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    If you choose to sell the bike be honest on what the problems are. Me I would rebuild the bike and no what I really had in the end. The joker who sold it to you wasn't up front on the problems. Don't choose to be the same.
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    Or you could try being honest and just take a hit when you go to sell it... or just fix it, it may not be as bad as you think
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    TT is a man down, a good man down. Micheal, better known as @irme42day, proprietor of the world renowned Swine Lake Resort has past peacefully on to the desert in the sky. He lost a righteous battle with the Brain Sucking Spiders from Mars. He never lost his sense of humour no matter how bad he was feeling. How many of us could make jokes while throwing up. Well he certainly did, and they were good ones. I'd like to quote IRME for y'all... He came in with a splash... First post - thought I would introduce my self - I have been a Yamaha fan from the DT1 - I currently have an 01 RoadStar and 03 WR250F - and I'm here in NW AZ, Golden Valley to be exact which is between the Black Mts and the Cerbat Mts. - also have some goats (13 to expand in june) 1 Llama, 2 Alpacas, 2 potbelly pigs, 1 cat and 2 TOTALY PAYED FOR EX-WIVES. Please barewith me and let me know if EYE step out of line or add too many BAD JOKES. I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it. Thanks Michael G & H Acres Beautiful Golden Valley AZ Garden Spot of the Galaxy Vacation Destination of the Universe ...one of his last posts... Well it happened, I was amazed to the point of B-wilderness-ment-ed-dud! Air! 50 foot of it! And I was ride'n Red the Alien Hunter! The Set Up - I was out and about check'n the price of goat hay and catching up with a friend or two this morning and was on my way back home. I was ride'n the trail on the north side of hwy68 come'n up to the clinic. I was still a bit stressed from the trip to the principals office yesterday, no I didn't get kicked out of school (radiation treatment), and I was un-stressing a bit. Well I was in 5th do'n alot of right hand math when I remember the 3 foot tall berm of dirt, OH SHIT!!!!! No time to stop and regroup so wooo-ha!!!!!!!!!! I must have been 50' in the air, well maybe 5', but that's a whole bunch and a half on red (04 crf230f). I'm in the air things are look'n like they should from my point of view, I'm try'n to make sure my size 12's are on the foot pegs and then I touch the ground AND to my suprise when I did touch earth it was actualy some what controled! Amazed the live'n daylights out of my self and what's even better I have that in my bag of tricks if I need to use it. On one visit to the doctor, when asked about a broken rib he had to explain to her about his run in with Sand Aliens and Silt Suckers. Well she didn't find it as humours as the rest of us did. ...that was him right up to the end. His last ride out to do battle with the Sand Aliens and Silt Suckers. I'd say he kicked their butts that day. I'll miss you my friend and hope to kick some Sand Alien butt for you. RIDE ON always IRME.
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    I was having some issues with my 2020 250 RR suspension. The shock was hard to get working the way I wanted and the clickers started with the compression pretty much maxed. The CC forks were good but had a harsh spike mid stroke. I contacted Steve aka motoxgiant. He went out of his way to get my boingers done in record time and returned to me in time for a ridecation. He really nailed it for me!!! Forks are awesome and really make me smile over every buried watermelon, log and rock field. The shock is now in the middle of the adjustment and with only a slight addition of 2 clicks in on rebound is really good. The bike is so balanced and rideable over the worst of Idaho/Montana gnarl I couldn't be happier. Thank you Steve, Job very well done!
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    We found her a leftover 150xcw. Going from a crf150R to the full frame Ktm she looks way more comfortable while riding. She had no idea when she woke up this morning that she was getting a new bike. I ordered a lectron for it Wednesday when we bought it for her and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m not even going to bother messing with this carb. lol
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    Thought I would share a few pictures of my son's YZ250 refresh. We are all quite busy so things seem to move really slow and since we have plenty of bikes to ride there was no urgency to get this one back together. The COVID gave me a little spare time but then parts shipments had me waiting.....ugh!! Here was the bike when my son bought it in 2017 with his money working at Papa Johns while going to high school. Bike looks good in the back of his '87 Toyota 4x4. The bike was halfway decent and ran great so he rode the crap out of it. The old "rode hard and put away wet" 😜 Fast forward a couple of years and it was needing some attention. Swingarm weld had a crack, swingarm and linkage bearings were shot, shock and fork seals leaking, tires shot, pipe beat up, cylinder plating worn thru, etc. You get the idea. Stripped the bike down, re-welded the swingarm weld and then sent it to get powder coated. I have mentioned it before but the color, Illusion Royal, ended up being a little too purple but I really like the color. New Pro-X "A" piston, crank, and bearings/ seals, plus a cylinder re-plate from PowerSeal USA. Lots of other small OEM parts, seals, fasteners etc. to button the engine back up. @218 cut and re-shaped the head for me to 0.046" squish. Head looks awesome and the bike runs phenomenal. Thanks @218 👍 Rebuilt the rear shock and new fork seals/ bushings, etc in the forks with some OEM .43kg/mm springs I picked up from @218 The springs in it were much too stiff for my son and we had previously installed a stock rear spring. Laced up an 18" rear Tusk wheel to run instead of the 19" that was on it. Decided to try the Shinko 525 Hybrid Cheater on the rear and 90/90-21 Shinko MX216 on the front. New Polisport plastic kit and then had a local Texas girl MXG Designs https://www.facebook.com/mxgdesigns/ that had done the graphics on the bike when my son bought it, make a new set of the same graphics. My son has been super busy with college and taking a bunch of summer classes and working so the bike sat done waiting for him to do a heat cycle. Finally did that a few weeks ago and then a couple of weeks ago finished breaking it in and got out this past weekend for a good ride. Bike is working awesome and it rips again 😁 Compression is 220-225 PSI after break in. Sorry for the long post and a few glamour shots before he took it out and started beating it back up. The rocks and terrain we ride in are not real kind to the bikes and it already has a few new scares 🙃 Thanks for checking it out and thank you to all that have answered my questions along the way. The likes of @Motox367 @Smoking 2's @YZDOC @218 and others 👍 P.S. '99 is the year the kid was built, I mean born...haha and figured the bike being a 2000 was also built in '99 so it seemed fitting.
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    The forks on my bike are made to be compressed and so no damage has ever occured from strapping my bike down.
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    Have our spot looking Northwest waiting for the sun to go down and hopefully get to see C/2020 F3 Neowise! 2 pictures of the comet from last Saturday.
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    Howdy all, Shortly after purchasing my second DR-Z last winter, I decided I wanted to convert it to fuel injection. Fuel injection has always intrigued me since I helped my father convert a Chevy 383 stroker engine to fuel injection when I was in middle school. I wasn't smart enough to grasp the concepts at the time, but ever since then I have wanted to play around with it more and more. Now after lots of research, some very helpful conversations with roleyrev, and about 7-8 months of slowly acquiring parts I'm about to jump head first into the conversion. If you haven't checked out roleyrev's threads on converting of his bikes, I highly recommend you check it out. I'll link to them below. I will be following roleyrev's 2nd fuel injection recipe that only requires simple modifications to the flywheel. With that some of the key components are: Microsquirt ECU - the brains of the operation Oxygen sensor and controller - I went with the 14point7 Spartan 2 controller and Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor RMZ 450 throttle body - complete with fuel injector, MAP sensor, and TPS sensor Extra DRZ 400 flywheel - so I don't stuff up my original one when modifying it Ignition coil with internal igniter - From a Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET engine. Only requires +12V power, ground, and a logic level signal from the ECU. Fuel pump with integrated pressure regulator I've removed about 11 wires not needed for this conversion, and installed sealing plugs in the connector housing to keep things water tight. Hmmm, it's looking like I need to vacuum my carpet. Dog hair everywhere... I've done about all I can do from the comfort of my living room, and will begin to tear into the bike tomorrow. I'll keep this thread updated with my progress.
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    Ever hear of the Penny Trick? Bend the spring to open the coils, stick pennies in the openings causing the spring to be longer. With the KS up, drop the spring onto the pins. Now move the KS to the down position. This will stretch the spring and the pennies will fall out, and you're all done.
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    Our cabin was on the road to Scholfield Pass. The picture with two women sitting in front (wife and daughter) is where we stayed. A few dirt bikes came by, but most were 4 wheelers, several Razors. That would be the way to travel that road! I am posting some photos of Crystal City (built in 1890s) and of the area around. A family owns the whole town, except one house which is the nicest one in town, and have "kinda" fixed them up to rent out. They are pretty rustic to say the least, but did have comfortable beds. Our cabin had a propane range and refrigerator, and cold running water from a spring. No electricity, no phone service, or WIFI. IT WAS GREAT TO GET AWAY FROM THE NEWS OF THE DAY AND ROBO PHONE CALLS! If you decide to go there you will need a high clearance vehicle, and hopefully 4wd, in case you have to back up a hill. HA! there are very few places where 2 vehicles can pass each other. It is 5 miles to the community of Marble and paved roads, and about 20 miles to nearest gas station. The pict with the flag is main street Crystal City. And you may have seen a picture of the mill which has been photographed for decades. They hire an engineer to help keep it standing. On the loop around Sheep mountain there was a huge avalanche that left a pile of trees in the bottom of a ravine, in the middle of the road. The pictures don't show it, but it was so tight getting through that if my jeep had been 2 inches wider, I would have have bent a rocker panel or scratched some paint. And the last section just before driving on the logs was actually ice about 4(?) ft deep. That loop would be fun on a bike. Only one section of it was very rocky, with more of it typical forest service road.
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    Spent 9 days riding around idaho, starting in Idaho City and finishing at GCL. There's is some phenomenal riding in that state and I'm sure I just scratched the surface. Huge thanks to @ITLKSEZ for suggesting a couple of different areas and pointing me towards some real gems. Mostly just pics, and a lot of just empty trail pics because I was riding solo for the first part of the trip then met up with some friends from Bellingham at GCL for the last few days. Started out with a fun loop out of IC, nothing hard just some good fast trail riding Got in a history lesson around McCall That ended up being a very cold ride. I was out for 3 different hail storms and then it turned to snow for the last few miles back to the truck. A pic from the drive out of there Headed up towards CDA for a couple of days of riding in that area. These trails were my favorite of the trip. Pretty remote and I didn't see any other people, trails were in fantastic shape as well. It seemed like most had just been cleared and hadn't seen much traffic yet. Got in a little fishing along the way. This creek looked absolutely perfect but I couldn't find any signs of life. It's right by some free camp spots and the trailhead for what was probably my favorite trail. I did pretty well on the N fork of the CDA though, very willing cutties in there. Headed north to GCL for a few days of riding. The riding there is really fun, would highly recommend getting out there if you can, such a cool area. You can tell those trails see a whole lot of traffic though, they were pretty beat up compared to the stuff I was riding down by CDA. The weather went from very wet to perfect while we were there, the dirt followed suit and did the same. Sun finally came out and had to go for a dip in the lake On our last morning there we attempted Pack Saddle. Got about 2/3rds of the way up and had to turn around because we ran out of time and had to be out of camp. That trail is legit, probably the hardest continuous piece of trail that I've been on. A pic before it got hard Thanks Idaho, see you next time
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    It doesn’t get any simpler than using the no toil cleaner. It’s wife approved and won’t leave any residue in the kitchen sink. It blows me away that people would willingly play in gasoline to clean a filter.
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    I thought I should a least post a photo, I sold all previous bikes and this is what we have ended up with😎 I do have review information, but this is all I have time for right now. Oh ya, out of the three, if only one bike the 350 is TOPS !!! so much fun ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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    What a rush. Been street riding for 33 years , dabbled with dirt 10 or so years ago with the kids but never serious. Recently bought my drz400 and having a blast
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    Great Teanaway ride! West Fork, Yellow Hill, Middle Fork, Jolly Creek, de Roux, Elsinore, Johnson Medra, Jungle Creek, Way Creek. I’m tired!
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    You need to use the No Toil cleaner or something similar and NOT petrol etc. Go to their web site to learn how to clean/oil No Toil correctly
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    You want that tig welded. Try and find a shop that works on roll cages for race cars. They will have that better than new.
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    Its says right on the K&N website " a performance upgrade for CFM, based on a reduction of laminar interference' . Flows better, filters less. Like a lot less. N95 - .125 microns Twin Air - 25 micons properly oiled Uni filter - 15 microns properly oiled DT-1 dual layer filter - 10 microns properly oiled K&N filter - 85 mircons properly oiled
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    The arrival of your new-to-you bike! The guy I found through uShip sent a pic of it being loaded up yesterday and now I wait until Friday afternoon for it to get here. It's a 2019 250 RR Race Edition. Looking forward to start learning all I need to know form all of you in making the leap into the Beta world.
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    Its a KTM thing. They do it to make sure the bike isn't spitting little bits of the engine out of the exhaust.
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    Well fellas- here she is. 2017 yz125. Factory Connection Suspension set up for woods and spung for my weight, FMF fatty, 18inch rear, Vforce reeds, JD jet kit. I got the bash plate and hand guards in a box - going on today. All for about $$1/2 the price I could get an X for OTD. This thread was 99% influence on this buy. I’m putting the 3.2 tank on and racing it as is. Over time I will slowly do The full X conversion. Thanks guys for all the advise - best thread around.
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    If I'm not mistaken, BOTH halves of the clamp should be on the SAME side of the mounting flange. The flange should not be between the clamp halves; it will keep the clamp from squeezing the brakeline. Something like this: Instead of this:
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    Honestly Jeff I’m great, it’s when you are down and beaten us when you realize how many are really there for you. I’m in my hospital getting the finest care there is as well as my friends and family looking out for me. I am very grateful
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    Ah, yes, the fork support, the useless invention for a non-existent problem. I have run ratchet straps for over a decade now. I've had Kawasaki, Yamaha, GasGas, Honda, and KTM's all strapped down in my truck without issue. One Kawasaki lived in the bed of my truck, literally, for weeks on end, over a years time, and only unstrapped when I was riding it, and yet no problems. Go figure. As typical, if you're having a problem with fork seals when strapping your bike down then quit over tightening the damned things! If your forks seals are leaking then they were going to anyway or you cranked them down so hard it's ridiculous. You need no more than maybe a 1/4 to a 1/3 of your suspension to be compressed for your bike to be 100% secure. If you're still worried about it, bleed the pressure out of your forks during transport and then equalize it again after unloading. It is like people not using a torque wrench and wondering why they strip/break bolts and somehow it's the manufacturer's weak product.
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    So I got my 2018 KTM 250XC about a month ago, and the guy I bought it from had never done the proper fixes on the mikuni carb. I did lots of reading on this site and bit the bullet right away with a JD Jetting kit and jet block gasket kit. I live at 8000’ and ride up from there. All I can say is that the last couple rides after I fixed the jet block gasket, needle seat o-ring, and got the proper needle and jets in there, it’s a beast. I think this carb got a bad rap cause people didn’t fix the gaskets before playing with jetting. Anyways, just very psyched on this bike and how fun and nimble it is.
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    Rip .... just another reminder never take a day for granted and just a be an awesomely kind person.
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    I f no-one else will say it, I'm gonna say it, what the hell were you thinking grinding down such a critical part of the bike! Take it to a GOOD engineer, and have the whole weld you ground down re-welded, and hope it doesn't pull everything too far off line. Then cut the plug off your grinder and get your mom to put it way up outta your reach. Any steering damper kit worth fitting will not need ANY part of the bike ground.
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    I now have about 450 miles (around 33 hours) on my 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC. I have ridden this bike in a variety of off road locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. There are not many of these Freerides out there to I wanted to share my observations to date both the Good and Not so Good. Lets get the negatives out of the way first: The Freeride E-XC Negative List: 1. Range: For my off road riding (like you see in this video) I get 1~2 hours ride time and 20~25 miles ride distance. I have gone as far as 2.5 hours (about 38 miles) but that was riding slowly on level ground in Map 1 (50% power). The battery can be swapped out quickly so a spare battery could extend the ride time but the cost is very high for an extra battery. 2. 220V Charger: Needed to install a 220V socket into my garage and also limits portable charging as many small generators do not have a 220V capability. 3. Brakes: The Formula brakes have average stopping power and require a lot of effort at the brake levers. The 2021 Freeride brakes are supposed to be improved. 4. Tires: The Maxxis trials tires are a decent compromise and work well in the dry and hard pack dirt (just drop the pressures). Not so good in mud. The Freeride E-XC Good List! 1. Stealth: Quiet riding is a new experience. Fun to quietly ride in the woods or even around the neighborhood. Stealth riding could open up more places to ride 2. Instant Torque: The Freeride is amazingly quick from 0~30 mph. Trails (and wheelies) are fun with this kind of instant throttle response 3. Agility: The Freeride has few rotating parts (no piston/cams/crankshaft/clutch etc) so it feels light in motion and changes directions quickly and easily. Feels much lighter than its approximately 240 lb weight would indicate. Even though Freeride is about 7/8 size (which helps agility) the ergonomics feel good for me (I am 6' 2" tall). The steering angle is steeper and the wheelbase is shorter than a regular dirt bike and that helps with quick turning on the trails. Some other observations: There is no clutch. This makes extreme off road riding more difficult. A clutch would also add more weight and cost. I've adapted and like the simplicity of just throttle and brakes. The suspension is soft with a plush woods focused setting that absorbs the rocks and roots with little deflection. Fast guys will say it's way too soft. I think the spring and damping rates KTM selected match the fun off road character of the bike well. The Freeride is more capable than I expected. I've done back to back lap time comparisons with my gas bikes and the Freeride laptime is closer than I expected. The Freeride has (3) Maps that can really change the character of the bike. Map 1 is 50% power and great for beginning riders or simply letting an inexperienced off road rider try out the Freeride. Map 1 power is soft and smooth and even if the rider goes to WOT the bike is still controllable and top speed it limited to about 33 mph. Map 3 is full power and the bike is much more responsive to throttle inputs, feels more capable, and is quick off the line. I ride Map 3 all the time. Maintenance is simple: lube the chain and charge the battery. No gas, oil, or air cleaners to mess with or pistons/rings to change out after so many hours of run time. There is no vibration: totally smooth at the grips and footpegs so less fatiguing to ride. Nothing gets hot so no worries about hot exhausts or engines (this is especially nice when riding in the woods). Easy to clean up as the motor is simple and nothing gets hot so no burnt on mud. I don't see the Freeride replacing my 300XCW gas bike but is it a great 2nd bike in the garage. My Freeride actually has more miles on it than my 300XCW which shows how much I like riding the Freeride. If you can live with the Freeride run time/range and 220V charging requirements it offers a totally different off road riding experience. The electric Freeride is quiet, quick, and agile. And most importantly it is simply fun to ride and isn't that why we got into motorcycles in the first place? Here is my summary video along with a few pics of the Freeride...
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    you need a muffler pipe expander to fix. maybe run it by a muffler shop
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    You think road riding would be a whole lot safer?? Joe
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    I am 69 and I have been riding 56 years.
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    Had another epic weekend, this time with Rev It Up Girls Riding Club near Palisades Resevoir in southern Idaho on the Wyoming border. Half of the gals were on quads or razors and the other half on dirt bikes. We did a ride Saturday up a rocky road with everyone, then two of us split off on singletrack. We rode up to a point with absolutely amazing 360 degree views. We could see one of the peaks in the Tetons. The trail was rocky, but not super technical. As we went down we went through the forest on some twisty fun stuff. We came out at the creek and the trail followed the creek the rest of the way out. We alternated crisscrossing the river about 6 times and following the trail up above on skinny exposed trail overlooking the creek for about 8 miles. This was where we got into trouble. My friend went off the downhill side of the trail three times! We managed to get her bike back up on the trail the first two times .... exhausting work for just the two of us. The third time she went down, she busted her chain. We had 4 miles to go to get back to the road. Thank God she didn't get hurt, but we didn't have a masterlink so couldn't fix it ourselves. It's too long of a story to tell, but the recovery included me riding out to get help, a guy double riding her out, double riding her back in on Sunday, a dunk in the creek and having to take out the plug, a guy getting oil shot in his face as we turned over the bike, a masterlink not fitting the chain, and another trip necessary tomorrow to recover the bike after the shops open. Throughout it all we were still joking and I returned to Montana with newly formed friends.
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    Yon is still there. It was he who organized a shoveling party with a bunch of other dirt bikers so we could all get through the huge drift on Monarch Crest. Its hundreds of feet long and bypassing it isn't cool. If ya get any grief from MTBers up there (I found them and hikers usually grumpy) ask em if they know who cleared the drift and all the downed trees on all the trails every year....likely they don't know. Answer is, moto guys do it every year. Maybe that'll change their attitudes...a little anyway. Below are my pics of the drift from last week's trip. Amazing how much its shrunk in the 2 weeks!. My second pic is of it on the descent.
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    Good for you. My daughter graduated in ‘13 with a BS in Business Management. Has been full time employed since graduation and on her own since ‘14. Car is paid off, motorcycle is paid for (Beta 125 RRS), and she is debt free. She just found out her credit score is 830. Very proud of my little girl.
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    Story Time! We have a great trail system in Michigan, and a lot of talented MX riders that also enjoy riding woods. Years ago a bunch of guys (including a few top State A class riders) were preparing to ride a loop, and the staging area was Jeff Stanton's place. Jeff was unable to get his CR250 ready, so instead of making everyone wait until he finished his bike, he opted to ride his wife's CR80. Some of the other riders grumbled, thinking they would be constantly stopping on the trail for "a guy on a little bike". Without bothering to change the set-up on his wife's CR80, Stanton joined the other riders as they headed into the woods... and promptly put a gap on all of them. He was basically untouchable the entire day; riding an underpowered, ill-fitting bike, against some of the best riders in the state.
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    I don’t see the downside with hardworking, smart people legally immigrating to the US to participate in the greatest capitalist economy in the world. That’s how our country was built, and I’m not sure what’s more ‘well rounded American’ than that. Anyway, just my take on it. 2nd & 3rd gen will become more plugged in with the culture. They’ll also start businesses, fuel the economy, and fill critical tech jobs we can’t meet the demand for anyway.
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    So............I am no expert but this is what I have been told........Dexcool is a GM developed coolant that works great in aluminum engines. It transfers heat well and another difference is that it runs clean in passage ways ( leaves behind no residue ). Glycol coolant ( the green traditional stuff ) leaves a small film in passage ways as it is being used. This works well in cast iron blocks to help prevent corrosion. Using Dexcool in a system that has been running Glycol ( green traditional coolant ) can cause that residue / film to break loose and has the possibility of clogging up the coolant system and causing issues. I know this as a buddy with an LSA ( super charged small block all aluminum chevy motor ) in his jet boat lost a sight glass tube out on the river one day..........we put in glycol and river water to get us back to the dock then learned of the things I mentioned above...........had to do a lengthy purge / clean of the entire coolant system and re-fill with Dexcool. Running Green for a bit in a system that has Dexcool is not the end of the world like what happend with the boat..........but the reverse putting the orange dexcool in a system that has been running Glycol can cause problems by breaking loose the protective film Glycol leaves behind. Just a heads up. If ya run it check your system a bit after running and make sure it isn't causing issues. Dave
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    Awesome. You’ll have all the support from me that I can provide
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