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    What struck me the most after riding the Tech 10's was the increased feel on the bike. The boot's narrow inside & the resigned toe box make it a very spacious boot on the controls rocking easily on the peg. Sizing: true to size, wide feet OK Comfort(1-10): 10 Closure System: 3 contra-locking, self-aligning, cold-forged buckles Interior: Microfiber, inner booty of 3D open cell foam, anti-slip suede heel Sole: Re-designed to shed mud/water, soft-compound sole replaceable by Astars Safety: CE rated product Aesthetics: Great fit & feel, great styling Safety was clearly in mind when designing these boots. The Foot Shell features five different compounds in a single lightweight piece to offer strength while maintaining flexibility and structural integrity. This single piece serves as the boot's chassis. The toe box has been re-designed and trimmed down and the heel has been enhanced to include DCHP technology. DCHP is a innovative safety feature that uses foam to absorb high energy impacts during a crash. The boot certainly feels safe strapped up. There is an inner booty. It takes getting used to at first but I think it helps the comfort and support a ton. This booty also has torsion arms on either side that help brace and support your ankle during times of stress. Shock-absorbing padding on the heel & ankle, anatomic footbed, ultra-thin forefoot, all to increase support, comfort & feel on the bike. One of my favorite things about them is the bike feel. Three cold-forged, self-aligning buckles and a large velcro piece is what closes the boot. The two front buckles are on top of the foot high and out of the way. The 3rd and rear-facing buckle sits at the back of the boot. The buckles never seemed to be in the way or catch, snag, come open, nothing. Superb closure system that worked repeatedly. Adjusting the straps & buckles is very easy, as is replacement if you needed to. The rear of the boot and front of the tongue feature dual-density TPU 'blades' that go up and attach to the shin & calf plates. This system, Frontal Flex Frame, gives ultimate flexion while protecting from hyper-extension and over compression. This anchors the whole boot and gives you a feel to the bike unlike most other boots. The system acts as a shock absorber by distributing energy across the boot frame. The inside of the boot has been designed so that you have a lot of 'stick' to the bike. The materials used and the low profile of the abrasion pads give you a very close feel to the bike. This is my favorite thing about them. They really do make you feel connected to the bike. The sole has been completely re-designed to improve foot to peg performance, grip, boot longevity, water/mud shedding. The dual-compound sole offers options on replacing the inner part if it gets worn out. The toe is tapered and does not hang up on anything. Even with build-ups of ice, snow & mud it never had a negative impact. Walking around in the boot is comfortable. The traction on most surfaces is decent, but not excellent traction. All of the expected features from a pro-level boot are present on the Tech 10. Double & triple stitching in places, high quality leather, abrasion resistant polymers. The boot feels fitted with or without a knee brace and was not uncomfortable after 10+ hrs. The boot continued to perform at a high level in snow-packed & iced-over conditions. The only thing I could find I did not like was how waterproof the boot was. I would like to see that improved one day because water=weight. The Alpinestar Tech 10 is an elite boot from an elite company who earns their customers with the high-quality products they're known for. I give this boot 5/5 stars dues to the innovative safety and comfort and hereby declare the Alpinestar Tech 10s "ThumperTalk Tested"
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    Video review of the FMF Powercore 4 paired with an FMF Megabomb header installed on a 2016 Yamaha YZ250FX
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    After getting back into power-sports, I was looking for a retro style helmet; similar to the 70s / 80s style. I searched around on eBay and found a huge selection of used vintage helmets, but unfortunately the pads were mostly worn out (or filthy) and not something that could be cleaned up or replaced. I ended up going with this new retro / throwback Moto-3 helmet from Bell. I've had a chance to use it several times this season and so far I really like it. The face opening has plenty of room for goggles. It doesn't have any kind of goggle strap retainer or guide along the sides, but I'm sure you could add some grip tape or something suitable to account for that. I used the size chart and fit guide from Bell and it was spot on for me with a large. It fits snug like it should, but isn't uncomfortable. The chin strap is standard loop style and has a button to snap on to for the slack an end the strap.
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    I was warned this shifter kit would not be a "cure all" for the 690 Enduro's gear shifting issues. It helps, it does improve the "feel" of the gear selection. But, it is definitely not a cure. Its better, and yes I would buy and install it again. Installation means popping open the clutch engine cover. Have a spare gasket, "just in case". I did not need to use mine, but I was ready. It's a relatively easy install, and there is a tutorial on this site for a "how to" install it. Here's a "use tip": Use firmness when selecting gears, esp 5th and 6th. Also, I seem to miss 1st to 2nd a lot more on this cycle when I'm heading uphill. I have the shifter control correctly positioned, but for some reason, the gear misses and I wind up in neutral. Be prepared to *shift firmly*, on this cycle.
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