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    Thanks for taking the time to help your moto'n brothers & sisters! You've won your choice of:

    1. Boyesen Factory Racing Billet Clutch Cover (new product!)

    2. Boyesen SuperCooler Kit

    3. Boyesen 2-Stroke Rad Valve

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    To enter the giveaways, simply share your valuable moto-knowledge & experiences with your fellow TT'ers. No, really... that's it!  Prizes include (4) daily winners of ad-free browsing and (1) monthly winner* of various moto parts, accessories, gear, apparel, and/or gift certificates.

    *random drawing from pool of daily winners


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    Riding at the house. 6.4 miles of single track with small grass track sections and all the trees you can hit.😁 We can grill out and have some fun. See video in club thread for them and see a lap.
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    Here are the dates for the trip! Message me for details.
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    Not directly maintenance, but very relevant and happening January 29th at 9am. Can NOVA-ORV Funds be Used to Address Road Maintenance for Damage Caused by ORVs? Here's an opportunity to get involved and make a difference. Specifically aimed at retired folks and guys with Wednesday morning off. The Washington State Recreation & Conservation Funding Board will meet at 9am January 29th to hold the discussion above, as well as others relevant to us as offroad motorized users. If you can't get away but would like to understand the discussion and its impacts on us as a user group, you can tune in to the televised version here, but you won't be able to comment as you could in person. https://www.tvw.org/watch/?clientID=9375922947&eventID=2020011300 The link is also a survey, so when it asked why I came, I stated: "Came here to state that NOVA ORV funds should NOT be allocated to address road damage attributed to ORVs because there is no way to differentiate damage from authorized users such as pickers and logging vehicles (not recreational), hikers or bicyclists driving to trailheads (not motorized), and any number of other users." Once that door is open, you know NOVA funds will be raised for every pet road project. Location: Natural Resources Building 1111 Washington St SE Olympia, WA 98504 https://goo.gl/maps/QEUSgxZfnEqcsS7W7
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