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    Thanks for taking the time to help your moto'n brothers & sisters! You've won your choice of:

    1. Boyesen Factory Racing Billet Clutch Cover (new product!)

    2. Boyesen SuperCooler Kit

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    To enter the giveaways, simply share your valuable moto-knowledge & experiences with your fellow TT'ers. No, really... that's it!  Prizes include (4) daily winners of ad-free browsing and (1) monthly winner* of various moto parts, accessories, gear, apparel, and/or gift certificates.

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    you can use jetting software to choose the best needle jet as well as everything else for a carb - http://www.dragonfly75.com/moto/selectNed.html
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    Hey, Bif, remember I told you about the new Cali families that moved 4 to one home down the street? LOL, remember they crunched up a nice street racer style 240 sx, well they crunched a brand new Mustang Cobra! Front end gone, crazy! It was tricked out also, These guys have some money, new corvettes, Scoobiedoos wrx, and fancy hot rods. I thought man, these guys need to slow down in North Texas, Southern Cops, you know the ones with chrome shades, black cowboy hats, don't like fast and furious drivers. LOL! I noticed all 3 dudes are bald? And one guy has a red beard and really long hair, he drives the impreza, I drove by, and they looked at me for a sec and went about their business. These folks need to slow it down, we have race tracks for that....METAL..
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