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    I've partnered with ThumperTalk to use my 2021 Kawasaki KX450XC for a bike build. If you want to know more about the goals for the build and to follow the build progress, go HERE. This Virtual Garage page will be the central location where all the modifications made will be listed. You can "Follow" both this Virtual Garage page and the build page in the KX450F/XC discussion forum by tapping the "Follow" button. I hope that you follow what we're doing and share your thoughts and ideas along the way. - Hans
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    Yes is am I tried to post pic but not sure how. Newbie. There is a pic on my account I have replaced every missing piece of hardware, refurbished from front to back, bore .010 over, new clutch, new bars, new petcock, new graphics, new tires, new XR’s only full exhaust, new RaceTech rear shock spring for my weight and riding style, disassembled forks and shock, cleaned and replaced fluids. Shock is at shop now getting charged with Nitrogen. Front fork springs will be the last item then I will be done. $1,600 into it now without the nitrogen charging service. It’s been a lot of fun and maybe I am crazy but I have totally enjoyed the transformation.
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