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    I'm a spontaneous kinda guy.. started last Saturday afternoon and ended up today with 300 XC W.. Someone should have told me about the cold warm up needed, but I'm past that now~ hopefully no harm no foul. Real hard to get a better deal than list price on these right now. However, I squeaked out no freight, no prep, and I'm happy w that after all isn't it all that really matters.. I will take some suggestions on excellent performance mods please.. something about rk head? Idle screw? Hell, I don't even know what teeth sprockets are on it.. Oh I'll figure it out, if you don't tell me, I'm good at counting my losses lol.
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    I would imagine it's short to provede a little spring load. But l think those things are a gimmick, l wouldnt even use it.
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    Years ago I did some research and found some tests that the concluded the cheap helmets protected as well as the expensive helmets, the difference seemed to be comfort. one thing that was interesting was the weight of the helmet played a factor in neck injuries but there wasn’t a huge difference in weight by price, there was actually heavyish expensive helmets and lightweight ones that were pretty inexpensive. One thing I’ve certainly noticed amongst my riding friends is the ones who buy expensive helmets usually expect to get a certain amount of time (several years) out of them before they need replaced. Or are unwilling to replace an expensive helmet even after a crash because of the cost. When in reality once you hit your head they should be replaced. I feel safer replacing my well fitting inexpensive helmet after every crash where I got my head then wearing an expensive helmet I’ve crashed in. $.02
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    So I sold my 2018 KTM300XCW because I realized I’m no Graham Jarvis, it was had to admit but I finally came to terms with it. So I bought the little Zinger to help get me back into the swing of things. First real mod will be springs, they are too stiff for my old carcass and weight. Next might be the tires. The pic is before my first ride!
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    Fork savers do nothing to save your seals in the bed of your truck while tied down. As mentioned, it's a myth. The original design of fork savers was not for seals. Tie-downs used to have open clips and not have soft straps (cheap tie-downs still do this). It was known that over more extreme terrain or bumps, the forks would compress while in the box of your truck and the hooks would become unclipped and your bike could either fall over or fall out. With the introduction of a fork saver, it allowed to pull the forks down to a set point and not allow it to go any further... Since then tie-down technology has improved. While riding, your suspension is cycling up or down 1000s of times, and bottoming often. The load your suspension is put under while in the bed of your truck is marginal at most when compared to what it's doing while your riding.
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    Haven’t used one of these in 55 years of hauling dirt bikes. No forks (seals) blown out ever.
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    A modern Rekluse does not dumb down a 300. If you jumped on a bike with one and weren't told, you'd ride it, using the clutch as normal, like you're accustomed to and probably never realize it had one. Not every 300 rider is in the their teens, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's. Me personally, with decades of injuries and getting older, not continuing to be able to ride, and ride even the hard technical stuff like 5MOH that I did at age 60, was something I couldn't yet bring myself to give up. I got rid of my heavy, over powered 4 stroke for such stuff, in favor of something lighter, more flickable on the trail. In my research, the 300 was considered the perfect replacement to a big 4 stroke, often called the 4 stroke of the 2 stroke world. I rode it stock for a year. I love it's power valve/jetting tunablity and low end tractability to suit whatever you're doing. But it's still a high spirited 2 stroke. For me, a Rekluse topped all that off to make it the perfect old man trail bike.
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. I just wanted to put up some pics of my xr200 build.
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    I used VP "water jugs". The new EPA compliant gas cans are a huge joke. I've never spilled so much gas as when the government decided they could design a better gas can. I've had some of them literally shoot a 20 foot fountain of gas into the air when you unlock the nozzle because of pressure built up in them since they won't vent. Yeah that's smart, great for the environment and the fact they cost 3x more than old style cans is just frosting on the cake. Doc
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    some progress pics on the two 1974s I picked up this past September. The yellow 350 didnt run, but does now after cleaning up that carb and electrical connections. The 175 ran when I got it, but was missing airbox, signals and brake light. I'm going to be painting the tank on the 350 this spring attempting to put it back to stock colors. I did a decent job on the fenders for it being a backyard rattle can job lol. I'm awaiting Vermont plates in the mail. Paperwork and checks were mailed 2 weeks ago.
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    I suspect it’s not the high octane that is the cause of the yellowing, but the type/ brand/ of fuel used. I’m pretty sure they add colours/ dyes to fuels and you have came across one that stains plastic.
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    They are the biggest load of cods, absolutely not required, they state they save your fork seals from blowing "Give me a break - what do you think the seals are doing when you are riding" total BS
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    They're more of a risk to use them than not. Also a myth that it helps fork seals.
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    Hi from Devon in the UK, OK, so this isn't a DR-Z400, but it uses the same engine - upgraded from the factory with the FCR39 carb. It's a 2003 CCM404E and it goes very well, having a lighter frame and White Power suspension. The photo shows it on Dartmoor in Spring 2019 after its overhaul following purchase in 2018. I used it to tour Europe in Summer 2019 and it rode very well (apart from the seat....). I am just giving it a winter lockdown "once-over" to get it ready for the Spring and possibly more touring in France and Spain. Sigean
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    Not all today but I am a bit behind. Bought a new Beta, converted to Snowbike, installed Smart Carb, homemade engine jackets and PTech protection items. Been a heck of a few weeks.
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    Good luck. There is very little margin in a $6600 dirt bike. You may be able to catch a small break on the other fees. But, don't hold your breath. Btw, the cash thing is a myth. They hate cash. They want you to finance it, they get a kickback.
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    This was the reply direct from Beta. Sorry for the delay. On a bike with this high amount of time, I doubt the issue was from a manufacture defect.The issue we had was an assembly issue from the factory which caused damage to the left side main bearing during assembly. In all the cases, the bearing would break (see pic) It was on roughly 10% of our 2 stroke engines. Yours could have been caused by normal wear. In all cases, they would fail much sooner with the cage cracking. So I'll be covering this. Which is ok. Beta did well already by replacing my fork tubes when the anodizing was stripping off the inside. And I had a friend with a 2019 KTM TPI, oil pump went out just about a year after purchase and seized the top end. KTM said too bad. So I still think Beta has best customer support in the biz.
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    Guys, Boyd is in New Zealand. They measure octane by the RON method. We in the US use the R+M/2 method. His 100 octane is our 95. The 96-98 he usually runs is our 92-94.
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    Looks great came in yesterday can't wait to pick it up.
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    Ran it for 3000 mile intervals in my 14000 RPM Yamaha 600. Came out looking very good. Analysis came back excellent. There is a 100% chance that you are talking out of your ass here.
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    First US production bike pics. Supposed to be shipped here first week of January.
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    My dad taught me on a Honda s90 around 1962. My father raced in So Ca district 37 for 40 years. He raced against some notables as Troy Lee and a family friend Gary Bailey the professor of moto cross. Gary’s son went on the win a super cross in Los Angles back in the day. Here’s a photo of my dad and Gary going toe to toe at a tt scrambles course.My father is on the inside.My father passed last year he would have been 100 the 29 of this month.RIP
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    Some pics of today’s trail clearing, Dyrtmon’s little saw ran almost all day.
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    Get the one that the seller took the time and effort to clean. The one with mud on the tires and under the fender are an indication of how well he cared for the bike. I just don’t understand putting a bike up for sale with mud on it. Shows how much he cares about it.
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    I’ve been out of the dual sport world for about 12 years. I started with a 1991 XR250L, went to quads for a bit, then a 1996 KTM 620 RXC (awesome bike), then a 2002 DRZ 400s (best fit for the Jersey pine lands) and now a 2019 CRF450L. Just bought it tonight, getting fluids changed and bring her home on Saturday. She’s basically stock with the addition of some bark busters and some Michelin AC10 tires. Only has about 1,000 miles and I’m happy to be getting back in the dirt at 49 years old. Lucky to have a great wife that said “Keep the Harley” too.
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    Bought a 21 myself. I priced out a 200RR one weekend, and was going to put one on order, but then took my son's 16' XT ( I rode it for a year, then sold it to him, and bought a 3500RR-S) for a ride around a 1km loop of tight single track I have on my property. After realizing again, how much fun the bike was, and how well it worked in the trees, I placed my order for the XT, and am glad I did! (not that the 200 isnt a great bike) I got 2 rides on it before winter hit here, and the bike is just too much fun in the tight stuff. The low center of gravity, and the smooth torquey power, work great for me! ( I'm a lugger, not a fighter). I ordered up a Lucky fork insert, valved by AMP, which, I have to install yet, and will either get him to revalve the shock, or order his tuned Lanier shock. But, I am having a problem with the exchange rate to Canada bucks with that, but may just do it anyway. I am 55 yrs old, and ride with some guys that are 15yrs younger than myself, and this bike helps me hold my own, through the tough stuff, that they like to drag me through. When the going gets tight, I can still school, the young bucks on a good day! Anyways, I dont mind putting the dollars into the XT, as I am planning on keeping it for a long time. For me, it is a great bike, that works very good for me!
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    Did a bunch of research after reading all the recommendations from TT provided me in this and other threads (Thank you all), and ended up going with a 2021 Beta 300 X-trainer. Took it for a little braap in the parking lot before loading it up and I was grinning ear to ear for about the next hour. I hit 2nd and about half throttle and it's scary powerful compared to my CRF. Taking it out for it's maiden voyage in the trails tomorrow.
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    Driving down the Columbia Gorge to Portland Thursday, Debbie gets a text and link to a discussion board about the desert 100 postponement for 2021. Several posters mentioned staging a 100 mile race at Starvation Ridge.By the time we got to Portland .....it looks like we will put on a crosscountry race April 10 &11th. It will be called "Starvation Ridge 100 mile protest Rally. " PRESERVE YOUR RIGHT TO PROTEST!!! 4 -25 mile laps comprising 3 different loops marked in yellow, white, and orange ,3 checkpoints, transponder scoring WITH punch cards for backup. Kids Junior A, Junior B, and junior C , and the 50 mile classes will race on Saturday, Sunday will be the 100 mile classes. Classes will be similar to the desert 100, with some differences. There will be no riding at the Ridge other than respective races. Eddieville will be open for playdays/ camping from April 5th through the 11th. One camping fee, daily riding fee . Eddieville is around 8 ish miles from the ridge. 1 1/2 mile MX track, 6 ish mile Grand Prix course, 1/2 mile flattrack. Riding from 8:30 to 5;00pm. Classes/schedules/fees will be updated in the near future, finisher t-shirt., Trophies will be "appropriate". More to follow Scott
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    Hi guys, just showing my daughters finished Pw50, it’s a 1999 model that was pretty rough so rebuilt it to make it a unique 50 just for her that will put her apart from the Pw50 army at the track.
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    If budget is tight, regular work gloves and a pair of jeans will do in the meantime but don't skimp on buying proper boots. Elbow and knee guards are rider preference for mobility reasons but it sometimes only takes one fall to convince you. A chest protector is also a consideration as it prevents the ends of the bars, levers, pegs and branches from stabbing you in a crash.
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    Ride it. It needs nothing. Congrats!
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    So I'll chime in. Born and raised Cali. Joined the Military. Rode every single weekend in southern and northern california on more public lands than I can count or remember growing up. 17 years in, I have lived in Florida, Virginia, Japan, Hawaii, Nepal, Colorado, and Arizona, and visited lots more countries and states. Just got back to Arizona to finish out before retirement.. Did some racing in florida while I lived there. Almost zero public land, and a few tracks scattered hours apart. People went in on super small properties, and put on races, but basically the off road riding sucked. Virginia was ok, but basically zero public riding land. Again private land, people tried their best, but the riding wasn't amazing. Hawaii, same shit. Like one place to ride legally. Colorado, actually really awesome place. Maybe on par with what cali has. In terms of taxes and governmental policies. California has always been horrible in that regard. Arizona has a shitload of riding, right out of your house, and mountains, and everything in between. In terms of public land, tracks, and private land combined, Cali has some of the most awesome riding ever. I live in Yuma Arizona, and guess where I drive to ride every weekend, and race the most. Cali-&%$#@!ing-fornia. Basic premise? Unless your rich and have a shitload of friends who have property, the east coast sucks donkey balls compared to the west coast for riding. Are there better states for riding than Cali? maybe a few. But don't come in here trying to get people to move to WV. If you believe every californian is a Libtard or whatever, you're wrong. It has more "redneck" style people than you would ever think. More farmland too. It has more square miles of WV type mountain ranges in a few riding areas than your whole state has. It also has desert, tracks, rocks, high alpine riding, you name it. I'll live just outside of Cali and avoid the 13.3% state tax rate, but I'll always ride and race there. Cali is awesome, the government sucks. But so does many other places. Californians (the ones outside of hollywood and SF, are normal just like everyone else) Calm down on the cali hate.
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    On Any Sunday. About bikes, riding bikes, talking about bikes. The various sequels were not nearly as good as the original.
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    Good ride today. Lower elevation didn't have snow, but higher elevations had some. Rode 43 miles in about 40 degree weather. It started snowing 15 minutes out if the parking lot, but didn't last too long. Then the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.
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    The pits are a contamination/plating issue.
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    I just picked up a '19 500rr-s yesterday. Can't wait for the weather to cooperate so I can get it out and ride it.
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    To each his own...but they look stupid... You'll never notice the extra weight...and the dirt and water won't matter. But they look stupid.
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    The issues with spoke skins are they trap water and dirt, causing deterioration of the spoke. They add weight (unsprung at that) and the trapped dirt adds more weight. Spend your money on air filters, oil changes and chains. Maintain the suspension.
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    Lectrons: For those who can't jet a carb. Mikunis: For those who like jetting carbs. Keihins: For those who only want to jet a carb once.
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    Gets sillier, got another call from the AMA informing me that I was selected.
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