOUR FREAKING OEM SERVICE MANUAL!!" just to make sure they have one ...and CAN read it... mixxer helps those who help themselves 🤘🤘
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    KTM also has done something that the Japanese manufacturers won't do: need to develop a light weight four stroke off road bike but realize your current LC4 is a stupidly overweight pig? Buy someone who does make that lightweight engine (Husaberg) and refine their engine into the RFS. The 350 was no brain child of KTM. You can all thank Luongo for that with his telling all the manufacturers that he was going to make the top class in MXGP a 350cc affair because 450s were too big/fast. KTM built the bike while all the Japanese manufacturers told him to pound sand. So they still race 450s, and now KTM has a 350 that sells more than their 250s and 450s combined. Kind of dumb luck, really. BMW is still considered the king of Adventure bikes. Probably always will. Credit KTM for going with the mantra of making the most dirt worthy versions, and at least starting with just making their Dakar race bikes street legal. The Japanese just never really would go that far with the 80s and 80s Africa Twins, Teneres, etc... KTM has done very well in the last 2 decades. Have they done what Honda did from 1960 to 1980? I would argue that no, they have not. Heck, Honda probably did more between 1965 and 1975... KTM hasn't wiped anyone off the face of the Earth (unless you count buying them up). Honda destroyed the entire British motorcycle industry with their innovation and success.
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    18 year old KDM. Still dominating my wallet. She's worth it though. Note that the RFS 520 debuted in 2000 (you mentioned 2001). The e-start (and kicker) works great.
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    'Just needs a spark plug to run' is a massive red flag. What owner would not put in a new plug? Look at those pretzeled levers. Hard pass.
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    This is almost to funny. After trying my friends forks on my 200 I decided to get some KYB forks. I was kinda bummed that I could try my YZ125x forks because the upper tube is 2mm big to fit the Beta clamps. Well guess what the clamps from the Yamaha fit right up in the Beta. This is a game changer now. I will test this out on Thursday when I have some daylight.
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    My friend just picked up the '21 125 RE today. The lights and the enduro gear will be coming off. It will be made more into a mx/gncc type of ride. All ready got the race wiring harness for it. Now just waiting for that RX300 to show up.
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    Select gears more properly and stop fanning the shit out of the clutch. There’s no need for it. It just makes you look like a beginner.
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    I got tired of waiting. Oh yeah...... There will be a skid plate. I don't know if that pipe will be stock or if it will be stamped. I still don't have a delivery date. As you can see the bike is now being branded G2. Here it will still be called a Jotagas. My bike will look like this one but will say Jotagas or JTG and will not have that goofy X-Trem on it.
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    I have experience - my wife actually - and a friend has had an issue. Both electric start only bikes. In each issue the person wrecked and damaged the start button. Without a kickstart backup, you are somewhat stranded. In each case, I was able to teach the person how to strip and contact the wires to get bike to fire. Now all my button start only bikes have 2 start buttons. One on handlebars and one tucked in the frame.
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    Good news last couple days. Yesterday my infection control Dr said everything is good keep doing what I'm doing. Showed me numbers that I don't know what they ment 😂 but they were much much lower now than day went to hospital. Went to wound care today they said wound looks way better than last week and is half centimeter smaller in depth and little over 1 cm wide 😊 I'm a healer 💪💪😂😂👍👍 got some nerve pain meds today my Dr wants to try instead of oxi so hopefully works better cause those really didn't do much for me. I'm good long as I'm up wheeling around and stuff but being in bed so much makes shit hurt 😠
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    Here are some more picts of the Kansas Flint Hills region. There is quite the variety of things to see. We "dual sported" 114 miles today, and crossed one bridge that had been abandoned. It saved us from having to do some back tracking. The iron sculptures were on the highway to where we staged the ride. And speaking of iron, there is enough scrap iron on abandoned farms and oil fields in Kansas to build several aircraft carriers.
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    Deflate it, put some soap, lube, etc. on the beads on both sides and reinflate while the lube is still wet. Tires can often take as much as 40psi before the beads pop into place all the way around.
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    N + 1. That's the answer to "How many bikes should I own" where N is the current number of bikes you own. Keep the YZ and buy the FX. I have a 2-stroke and 4-stroke in the garage. I'd have a hard time parting with either of them and really enjoy choosing one for whatever ride or race I'm doing. I honestly think it's very hard for a 2-stroke guy to jump on a 4-stroke for 20 minutes and really understand them or vice versa. I think it takes spending hours on them really figuring where they work best and how to ride them differently to get the most out of them. Lastly, I love having 2 bikes from the standpoint it gives me some flexibility to work on the bikes during the riding season without worrying about missing a ride or race. Or if I break something on a bike and have to wait a few days to get a part it won't ruin my weekend. I will say in my case that I also tried to make sure the bikes filled different roles. My 2-stroke is a pure enduro bike (XC-W) while my 4-stroke is a cross country bike (XC-F). That also helps me to decide on one bike over the other depending on what I'm doing. Doc
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    I anticipated this topic would bring out the typical KTM haters. The intent was to point to the fact that no other manufacturer has done more in the past 20 years. They are not perfect or faultless, but when you see myriads of 10-20 year old KTM's still being ridden on a regular basis and hundreds of hours and 10's of thousands of miles on them, it's a testament to their successful run. They have continually led the way in the industry with electric starters on 2-strokes, the aforementioned 350, 200 and 150 2-strokes, counterbalance, and now TPI. Love or hate KTM's, but they are leading the way in the industry and have for a very long time. Their results in both sales dominance and race superiority are undeniable. I personally have zero brand loyalties with a dozen KTM's, 4 Gasgas, 2 Beta's, and a multitude of Japanese bikes.
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    I talked to the G2 Ergonomics guys here in the US and they do not want me to use G2 here in the US. I understand that so no hard feelings. I think I will stick with the Jotagas name with JTG as the abbreviation since I've invested so much time in that name anyway. So no name change here in the US.
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    I knew there had to be some goofy strange reason. I wonder if In the future people will look back at California’s regulations and compare it to some strange shared mental illness.
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    See you next week lol it's healing 😊
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    Happy Veterans Day to all the Veterans and there families out there. Thank You for your service.
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    We have found ourselves in this position many times. Have put together ride trips with people of various ability (some faster, some slower) and the larger the groups get the more difficult it is to keep everyone happy (self included). Break it up, ride as a pair some days, ride with your core group, and sometimes ride with the big variance group knowing you are likely not going to get the miles in that you would normally get. Really big groups also add to the chance that someone is going to have an issue. Bike problem or injury. I refuse to be the one to say "too bad, we are going to keep going" and will turn the whole squad around to get the broken one safely back to the trucks. I also refuse to ride with people that do not wait for the next rider at intersections. No one gets lost of left behind on our rides. Nothing more frustrating than arriving at a turn and not being able to determine where the person in front of you went. I won't do that to anyone that wants to follow me.
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    I won the poster of the month late last yr, right before Covid kicked in. Because of international shipping, and Covid, didn't really expect to get it tbh. New Boeysen Rad valve rocked up yesterday morning Thanks TT, fellow members, and Boyesen. Very much appreciated. I'll put it to good use 👍 Special mention to Bryan II 😉
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    The tire bead isn't setting properly in the rim. The tire needs to be properly mounted on the rim.
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    It's about how easily your world can be turned upside down . You just never know. And about having good buddies like guys in this thread
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    There's a really good reason that KTM bikes cost more yet when you line up at a race and look up and down the line it's 80% KTMs (of one color or another). KTM gives the people what they want. Watching the Japanese trying to convince everyone that people didn't want 2-strokes anymore was pretty painful. It's kind of like watching someone try to beat themselves to death with a brick. Pretty sad for the Japanese. Doc
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    1 More single track-The SM likes Continental TKC 70s on the street, but the TKC 80s sure do a nice job in sand. 2 North rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP, Colorado-Looking down 1700' from Exclamation Point 3 Cinnamon Pass on the Alpine Loop 4 Ophir Pass used to be easy. Not anymore. 5 Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona 6 Petrified Forest NP 7 French donkeys in Alpine, Arizona. 970 mile home in 2 days. I'm already planning my trip back to Oregon so I can finish what I planned. Hopefully forest fires will not drive me from Oregon and California and Covid will not keep me out of Canada.
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    Unfortunately, demand simply is not there for a company like Yamaha. Where as KTM sees 5,000 units sold in a year as booming, Yamaha see 5,000 as a low sales number. Yamaha needs 10X that to justify a market. Which is why for the most part, the Yamaha 2S are more or less unchanged in 20 years. The only reason they still sell them is the tooling exists, parts in the pipeline exist and it is 'free money'. But R&D is all but non-existent.
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    Veterans, THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice. You selflessly stood in the gap so that we're free to pursue the trails in life that fulfill us. 👊👏
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    Here are pictures of campground up to bottom of mountain.
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    What ? No clean rags to stuff under piston ? Too late now , bet you won't forget next time ...
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    I picked it up and brought it home.
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    Just finished this one 1987 CR250
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    I still use mineral spirits to cut the majority of the gunk, then follow up with dawn dish soap and warm water. Filters last a long time for me. I'm just not into the whole disposable product thing, when a little work can prevent added cost and waste.
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    update: after ride with the n8rg today @70 degrees (last ride was 40)...........no good bike felt very anemic off the bottom...much like the JD needles. I think the NEDW even felt better. I'm going to remove the head and go back to stock jetting just to reset myself. I've tried so many different combinations and in my head I think stock was best. I need to go back there just to make sure I'm not losing my mind.
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    First mud, snow, and tip over for the new DRZ.
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