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    I would imagine it's short to provede a little spring load. But l think those things are a gimmick, l wouldnt even use it.
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    Years ago I did some research and found some tests that the concluded the cheap helmets protected as well as the expensive helmets, the difference seemed to be comfort. one thing that was interesting was the weight of the helmet played a factor in neck injuries but there wasn’t a huge difference in weight by price, there was actually heavyish expensive helmets and lightweight ones that were pretty inexpensive. One thing I’ve certainly noticed amongst my riding friends is the ones who buy expensive helmets usually expect to get a certain amount of time (several years) out of them before they need replaced. Or are unwilling to replace an expensive helmet even after a crash because of the cost. When in reality once you hit your head they should be replaced. I feel safer replacing my well fitting inexpensive helmet after every crash where I got my head then wearing an expensive helmet I’ve crashed in. $.02
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    Haven’t used one of these in 55 years of hauling dirt bikes. No forks (seals) blown out ever.
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    They are the biggest load of cods, absolutely not required, they state they save your fork seals from blowing "Give me a break - what do you think the seals are doing when you are riding" total BS
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    They're more of a risk to use them than not. Also a myth that it helps fork seals.
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    Fork savers do nothing to save your seals in the bed of your truck while tied down. As mentioned, it's a myth. The original design of fork savers was not for seals. Tie-downs used to have open clips and not have soft straps (cheap tie-downs still do this). It was known that over more extreme terrain or bumps, the forks would compress while in the box of your truck and the hooks would become unclipped and your bike could either fall over or fall out. With the introduction of a fork saver, it allowed to pull the forks down to a set point and not allow it to go any further... Since then tie-down technology has improved. While riding, your suspension is cycling up or down 1000s of times, and bottoming often. The load your suspension is put under while in the bed of your truck is marginal at most when compared to what it's doing while your riding.
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    Looks great came in yesterday can't wait to pick it up.
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    I’ve been out of the dual sport world for about 12 years. I started with a 1991 XR250L, went to quads for a bit, then a 1996 KTM 620 RXC (awesome bike), then a 2002 DRZ 400s (best fit for the Jersey pine lands) and now a 2019 CRF450L. Just bought it tonight, getting fluids changed and bring her home on Saturday. She’s basically stock with the addition of some bark busters and some Michelin AC10 tires. Only has about 1,000 miles and I’m happy to be getting back in the dirt at 49 years old. Lucky to have a great wife that said “Keep the Harley” too.
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    Hi from Devon in the UK, OK, so this isn't a DR-Z400, but it uses the same engine - upgraded from the factory with the FCR39 carb. It's a 2003 CCM404E and it goes very well, having a lighter frame and White Power suspension. The photo shows it on Dartmoor in Spring 2019 after its overhaul following purchase in 2018. I used it to tour Europe in Summer 2019 and it rode very well (apart from the seat....). I am just giving it a winter lockdown "once-over" to get it ready for the Spring and possibly more touring in France and Spain. Sigean
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    Bought a 21 myself. I priced out a 200RR one weekend, and was going to put one on order, but then took my son's 16' XT ( I rode it for a year, then sold it to him, and bought a 3500RR-S) for a ride around a 1km loop of tight single track I have on my property. After realizing again, how much fun the bike was, and how well it worked in the trees, I placed my order for the XT, and am glad I did! (not that the 200 isnt a great bike) I got 2 rides on it before winter hit here, and the bike is just too much fun in the tight stuff. The low center of gravity, and the smooth torquey power, work great for me! ( I'm a lugger, not a fighter). I ordered up a Lucky fork insert, valved by AMP, which, I have to install yet, and will either get him to revalve the shock, or order his tuned Lanier shock. But, I am having a problem with the exchange rate to Canada bucks with that, but may just do it anyway. I am 55 yrs old, and ride with some guys that are 15yrs younger than myself, and this bike helps me hold my own, through the tough stuff, that they like to drag me through. When the going gets tight, I can still school, the young bucks on a good day! Anyways, I dont mind putting the dollars into the XT, as I am planning on keeping it for a long time. For me, it is a great bike, that works very good for me!
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    Every bike has advantages and disadvantages. The X trainer certainly isn't going to fit everyone's style of riding or type of riding they prefer. My brother is 5'8" 160lbs. Here's his 250RR. Full Kreft tuned suspension for A NW rider, RB design carb and RK Tek head. A fantastic bike that he did really well on riding and racing. The advantages with the X trainer are very appealing when riding back to back in our preferred terrain. The X trainer turns very quickly, it's low center of gravity and lower height are a welcome addition in root and rock gardens offering great traction and ability to easily distribute rider weight to gain traction as well as changes of lines easier to maneuver. The power delivery characteristics are very close to an RR with a few easy mods and the power delivery characteristics are actually very beneficial for NW woods riding where traction is a premium. We are never using the top end and rarely hit 4th gear on a 50+ mile day. The suspension is the largest caveat and biggest factor in the equation. My brother labored over this for a few months doing tons of research and contacting multiple tuners looking for the best approach. Ultimately you have a wide range of options are and can make the X trainer suspension performance identical to any RR. Does it come at a cost, yes, but between the money saved on initial purchase and the fact that all of our bikes receive full revalve anyway, the suspension becomes total non issue and dealt with just like any RR in terms of getting properly setup. I'm really looking forward to spending time riding it when he's done with setup.
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    You're an idiot. Go race it. Have fun. I think there should be a 650 class at offroad races for retards like me that would love to do this.
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    Do yourself a big favor. BUY OEM parts.
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    I started riding snowmobiles when I was VERY small. Growing up at 5500 feet in Eastern Idaho - most people rode snowmobiles. Either because they had to or they loved it as a sport. Over time, my father transitioned slowly to three wheelers made by Honda - 110's, 185s and so forth and somewhat away from snowmobiles. I LOVED these machines, especially in the winter when I could spin an endless cookie in the street in front of my house much to the chagrin of my mother. From there, as I got older, and my parents got older - they moved to quads of all shapes and sizes over the years and I gained a love for trail riding and just being outdoors on a four wheeler. Fast forward to a few years ago, I'm now in my late 40's with 4 kids of my own and my oldest son wants to get into dirt bikes. (We have been riding quads of my own now up to this point.) So, like a good Dad, I buy him a Kawasaki KX100 and he LOVES the thing. Now when we go camping or anywhere else where we normally ride, I have to haul this green thing with us as well on my nice quad trailer! (Not happy about that initially.) Curiosity gets the best of me and I start taking the thing for short rides. It, at times, scares the **** out of me when I hit the power band, but I do pretty well overall. Then I start riding it more and more, and my son starts to notice and sees that he is now competing with me for seat time on his bike! My two younger sons notice and start begging for dirt bikes as well over time - their size dirt bikes that they can ride. Long story short - I buy my other sons smaller dirt bikes and pick myself up a Yamaha TTR125 to put around on. We are all hooked at this point! All four of us love it and cannot get enough. Over the last summer we rode anytime we could squeeze it into our schedule. And we are still riding - just went this past Saturday even though there was snow on the trails in a lot of places. At this point, the thought of riding a quad again is so unappetizing its crazy. I cannot imagine being on anything but a motorcycle now, quads seems boring, lifeless and safe. (They boys all have larger bikes now and I moved to a TTR230 for now.) So what is this "two wheel witchcraft" that exists? I have never gotten so hooked on something so quickly prior to dirt bikes. And the disdain I have for quads now is palpable - I still have two of them for my wife and daughter, but I turn my nose up at them every time have to load them or maintain them! 🙂 I'm sure there are similar experiences out there.
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    👍👍 Clean and simple. Too many guys sticker/decal up bikes till they look like a jig saw puzzle.
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    My experience is exactly the opposite. I got one, but everything I've used it on wobbles around way too much with it. And I pulled 'em down 'till the front tire was nearly flat from both the deck and the fork brace thing. Only used it a few times, it just holds dust up now. If your seals 'blow' from tying the bike down, you've got more problems than some stupid bit of plastic will fix.
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    I almost lost my bike off of a hitch carrier thanks to one of those when it fell out and left my straps dangerously loose. I hope the dude that found it, threw it right in the trash...
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    I feel better tying my bike down under spring load. Not a rigid chock.
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    My opinion is that a lot of the money on the higher end helmets is spent on making the helmet lighter, adding better materials padding, better ventilation, etc. I needed a SNELL helmet for the Mint400, I picked up a HJC MXFG for under $200. It is comfy and if the SNELL testing means anything very safe.
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    Ok I'm going to eat some crow here. Most of you were probably tired of me bitching about my 200. Well so was I. I pretty much had enough and was ready to move on. Last weekend I took the 200 out and the bike was still not feeling right. The day before I rode a different bike with a fresh tire. Seeing that the 110/100 Shinko 525 cheater on the 200 was worn down I thought let me try a new tire and let's see. I mounted a IRC VE33S in 110/100. OMG didn't even feel like the same bike. The handling issue I was having was gone. So what changed. The IRC is a much taller tire. The 525 I took off had a circumference of 81.5" the ICR was 85". That's an extra 1/2" or 13mm of sidewall. Even though I was at 100mm sag the shorter tire was throwing things off. I never would have thought the tire was what was screwing things up. I've learned something new I guess. The ride today was the best I've had on the bike. The weird quirk it had cornering was gone. It felt like I would expect and was spot on. Finally it works like I hoped. I had fun on the bike all day and can't wait for the next ride. On another note @shrubitup took the 200 for a couple mile spin.
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    Yes, but 'doesn't' lose PSI when your disconnect it... That 'psst' you hear is the air left in the line in the pump side. Too many people don't understand that.
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    Picked this beauty up yesterday! First Beta, never even rode one before. Super stoked to get to know this absolutely stunning bike. Comming off 2018 Gas Gas 300xc, and Kawi 450's thought this 390 would be a great in between bike. Will be racing harscrambles and enduros.
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    Not all today but I am a bit behind. Bought a new Beta, converted to Snowbike, installed Smart Carb, homemade engine jackets and PTech protection items. Been a heck of a few weeks.
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    Do you carry a firearm? is it a semi-auto? You realize that magazine springs are under tension for far longer durations than bike transportation will be. Firearms mags work the same way. Keeping a mag fully loaded will not damage the spring. However, constant loading and unloading will weaken the spring. This is how spring steel works.
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    Lol, these threads never stop amusing me. YOU DON'T NEED A BRACE. Your forks can take you landing a 90 footer flat, tie em all the way down, no big deal.
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    It fits exactly how its supposed to, you pull the strap to tighten the suspension to fit the support. With that being said, they're not necessary.
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    Why look back? Go ride, race and have a ball!
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    Just picked up mine from Frank's Motorbikes today. Now I wanna go ride it.
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    I took a pretty good digger in a 6d helmet. I was able to take it back for an inspection. I had foam dented in places I didn't even know I hit my head. 6d was able to replace the liner so my helmet was as good as new minus cosmetics. That's a service you won't get in a cheap helmet.
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    If he just maintains about the same finishing positions as last season with no mechanical DNF’s it’ll be a big win for Beta.
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    And definitely not a google mechanic lol honestly never even watched a YouTube video till a couple recently cause board. People on here TT in general post alot of videos but I honestly don't watch them . Some of the engine builder videos I've watched I should've started doing that years ago . Most of them don't even drill exsuast bridge lubb holes or say anything about it. Few other things too. But most wouldn't like some of my ways but gauntee I'd do them much faster than all those guys. Well not now but before I got hurt
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    Super simple. Pull in the clutch lever at the handlebar. The clutch springs will pop the cover off from the inside.
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    As a track owner , I know what it takes .. 32 acres of land , dozer , maintainer , tractor with blade , mower , bucket , disc , harrow , drag boxes , leveler , water truck , pond , water pumps , electricity , diesel , gas , oil and filters , equipment operators , maintenance people , EMTs , fire fighters , track personell . Flaggers , spotters , min. $ 4 - 5 K per month ..... Not cheap to have a top notch raceway . Then add in buildings , plumbing , concessions , and the employees to run it ... I thank all the people that helped me out over the years .... now it is just a small riding area for our own family.
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    Any blow strong enough for you to feel has compressed the Foam inside the Helmet enough to compromise it for the next crash.
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    An all American made riding gear company, although I think only pants and jerseys. https://www.ammotocross.com/ Kinda nice to have options besides 90% of everything made hecho en China.
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    Too kind. All we need is to build a revenue stream so guys like me can make it their real job instead of something we do for giggles (and the joy of pissing off the powers that be).
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    My 2016 350 RR. Mint with 500 miles
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    Well.... you have to take into consideration you had a couple of inches of seat cushion. That almost made up for the 3 inches you lost when sitting on it. I think the real travel on my 400cc 75 CZ M/C bike was around 5 in the front and 3 to 4 in the rear. And it wasn't good travel either.. I rode a 300 KTM a few years ago in the Mojave desert and couldn't believe how smooth it was over the nastiest terrain I threw at it. To say it was night and day compared to the CZ doesn't come close to describing it..
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    'bike-in-a-bin'...and a 'bag-o-bolts'...all it took was a VISA card and a year...🤡
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