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    Thanks, I put your advise to work last Sunday at the Rampart Range Poker Run. 60 miles of whoops, trees, roots and near vertical rock ledges. I literally thought and did what you said with my foot position and with a relaxed mind and body. What a blast, thanks for the advise.
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    Mr Dion, First and formost you want to have to right amount of momentum. Without the momentum it will be hard to relax and stay balanced. I keep my weight forward and position my feet to the forward part of the pegs to lock in my legs. Since I have the correct momentum and body position when I get to the vertical lip. I am able to relax and let off the throttle. This will help bring the front end down. At this time I am transferring my forward weight to the center of the bike. This way when I land I will be centered on the bike with a good pivot position to move accordingly to my impact of landing. This way when I land I am able to immediately react without falling off balance. Keeping the toes tight will help grip the bike. The key is to be relaxed otherwise you will toss the bike away.
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    Keep it pinned don't let off the gas if anything else feather your clutch. The clutch is your brake don't let off the throddle!
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