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How long have you been riding dirtbikes?
Reader Poll: Approximately, how many years have been you riding dirt bikes?
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ThumperTalk.com Arched Front Fender Stickers
Dyno testing showed gains up to 2HP per side!* Will work on most 2-stroke dirt bikes!
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The Technical Advantages of CV4 Thermal Solutions
Heat is the enemy of dirt bike and ATV performance, but simple steps can be taken with CV4 thermal protection products to avoid running into bigger problems.
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CV4 Radiator Hose Kit
TT Reviewed! Contributing Editor John Hutches gives CV4 silicone radiator hoses & 2.0 bar radiator cap a shot on his 2019 Yamaha YZ450F and shares his thoughts.
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Pros and Cons of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Recently, we saw a lot of people asking us about the pros and cons of Lithium-Ion Batteries. So, here is it! FYI this post covers pros and cons about all Lithium-Ion Batteries!
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New "Drop In" Spark Arrestor Solution for Dirt Bikes & ATVs
If you’re looking for an economical, yet high-quality drop-in spark arrestor for your round core 2 and 4-stroke muffler, take a look at the solution from Fisch Moto. It’s offered in 5 sizes to fit a wide...
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Three Causes of Cramping Associated with Electrolyte Deficiencies!!
After watching this video, you will understand what causes this dreaded situation and ironically, the faster, harder or longer you train/race, the more susceptible you become to running low on electrolytes!
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Zac Speed Comp 2 Racing Backpack
Video Review: Designed for aggressive riders & racers, we put the Zac Speed Comp 2 Pack through its paces and share our thoughts.
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In this feature we’ll be looking at different things riders and racers say about off-road motorcycling and try to determine whether they are true or false…or maybe somewhere in-between!
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2-Stroke Top End Rebuild Guide
Top-end rebuilds are a necessary maintenance task associated with high performance off-road two-stroke motorcycle ownership. The common belief is that performing a top-end rebuild is a simple task that anyone can do, which is true, however, the devil is in the details!
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Are new bikes really that expensive?
Most seem to agree that new motorcycle prices are steep, but when compared to the recent past, are they really that high?

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Hey dads, KTM is comin' for your kids!
Us long-time gas burning dirt bike dads might have something against electric dirt bikes, but will your kids share the same bias?
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How to avoid boogered up Phillips head screws
Fasteners on your Japanese bike too soft? End up looking like the pic? Maybe it's NOT the fasteners, but your tools!
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How to Winterize Your Dirtbike or ATV
No rider likes putting away their skoot for the winter, but if you gotta, winterize it right! You'll thank yourself next spring.
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KTM buys 60% of GAS GAS!!!
What does this mean for GasGas? Will KTM grow the brand or will they go the way of brands like Husaberg?
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2020 Beta Race Edition Models Released
Beta launches the new 2020 RR Race Edition Models on the market!
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Be Heard: Bill Would Cap Ethanol in Nation's Fuel Supply
Tell your representative to support H.R. 2540 today! H.R. 2540, the bipartisan Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act of 2019, introduced by...
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(Closed) Enter to win in the Wiseco Powersports Giveaways! 3 Prize Pools!
We've partnered up with the folks at Wiseco Powersports to bring to you giveaways on a few of their popular MX, Enduro & Dual Sport motorcycle rebuild kits! Prize pools include...
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Silky BIGBOY 2000 360MM XL TEETH
If your trail rides include cutting deadfall to keep forward progress, a good trail saw is a must have. Is the Silky BIGBOY 2000 up to task for serious riders? We put one to the test riding the Pac NW woods and share our honest opinions.
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Zac Speed Recon S-3
It can be a chest protector, hydration system, riding pack & camera rig, all fully customizable via Zac Speed's CONFIGR8 system. But, are they any good?
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Top 3 Signs Your Dirt Bike Needs a New Clutch
The clutch system is the most important connection between your hand and the rear wheel, as far as controlling the machine. When working properly, most riders don’t give their clutch...
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New Husqvarna 701 Auxiliary Tanks From IMS Products
IMS Products, the industry icon for off-road innovations, is excited to introduce the new Husqvarna 701 auxiliary tanks. With this cutting edge system there is no need to switch on any...
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How to Replace the Clutch Basket in your Dirt Bike
Is your clutch having problems engaging and disengaging? Do you feel inconsistency through the clutch lever when operating the clutch? A worn clutch basket could be the...
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6D Helmets: An Interview with the Co-Founder, Bob Weber
Not long ago we were able to meet 6D Helmets' Co-Founder, Bob Weber during a media day at Cahuilla Creek MX park just outside Temecula, California hosted by InsideLine. We were able to...
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