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    Want to fix this problem...Salt pills. Go to your doctor and get prescription. You can drink all the fluids you want, but without salt, you will just sweat/urinate it all out. I take a salt pill before and after each race and it has completely eliminated cramping with no adjustments in diet or training.
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    Hammer Nutrition products worked awesome for me. They offer several different methods of electrolyte replacement options and flavors. They have pills, tablets that desolve and flavor your water, powders too, all available in single trial packages or quantity. Never any artifical flavors nor refined sugars. They are industry leading products in many high endurance sports where cramping is a issue. Keep in mind the amount of electrolytes a person needs to prevent cramps can vary person to person and day to day, so you have to experiment to find and tune what works for you. That's the long story, short story is buy thier endurolytes pills take 2 before you ride and 3 every hour of exercise and I bet your cramps will be gone. I use to cramp so bad that I thought I was going to have to quit racing. Also I wear a digital watch with a 20 minute repeating timer and it reminds me during the week to drink and meet my hydration goals of 80 Oz a day {I'm a 160 lbs}. Www.hammernutrition.com
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