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    79' XL-125S engine converted w/ 81' XR200R crankshaft & cylinder head utilizing 125S 6-speed trans, cases etc. XR200R Rotor, left cover & windings. XL-125S ignition box & Coil. Front forks are "Fox factory 44mm Forx" Conventional forks, triple trees & handle bar mounts. These are 1 of 200 sets manufactured for 78'-80'ish CR125/250R red rockets era MXers. These forks were purchased thru Cycle News advert in 84'. Forx were on 81'82' First Gen XR200R being raced in Cross country events. Fox Forx can be set up for as little as 11"-13" travel. Since Triple Tree came set up w/ 200R aluminum stem = "Complete Bolt On" which makes life easy! I raced this frame in some MX events but w/ 80' CR250R forks, which was a "Massive Improvement" over the 37-38(?) mm OEM 200R forks. With the 44mm Fox Forx, Handling got more stable in the Rough, but turning got even slower due to increased fork length and rake increased, giving somewhat of a chopper effect. The Fox Forx no doubt improved straight line tracking decreasing fork deflection and improved line stability in rocky, rooted, rutty slick trail systems such as in the Uwharrie National Forrest, Brown Mountain NF, Daniel Boone NF(Red Bird), Logan/Williamson WV, Hatfield McCoy trail System, Sam Houston NF Trail Systems & Croatan NF Trail Systems. Realize these FOX Forks are Air Assist over Hydraulic damping. The standard air pressure for these are 11-13psi air pressure. Seal life 6 months to 1 year at best "Per Thor Lawson" Suspension GURU Extroidinaire. After quickly going thru the "Only Set of Fork Seals" obtainable at the time, I lived with the fox Forx constant weep even with continuous attention paid to relieving air from Forx after each riding event. NO replacement FORX SEALS were available from any supplier, as 43mm USD was the norm of the times. I had to resort to soaking the seals in the sliders, upside down in "Seal Conditioner" trying to get them to swell slightly to help keep the Fork Oil from oozing out. Calfab Aluminum swingarm, OEM stock shock, rear Sun 18" rim, Stainless Steel spokes, Powroll header w/ Supertrapp silencer, Malcolm Smith Leather tool bag.
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