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    That true, a little careless maybe. My take away is that the only thing AMA officials are consistent at is being clowns.
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    Easy fellas... It's just dirt bikes. vroom vroom smile smile. Don't complicate it.
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    Unfortunately still waiting. We haven't received any updates from them in weeks so any guess at an ETA at this point would be a shot in the dark
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    I apparently missed it if he said anything close to "The End of Supercross Racing as we know it." It's just my opinion that your article title was a bit melodramatic. If you don't agree, that's fine. My comment wasn't meant as an insult, just an observation. DF got up after ramming into CC out of control, and proceeded shortly afterwards to cross over into Jett's line on a jump takeoff. Had he not done that, he probably escapes the CC crash with no penalty. The combination of both cases, however, probably warranted some sort of warning. I don't disagree that the AMA has a history of selective and inconsistent enforcement of rules. What I do disagree with is that the DF / CC decision is anything new. The AMA has a long history of being consistently inconsistent with enforcement of their rulebook.
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    All of the above altercations were nothing compared to what Hannah and DeCoster did to each other at Saddleback one hot summer day. Even the Ferrandis/Craig thing is a distant second. Some guys got it coming though. Friese comes to mind. He's lucky to have survived aggravating Pieck. And there's the "Muhammad" Holley incident. I cant remember where it was or who it was with, but I remember the picture on the front of the CycleNews with Jim Holley in the fighter pose afterwards. The words "professional" and "AMA" should never by commingled.
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    I'm not condemning you to the land of suck. Just sayin, the title is a bit melodramatic. The AMA has a long history of selective enforcement of rules. Not sure why this most recent incident was the straw for you.
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    One of the reasons I didn't originally respond to this article is the title. It seems overly EMO and click-baity.
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    French and French crimes, Wtf? LOL!!!! Yeah man, leave the surfer dudes be!😉Super-cross wont end any time soon. I hope it wont be electric racing, that would be tragic!!!!
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    Awful lot of words to say...Dylan didn't do anything wrong.
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    Nothing to see here. The AMA has always selectively enforced their "rules" and sometimes, a past champion plays by a different set of rules depending on how loudly the team cries. Example: JS7 and Chad Reed had both been penalized points for too much lead in their fuel. When the AMA tried doing the same to RC in 2006 SX, Suzuki threatened to pull out of the championship and all of a sudden, the lost points became just a $ fine.
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    lol wait till easton exp dies release same thing
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    Added my review of the Fisch Moto Spark Arrestor installed on my 2019 Yamaha YZ450F. For those interested, you can find it at:
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    Maybe this is a dumb question but why would you buy this if it isnt USFS approved?
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    2019 SX-F Muffler - Pro Circuit PC4000-0001 (with approval stamp) - Amazon $19.90 - tacked the approval stamp to the Endcap opening - Every thing fit ….No noticeable difference in performance - slightly mellower sound. Received blessing of local forestry ranger.
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    These are all good points and I fully agree that the Fisch s/a is the best option. My point from the beginning is that it's a lot of money for such a low tech part. Maybe I'm just cheap... It also bothers me that Fisch is a Canadian company but lists their prices in USD on their website. I know why they do that but it irks me nonetheless
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    Let's go back a bit and look at the history books shall we. David Vuillemin and Stephen Roncada in 2002 having a nasty battle on track including some aggressive and dirty block passes, leading up to Stephen accelerating up to David's bike, and slamming into his back tire only to have David immediately retaliate by open handed smacking Roncada on his helmet with zero repercussions. French on French crime is completely acceptable. Touch the golden haired SoCal boy and people lose their minds.
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