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    I've been cleaning filters for 30 years, always a PITA, no way around it but this might help out a little.... 1. Get at least 3 filters and do this to all 3 at a time rather than one at a time 2. Get 2 cheap plastic paint buckets with lids at home depot, keep them for filters only 3. Put on your Dr. Jekyl mad scientist elbow high gloves and nasty apron 4. Dunk and squish in bucket of kerosene - never had a problem with glue failure - when done, let dirt settle out and pour kerosene back into gallon can for next time, use a funnel with a filter sock over it to strain dirt or try to leave dirt in bucket to dispose of. The dirt will settle out in the can, just don't shake the kerosene can the next time you pour it into the bucket. You can transfer it into milk jugs as well. 5. Soak filters in bucket of dawn (cheapest and best) grease cutting dish soap, smooosh them around for as long as possible, a ton of small particles will come out. 6. Rinse in super hot water many times, kitchen sink works because you can see any fine particles still coming out. Make sure the wife/girlfriend/mistress(s) are away, do the dishes afterward just in case you get caught or managed to get a smart one 7. Dry with hair dryer or air dry overnight in breeze - filters, not woman(s) 8. Use one of your home depot paint buckets already filled with filter oil and dunk it in half way 9. Use the sic-asss gloves to scare (or impress) your neighbors and then smoosh the oil into the entire filter, cover yourself in a haz-mat suit because no matter how hard you try, that sh_t will end up on your new Yeezy's and your favorite cargo shorts with the asss ripped open 10. squeeze-n-hold, over and over and over - filters, not tool 11. once oil appears to be uniform throughout the filters, use heavy duty, shop grade, paper towels and wrap several together around the filters and ....squeeze-n-hold, over and over and over, removing as much oil as possible. 12. Store the filters in large zip-locks, hang them in garage, excess oil may drip out over time, put paper towel in bottom corner to absorb oil 13. Cover buckets for next time, leaving filter oil in there, or funnel back into quart container 14. Store mad scientist gloves in zip lock bag 15. Rig zip-tied plastic cover over airbox to prevent direct mud splashes for openings around seat, of course leave lots of air openings, just try to block large openings a little Sometimes I put a huge chunk of pourous foam in the top of the airbox to catch the big stuff, recently I have put some of that pillow case stuff in a filter sock and laid it over the top of the airbox. I have also stretched the filter sock over the entire top of the airbox. Whatever, you get the point. 16. Instead of filter socks, I use swimming pool skimmer socks, cheap and easy, reusable, clean in kerosene as well, oil them up too. Get um in pack of 6 at Lowes or HD. 17. Send me money for these wonderful tips :-) Oh, forgot to mention, drink 3 beers, no more, no less, before attempting any of the above. Godspeed my friends, and remember, it will be my roost hitting you in the face because my filters are cleaned properly.
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    MAKE SURE the cold weld epoxy you bring or buy is the QUICK SET or fast curing kind!!!! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY!!! If you just get the regular jbweld, you'll be sorry. You'll be paying an extra day or 2 stay at the motel or hostel you find to rest your helmut, because you'll be waiting MINIMUM 24 hours for the stuff to set up, and that's being naively optimistic. Cause with regular epoxy, if you decide to chance it and use the part/engine cover before the patch/mend is completely hardened, it WILL FAIL. I've learned to switch to only using Qwik JB weld, and it's just as good if not better than the original.
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    Hey Coach, thanks for the nice advice and especially for having a manuscript. As for getting to quick recovery by eating, I totally agree, however any meal that is going to induce insulin production, ie, sugar and starch are not recommend.
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    Not sure this is valid anymore...why do you suggest this? Are there recent studies that you can point to? What I have been reading lately is that one should stay away from the foods that cause those wild swings in glucose and that if you eat right your body will simply burn the fat that we all carry. Sorry that I am arguing but I worry that young guys will simply follow the instructions to eat every two hours without understanding that everyone doesn't agree with that idea. Eat Prior to Working Out Eat soon before you head out and you could be plagued with G.I. (gastro-intestinal) issues. But if your last snack or meal was hours ago, you could run out of energy. The goal is to time your meals & snacks to provide a stabilized blood sugar level throughout your riding session or cross training work out. Accomplish this by eating every 2 hours after you wake up in the morning
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    Agreed! I think too many take this free advise too lightly! We're lucking to have such an amazing resource! I forward this podcast to two people that I suspect have chronic adrendal fatigue in hope it helps them. Thx @Coach Robb
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    Can you back this up with some kind of research? Studies? Burning carbs is way more inefficient than fat. Not sure how you came to the conclusion. Fat has much more sustainable energy stores.
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    Interesting topic. Surprised to find it on this forum. I've been doing Keto since Aug 17' Diabetic on insulin. December of 17 I had no need of insulin or Metphormin. My sugars self regulate properly now. I am down 55 lbs from 438 lbs @ 6'3". Feel great. I intermittently fast as well. When I dirt bike i don't even eat breakfast i let the natural stores feed my energy levels and it does so quite well. Though admittedly i don't ride as hard as some due to the weight. Anyone saying the diet is harmful and toxic has still got the low fat diet mind set, mis informed and are reading the wrong information. so much data out there to prove we are not built to burn carbs for energy. My cholesterol is much improved. I use the blood meter and app call stupid simple macros and set my profile up to track my allowances, it helped alot. Anyways thought i would chime in my experience. Dr. Berg on YT is a good watch/podcast though a little annoying with trying to build his brand. Everyone trying to cash in as usual.
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    Keto and intermittent fasting have worked great for me. Been doing it for about a month and a half and I am down 30lbs even with the occasional cheat meal here and there.
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    Nobody has mentioned filterskins. I've been rotating 3 skins between 2 bikes for about a year with great success. Filter maintenance is dramatically reduced. Also been using NoToil for a couple of years and love it. Just did rings on 1 of the bikes and no sign of any dirt inside or in the boot/carb. cheers
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    I once bought an RM250 2 cycle used. The guy told me it was serviced and ready to roost. I took the airbox door off and it had a sweat sock as a filter !!
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