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    I'm moving to the Redding area in northern California next month so i'd love to be able to ride from home to trails and everywhere in between without having to put my bike in the truck every time. But also having a bike capable enough to handle the trails and all the mud and snow and I-5! Thank you for the responses Bryan!
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    The 2019 CRF450L isn't what I'd call a beast, so I think that most decent riders could handle it. It's very different than a CRF250R for sure being much heavier and also with more low-end grunt. I wouldn't call it a hard bike to ride, other than it being a bit lurchy in slow conditions in lower gears. Different tools for different purposes anyway. I've ridden with riders that don't have much more experience than you that were fairly accomplished, so depending upon how much seat time you've accumulate over the last couple of years and the conditions you ride, I certainly don't think it's outside the realm of consideration.
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    I always find it amusing when you read people's comments about keeping bar height stock. It just doesn't make sense. You adjust the seat and steering wheel in a car to your preference based on height/arm length, torso length, etc.. When you buy a bicycle, you should buy a frame of appropriate size and then raise/lower - fore/aft of the saddle and handle bars based on body dimensions. Why do we think a motorcycle is any different? I've risen my bars and it makes a tremendous difference to how I feel on the bike. I'm not super tall, 6' and now 59 years old, and I really feel better not being crouched over my bike on the technical stuff. I have a better body position to move around on the bike.
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