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    Scotts is a good product and was ahead of it's time, but hasn't really changed since the 70's. The biggest thing for most riders is that the Precision Parabolic does not raise their bars or go on top of the bars with knobs and a pointer that slit one recent customers stomach from top to bottom. Our linkage is much more stout, greased, sealed, and wear adjustable. No lubricating with dirt. The Parabolic is adjustable with a bar pad on and has a numbered adjuster We have Thermal compensation. Oil expands at twice the rate of aluminum, it needs somewhere to go. The Parabolic is much lighter with the entire assembly weighing under 1.0 pounds in some applications. this is critical for high center of gravity weight. our shaft to vane is machined from a single piece of 40mm heat treated stainless steel. Compared to a 3mm pin holding them together. Maintenance is much easier. Change the oil without opening the unit Our Bell curve damping without drop off on the sides makes a smoother ride and makes the back end want to follow the front end.
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    So nice to see something new for once and something that accounts for the issues I've discovered with other dampers. I have an Ohlins on my GSXR1000 and would have bought one for my Enduro bikes had they not pulled out. I had a Scotts on my Husaberg TE300 and loved it at 1st but wasn't long before I grew to hate it and its issues. It needed service after 6 months and nobody up here was able to bleed / service the thing. I sent it to Cali to Scotts who ended up losing it in their pile of unwanted returns. After months of waiting and hounding them to step up, they "found" it and rebuilt it free of charge. They also asked me what type of riding I do and upon watching some of my videos admitted their damper wasn't suitable to my terrain in stock form??? So they changed the need out for a "street" needle for reasons that I still don't really understand but it worked OK. Sold the bike with the damper and moved on. Had a buddy with YZ250 with a GRP and it leaked as well. Bought a Husky FX350 and got the Husky damper for it to try...what a total POS. After only 30 some odd hours the unit was leaking and now does not work. It just sits atop my bars as a reminder never to buy junk ever again. It had very poor adjustment qualities, basically unusable above setting #3. So now I'm in the market for something new/better/outside the box and I believe I've found it. Sadly it is going to be a bit expensive for me to get up here into Canada at $700 USD but I'll see what I can do. Love to give it a shot up here in the PNW gnar.
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    The Parabolic damper will help with the wobbles and light feeling front end. The cost should be in the $550-600 range
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    Review we did on the Parabolic steering stabilizer not too long ago:
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    I'm sure we will build for the large enduro and adventure bikes. If you would like to move it up in the Q, please fill out our build request form on our website. Here is a link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf1A0jh5N5JVSvz92Ih-lb0j0pzsKuNIXIlM9UGSmRI_LIF5A/viewform?usp=sf_link
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    In other words, often times, it's not the tool, but the tool using the tool. ­čśë
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