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    I couldn't talk her out of it. She went down to the Honda shop and bought a new CRF125F. The last time she rode was at age 60. I made sure we rode the easiest trails I could find. She had fun and luckily didn't crash. Still though, 73?? I doubt I'll be riding at that age.
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    You hang the helmet at the end of each ride then put it back on for the next ride. Not every ride has to be for the championship. You can ride and simply have fun. I still ride nearly every day. It is getting harder to bend to swing my leg over and that will probably be what eventually stops me from riding, actual physical limitations. I do not ride as aggressively as I used to, my crashing days are behind me and that is OK, I enjoy riding a trail, the peace, solitude, sun flickering through the trees, stopping by a river to have a nice lunch. I'm mid 60's. I ride dirt, hit the tracks from to time, both MX and flat track. I ride the street on my super moto. If not being able to go balls to the wall all the time means riding is not your idea of a good time, then it is time to quit. For me, it will be when I simply cannot physically do it.
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    I'm almost 49. Every few years I kept getting the itch. Finally, the right combination of a two-stroke electric start that has linear usable power was just too much to resist...I always liked that 2-stroke pep: 2020 Husqvarna 250i. I went out to Tahuya ORV park in WA thinking I'd ride for 15 minutes, let it cool down, open up the throttle a little more, do a cool down, as instructed by the dealer for break in and do this a few times. Well, 2.5 hours later, forearms and triceps shaking, I finished my break in ride which included more than a few higher rev runs across the trail. I just couldn't resist. I hope I didn't damage it because I haven't experienced that much joy since I was a teenager. I was stressed from corona, my career, being trapped in the house, and really, almost angry. It turned to elation, smiles, and the desire to ride more. If I only ride it 10 or 11 times, which would mean it costs me 1K per ride, it's worth every penny. I'm CALM, HAPPY and have a new reason to live. Yes there are dangers. I will have all the best protective gear I can afford. But life seems more full of potential today at 1:43AM. Thanks to Justin for inviting me along on his ride when the person that was supposed to go with me baled.
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    I bought a 2015 drz400sm last year in mint condition as a donor bike for a scrambler project. I know many people will ask why I have gone this route so here was what I set out to do. I wanted a bike that looked like a vintage scrambler that I could take on dirt roads. It was as simple as that. Here is a couple of pictures. My total cost was just under 10K Canadian dollars but this included new tires, new FCR carb and a new subframe. I'm not all that mechanical so I paid about 1K to have certain fabrications done and the gas tank by the time it was done cost me 1K. I know I could have bought a good KTM or similar but I will be the only one with a bike like this one, at least around here.
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    I'm 46, gave up MX years ago but still ride trails, though not fast anymore. It took awhile to get outta the got to be first mentality and just put it in 3rd and cruise with occasional bursts of excitement. I do ride occasionally in hare scrambles for a Xtra burst of fun. My Dad gave up dirt bikes at about 40, all us kids were old enough to drive ourselves by that point but at 75 or so he just picked up a YZ 125 and we went for a 2 hour trail ride Sunday 👍
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    Miracle magnets, preserves fuel, removes water, increases mpg, and makes your cock grow.
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    Alright, here goes a story I've told many times. If you've heard it before, you're about to hear it again! Years ago, I was a ridercoach. (1 of those bums that waves their arms in a parking lot with noobie riders going this way and that.) Anyway, I had an old guy, Bert, (Late 70's.) that wanted to "learn to ride." (This was about 2000 or so.) He took the class, and he successfully completed the course. After he got his endorsement, he went shopping for a motorcycle. He ended up buying a used Honda VLX. Small/lightweight/easy to ride bike. Perfect. He bought some used saddle bags and he was set. During class, I tell all my students that I belong to a group (NOT A CLUB,) of motorcyclists that mentor new riders as the curriculum during class is inadequate. Some ride with us, most do not. But, the offer is always there. We have rides almost every Sat/Sun. We also go over the importance of maintaining your bike. Anyway, Bert would ride with us on a regular basis. Our usual rides were about 100 miles and 3-4 hours in length. Some rides were multi-day, 2000+ mile rides. (Usually to Northern Calif, or Grand Canyon.) Anyway, Bert had kids/grand kids scattered all over the USA. Once he got "comfortable" riding his little Honda, it was nothing for him to leave Oceanside, Ca, and head for Arkansas, or Seattle, or Denver, or Penn. Yup, he'd pack a bedroll and some skivvies and off he'd go. He musta put about 100,000 miles on that little VLX. He always had it serviced regularly. Eventually, after a couple years, the size/weight of the VLX became an issue for him. He traded it in on a Honda 250 thumper. Kept his bags, and kept on riding to visit family and friends. He musta put another 50K on that bike, at least. Anyway, he'd return to ride with us occasionally, when h was in town. He always showed up kinda scruffy, and thin. He made a point to chat with me before our "pre ride" chat for that day's ride. I asked him how things were going. He said, "I have been alive for 85 years, and I have NEVER been as "alive" as I am, right now. I've done more living in the past 5 years, than I did the previous 80." This told me something. Right then, that motorcycling is much more than a "vehicle." Motorcycles are actually, a vehicle. (I'm not talking in the physical way, here.) Old Bert has been gone now, for about a dozen years now. But, I've never forgotten Bert, and what he taught me about "life." He passed away in his kitchen at 86, but for awhile, he was one of us.
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    Second fathers day mine is gone... first one I was numb... this one I woke about 5am and had coffee and remembered... car shows... building elaborate trains and slot cars in the basement... watching him watch intently as man landed on the moon... sunny days at the state park... weekend nights at the dirt track stock car races... our funky old midwest garage we clinked wrenches in... hitching a ride to school in the squad car on heavy snow days... the sound of leather creaking when he dressed for work and headed out to do the job he loved... a Policeman, My Dad served our nation as a Submariner during the Bay of Pigs... Decided to become a Cop shortly after Kennedy was assassinated. A couple hours this morning went by in a blink remembering a good man... my Dad ! Douglas Fredrick aka Freddy
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    Finally got this project out of the garage, 1987 KDX200 motor (Lectron carb, 04 Flywheel & Ignition) 1989 KX125 chassis (modified to single down tube) RMX 45mm Showas I'm getting the bike dialled in. I've just been out for the one shake down ride. The timing and jetting were a fair way out and the back needs more sag to offset the slightly shorter front fork. It's early days... :)
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    A win in super senior B today. Would have been last but I have a kick start backup. Saved the day.
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    Crazy thing is ive raced for 25 years not as much last 10 as first 15 but never broke a arm, leg or collarbone. Just few knee injuries few concussion and hurt wrist bad in 08. But my spinal cord injury is incomplete im gaining more feeling here and there but could take up to a year for compression to come off cord so hopefully ill gain more and more and learn to walk again then someday be back riding. That is the ultimate goal but going to be in wheelchair hopefully not forever. Im here learning how to do everything on my own in the wheelchair. Looking forward to going home and get back wrenching on engines although gotta do some revamping to my shop but ill figure it out. Be back home in few weeks im looking forward to it miss my daughter and all my freind. With this covid shit cant have any visitors but thanks for modern technology atleast i can talk to and see them. Didn't realize how many freinds i have until this happened its been overwhelming but awesome at same time
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    We cleared trail 16 at Cow today. All this wind we have been getting lately has put lots of dead trees on the ground. The good news is some areas, there are only a few trees left to fall. We still were punch out 35 mile ride.
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    Pure and undiluted snake oil. Throw away.
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    I wouldn't be alive rn if wasn't wearing a helmet . On may 3rd i crashed over a small double landed on my head broke 3 vertebrae, severely injured my spinal cord and have 3 ribs pulled away from my spine, bad concussion i dont remember that day or 2 days after. Raced for 25 years and never even broke a arm,leg or collar bone so you never know what can happen. I was wearing full gear boots,knee braces, kidney belt, chest protector everything as i always have. So as i write this from the spinal cord rehabilitation center im at please kids, wear your protective gear
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    78 this July I am weak & slow, & I ride conservatively. I still LOVE riding after 43 years. I rode lots of enduros in Colorado in my 40's. I was never any good, but I still loved it. When they became too difficult for me, I quit......but I continued to trail ride. I have now transitioned into more ATV trails & dual sport. I have been injured 3X over the years. Fortunately I recovered form all three. Bought a used Beta 480RR last year after 14 years on a Honda CRF250X.....which I thought would be may last dirt bike. I work out 5 days a week to keep up my riding, hiking & skiing skills. I do not consider myself an old codger! If you adapt & accept change, you can still enjoy yourself w/o getting injured.
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    Went to Kennedy Meadows 3-6 June 2020 (Wed-Sat) with my 18 year old grandson for my 62nd birthday. I have been up there quite a few times with the hard core buddiess, however this time it was just me and my grandson. It was my grandsons second trip riding up there. Last time up there he was on his 2006 Honda CRF 250x, this time he rode his 2016 KTM 500 EXC. I gave him the maps and some ideas of the routes, and had him lead. I followed him on my 2019 KTM 500 EXC. We used our Packtalk headset communications. He did great. We rode the northern trails out of the campground on Thurs and the southern ones on Fri. Since It was just the two of us, as the few we asked couldn't get away, I picked up a SpotX satellite two way text tracker and we went anyways. It was an awesome trip. A perfect way to spend my birthday. That grandson of mine is getting faster and i'm getting slower. He kept the pace slower for me, lolol. We staged at Fish Creek campground. The weather was perfect. Friday night we had a thunder/lightening storm, not bad. There were more tree huggers, fishermen, and jeepers than dirt bikers in camp. Since we were there in the middle of the week, we only pass a few riders on the trails. Thurs we saw four other riders, and friday none. Most of the trails were open. Troy campground was closed. There were a few camping down at Bonita Meadows. Looking forward to the next rip. It was fun and relaxing. Here are some pics on my Flickr.. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmNEVs4Y and a playlist of videos on youtube..
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    Lol.....so funny story. 2 days ago, I wash washing my truck in the driveway. I live in a small town of about 1500 people, where everybody knows everybody. Well, the cop come rolling up, driving all aggressive like they do, jumps out of his Tahoe in my driveway and asks me what I think I’m doing. I was at a total loss as to what he was taking even taking about. long story short, after a conversation, he informed me that we are under water rationing, and he was an ass about it. I told him I never received a notification in the mail. Well, turns out they notified us by Facebook. Great! I’ve never had Facebook in my entire life. How was I supposed to know? He actually threatened to write me a ticket and I told him I’d have a lawyer tomorrow, because nowhere does it state that I am required to have Facebook to receive my official notifications from the water department, and there’s no way that Facebook is a official means of notification from a government organization. He didn’t write me a ticket, but we had a pretty unfriendly discussion. I told him it’s bullshit and to write me a ticket, and it would end up being a very publicized event. Bastards. anyways, sorry to hijack. You can use a car wash because they’re exempt.
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    You shouldn't. Nikasil is a heterogeneous material, like concrete on a much smaller scale. What makes it hard and wear resistant are the chunks of silicon carbide embedded in the nickel plating. These little chunks are suspended in the nickel like aggregate in concrete. When you hone you are doing two things. The abrasive hone is not harder than the silicon carbide but it is much harder than the nickel substrate that the silicon carbide is embedded in. It cannot cut the carbide but it can scour away the nickel and dislodge the chunks of carbide from the cylinder wall. This is bad. In addition to that, the abrasive debris from the process embeds loosely into the nickel plating where it breaks free easily and floats around your engine until it is either filtered out or blown out through the exhaust. I know lots of people still do this, that doesn't mean they should. Honing should have gone away with cast iron cylinders. I've never seen a service manual suggest it, I've never done it and I've had great results skipping that step.
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    Picked it up from the dealer!
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    Awesome weekend at Gold Creek Lodge in Idaho with Chicks That Rip. We had almost 40 women show up. This place is amazing. The Lodge caters to dirt bikers and offers rooms, a yurt, 5 developed camp sites, and many more primitive sites. It has a shop with a mechanic and dirt bikes to rent. There's even a restaurant and bar. It took me an hour to drive in to the lodge on forest service dirt roads. It's in a very remote location. There are a ton of trails. There is no beginner single track and only two intermediate single track trails. The rest are advanced to expert. I rode the intermediate trails on Saturday and a few advanced trails on Sunday. There were a group of women that were in the expert group. A few of them traded off leading and sweeping for us mortals. They were unbelievable riders and had the mechanical skills to help out if needed. One gal in my group dropped her bike during a creek crossing and we had to turn it upside down, etc. to get it started again. Thank God for our knowledgeable vixen mechanic. We did almost 60 miles on Sunday, mostly single track with a few miles on the road to connect the trails for a big loop. I've never ridden that much in one day so it was a challenging day for me, but Wow! What an amazing place! A little bit of dirt bike heaven. I didn't take many pictures, but I have a few.
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    Water ban lol. Push your bike in the back yard and wash it where no one can see you and be a &%$#@!ing narc.
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    Im home now yes 🙂 feels good
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    Buddy built ramp for me today even put concrete in. Wasn't expecting that 🙂 i have some amazing freinds. The owner of concrete company use to race and knows me he donated the concrete brought truck in and everything amazing
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    Wish my mom was still around, but would be 99 yrs old and probably not want to go riding....but she would be hiking around whatever area we rode at. I'm 74 and still ride trails as well as racing VMX events on my 1972 CZ 400 and 1964 Triumph Tiger Cub Scrambler. Here's a photo of my oldest son (age 50) and I at a VMX event. We share the CZ (in background) in two different classes. I ride the CZ in over-70 and he rides it in Open Age. I also ride my Triumph in the Pre-1965 Premier Lightweight.
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    NW Arkansas was a good time. We covered 320 miles over two days, 80-90% of it was off-road. We hit the infamous Oark Cafe, crossed multiple slippery creeks and streams and ran alongside of the King's and Buffalo Rivers. We had three 450L's in the group and a 250L to close it out for an all Honda group. Overall we lost a muffler mount bolt on one of the 450's and a signal screw on the 250 most likely from all of the vibes on the dirt and gravel roads, but other than that the bikes ran well and without issue. My buddy dumped his 450L in one of the creek crossings but luckily he got it back up before the air box was swamped. Eureka Springs is a really neat town that you could easily loose yourself in for a weekend, I am definitely looking forward to returning in the fall.
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    Hi everyone, I present to you my DRZ SM of the year 2008 with many modifications 3x3 mod + K&N, Dynojet, Yoshi full system and some visual improvements. It is an incredible machine. Greetings from Spain
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    First step could be not doing things to have encounters with police? As far as i know cops aint driving around randomly capping people on their way to work? Being held accountable has to go both ways too.
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    I think I might hang my helmet up, a year after I die. There will be no “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. I am 75 ride with sons, grandsons and have a new great grand daughter and will ride with her. I have been riding since the days of down pipes on the bikes. AMA dist 36 has a pioneer class (over 70) for cross country races. We ride the same course as every one else and have a couple of competitors in their 80’s. keep riding til you cannot ride Anymore.
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    Reya did great, 7/10 in her age group and 7/25 all together. 50 cc Senior Minis 7 1.4 mile loops in Johnson Valley OHV, Southern California District 37 desert series. this is the best thing I have done for my daughters self confidence and self esteem. We are looking forward to making some friends doing the same thing. Thank God for the AMA and District 37 racing. Couldn’t be happier with the events these awesome folks put on!
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    My biological was a piece of shit. My step dad told me "don't be mad at him because he's not the dad you want him to be, he's only being the best dad he knows how to be." I am blessed to have him. Only my real dad could say something like that. Happy father's day to all the proper fathers past and present.
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    Sadly that's where this is going, only there will be still be people that want the job, they just won't be the ones that we'll want to have the job. Good upstanding cops will move on to private security or other endeavors and we'll be left with the bottom of the barrel and the shitshow will only get worse.
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    I think there's a larger issue here, and you guys are just killing the OP. The larger issue is that it is impossible for regular guys to have a perfect bike every time we ride. That only happens for factory MX stars who have a team that disassembles the bike every time it comes back in and they go over and check and/or replace every wear item. For regular riders, it's impossible to maintain this kind of perfection, unless you never want to ride your bike. I'm going riding today, even though my bike has wheels that are not perfectly round, tires that are not perfectly new, a cylinder with over 400 hours that is no doubt no longer perfectly round, linkage that has some slop, a radiator that used to be rectangular, brake fluid that needs to be flushed, and probably a bunch of other stuff that would give a factory mechanic heart palpitations! I'm going to ride that bike, and I'm going to have fun! Wash, rinse, repeat (and fix what breaks). The OP has a bike with 62 hours! Let him put it back together and ride it!
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    Naches. One ride with the guys and one ride with the boys.
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    A few of us... the flatlanders, typically post stats and facts with reasonable middle of the road thoughts/conclusions... then you hoaxers try to paint us into some agenda you define in a ridiculous way spewing MSM bullet points, meaningless memes and conspiracy theory youtubes. You know if enough of you call us flatlanders long enough the truth gets drowned out. Its what unreasonable people with little care for the truth regularly do... define an political enemy based on a silly position that they never claimed... so you have something you can meme to victory in your own minds. If enough do it long enough and loud enough the herd will follow. This is the very definition of the lib-tards. Selfish people start with an agenda that serves their interest then pick & choose facts to support it. Honest people weed through the facts to see what the truth is regardless where it leads. Fact: The governments of the entire WORLD think Wuhan's is real and disastrous left unchecked.. Fact: TX had a little more than 40% covid ICU occupancy when they reopened May 1 2020. Fact: TX is now increased to a bit over 70% covid ICU occupancy. Fact: About a dozen other states are on this rise now as well. Fact: China is locking down again as new breakouts surge. My Opinion: I'm against an ineffective arbitrary nationwide shut down that does not deal with facts on the ground locally. My Opinion: I'm against the subsidizing of the unemployed worker to the tune of $2400 a month on top of their regular unemployment guaranteeing that people sit on their ass as long as possible because they actually received a covid pay raise. ~~~Example: Bob can't buy a dirt bike cash but when his wife gets laid off for two months he can now afford a house. My Opinion: I'm for people simply covering their own spittle orifices aka nose & mouth when in public spaces and giving people more personal space. So I get that middle agers don't give a shit because for you it means little personally. And luckily no one here has lost family yet. So pretend its nothing and make fun of Jeff for having a sobering attitude about it all. Doesn't make me a flatlander, hermit, shut in, covid cheerleader... nor wrong ! I know that's too long for anyone to bother reading... and it contains too many inconvenient truths... so at best I'll get more smart ass meaningless one liners. But on the upside Mitch will likely "like" my post... so I got that going for me.
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    You see it as black and white. Politics is everywhere. That makes everything shades of gray. Covid can be real... risky... deadly... and manageable. Don't take any agency or politician or interest group's remarks as fact as a whole. You have to look at the detail and determine facts before making a broad based conclusion. If you think Wuhans is the end of the world you would be wrong. If you think Wuhans is a hoax and not to be taken seriously you would be wrong. As with all things the truth is somewhere in the middle.
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    The Horse Creek race was today. I finished! That was my only goal after last year when I didn't finish. There were some trials, but I totally had a blast! On Friday, I thought I wasn't going to be able to race because my bike started sounding really rough all of a sudden while I was riding at a place on the way to the race. Turned out it was something simple... the exhaust pipe had come loose when the spring broke. We wired it back on and I was good to go. Then during the preride, I wrecked on a rock climb, and bent my shift lever into my case so that I couldn't shift. I had to limp back to the start in 2nd gear on the C course so I didn't get to preview all of the course. We bent the shift lever back out last night and I was good to go again... but it didn't last. It broke off about halfway through the race. Luckily, it still had enough that I could use the side of my boot to lift up the piece that was left. The other thing was that it rained all night again...just like last year... which made it a muddy course again, but it actually makes me feel better for finishing this year. This year it was a 17 mile course where last year it was 13. And the best part... I didn't get hurt at all! I did fall over in a muddy bog so had mud from head to toe, but that was half the fun.
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    Hope this is allowed...if not feel free to remove. Quick shout out to Tony at Rekluse....I smoked my clutch a while ago and worked with Rekluse to upgrade to the radiusX clutch, but wasn't able to get a good seal and had gear oil weaping. Every attempt to fix it just made it worse, and I am leaving for a week of riding in Montana in 3 days...panic time. I called Rekluse and Tony was able to find a cover for me and overnight it. These guys have been great to work with, can't recommend them enough (the clutch is pretty awesome as well)
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    Just bought the last ‘20 300rr-race edition.
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    Thankyou very much to all your answers and points of view! Very refreshing and I tell you...You gave me some confidence back! I live in Italy and we don't have all the land as you have there in USA/Canada, so the "enduro" is quite complicated and not as satisfying compared to the beautiful and wide spaces you have there. One of the point I like most is "go back to the roots", so I will go back to 2 strokes, I always liked the 125's. The 4 strokes did indeed kill my mojo a little. Thankyou so much for all your support! I feel young now after reading so many advise from veterans that are "way younger" than me in their mentality.👍 Regards to all my friends💪
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    Definitely not enough trials. Ya’ll are missing out on the best Beta bikes and most fun riding!
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    Sunday was a funday of super social distancing (240 smiles), and found some new stuff
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