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    In the states it usually means that the forest service guy on a tw200 couldn't make it up it. Generally not a big deal for an experienced rider
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    I may be in the minority but I would paint the frame a color as close to stock color as possible for both looks and resale value. IMHO! Use Graphics to personalize your appearance
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    Complete rebuild time. It’s due I guess. Had the original crank from 2000. Look how discolored the main bearings are. I’m replacing all bearings, seals, gaskets, crank, piston and cylinder cap. Let’s go!
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    Hey y’all, started rebuilding my ‘01 today. This is my first time ever rebuilding a dirt bike from the frame up, so I hope to learn a lot as I go. Just gonna kinda post updates here as I go, and if any of you wise wizards have anything to post to make my life easier it will be much appreciated. Any suggestions for frame color paint and other things like that are also greatly appreciated, thanks for looking! Before
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    Nice build from where you started! I still think that’s too much work but you’ve actually done it and can speak from experience. You should be proud!
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    That work area is aggravating my high blood pressure.
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    It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
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    https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/487122.Two_Stroke_Performance_Tuning This book is like a two stroke bible. Covers just about everything you might want to know.
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