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    I'm in love with this bike. I've always been a 4t guy, and I've never been able to get into 2t. Recently, I was shopping around for a new bike to hit the trails with. I figured I'd give this bike a shot because it seemed to be the perfect bridge into the 2t world. The thing runs and rides smooth as butter, and adds simple quality of life gimmicks that actually are useful. Obviously with TPI there is no need to premix fuel, and FI means no jets to play with. So far, I have only explored the area around my home, but the bike gives me confidence that I've never had before. I have been climbing hills and riding through areas I never wanted to go near before. The suspension setup feels great as well. As this bike is a Husky, it comes with the linkage suspension which I really like quite a bit. The XPLOR forks have also treated my very well, and are likely the best forks I've felt yet. The trail computer that is installed on the bike can show you things like your average speed, trips, hours, and hours until required maintenance. The bike is brand new so there are no problems to report yet, and hoping it sticks to that trend. I'm well prepared to deal with 2t maintenance, so bring it on. I can't wait to bring this bike on some trails that are out of state. So far, I'm planning on adding a seat concepts seat and some wrap-around handguards. I'm also looking at grabbing some general protection things for the linkage and such. As of now, I have to give the bike a 5/5 because it is just that good.
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    I'm not sure, yet...
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    Has a high rev screamer of an engine.
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