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    Mainstream media would have you believe that suppressing appetite through caffeine, herbs, or pills is not only okay, but healthy. The fact is that when you do not eat, you are starving your body of the nutrients it needs to fuel both mental and physical activity and rebuild the muscles and support the systems that we have broken down due to stress and training. In the first half of Podcast #50, I outline the difference between a suppressed appetite and a satisfied appetite when it comes to dropping body fat in a healthy, and sustainable manner. When you hear how you can get the same (or better!) results without sacrificing your health, you will definitely change your perspective and eating habits. In the second half, discuss sports drinks and electrolytes. When discussing the role of a sports drink with our clients, I am surprised how many people are confused by their purpose in creating and sustaining energy. If this is unclear to you, be sure to listen as I take a deep dive into questions such as – What is an isotonic drink? What is the role of electrolytes? And how should a sports drink be formulated? http://www.coachrobbpodcast.com/podcast-50-why-arent-you-giving-your-body-what-it-needs-to-flourish/
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