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How to avoid boogered up Phillips head screws
Fasteners on your Japanese bike too soft? End up looking like the pic? Maybe it's NOT the fasteners, but your tools!
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KTM buys 60% of GAS GAS!!!
What does this mean for GasGas? Will KTM grow the brand or will they go the way of brands like Husaberg?
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2020 Beta Race Edition Models Released
Beta launches the new 2020 RR Race Edition Models on the market!
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Poll: Best Brands of MX Boots for 2019
Poll: Best Brands of MX Boots for 2019. Select the brand(s) that you believe make the best MX boots in the business!
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Be Heard: Bill Would Cap Ethanol in Nation's Fuel Supply
Tell your representative to support H.R. 2540 today! H.R. 2540, the bipartisan Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act of 2019, introduced by...
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(Closed) Enter to win in the Wiseco Powersports Giveaways! 3 Prize Pools!
We've partnered up with the folks at Wiseco Powersports to bring to you giveaways on a few of their popular MX, Enduro & Dual Sport motorcycle rebuild kits! Prize pools include...
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Silky BIGBOY 2000 360MM XL TEETH
If your trail rides include cutting deadfall to keep forward progress, a good trail saw is a must have. Is the Silky BIGBOY 2000 up to task for serious riders? We put one to the test riding the Pac NW woods and share our honest opinions.
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Zac Speed Recon S-3
It can be a chest protector, hydration system, riding pack & camera rig, all fully customizable via Zac Speed's CONFIGR8 system. But, are they any good?
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Top 3 Signs Your Dirt Bike Needs a New Clutch
The clutch system is the most important connection between your hand and the rear wheel, as far as controlling the machine. When working properly, most riders don’t give their clutch...
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New Husqvarna 701 Auxiliary Tanks From IMS Products
IMS Products, the industry icon for off-road innovations, is excited to introduce the new Husqvarna 701 auxiliary tanks. With this cutting edge system there is no need to switch on any...
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How to Replace the Clutch Basket in your Dirt Bike
Is your clutch having problems engaging and disengaging? Do you feel inconsistency through the clutch lever when operating the clutch? A worn clutch basket could be the...
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6D Helmets: An Interview with the Co-Founder, Bob Weber
Not long ago we were able to meet 6D Helmets' Co-Founder, Bob Weber during a media day at Cahuilla Creek MX park just outside Temecula, California hosted by InsideLine. We were able to...
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Keep Your Cool: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat
For many, riding in the summer heat is just part of the deal, but there is more that you can do than just suck down more H2O. Here's 10 tips that will get you through the day performing and feeling your best.
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How to Make Your Own Plastic Skid Plate
I like working with my hands, and wanted to come up with my own skid plate at a fraction of the cost of those on the market. I’ve previously used an OE Hard parts aluminum and HDPE skid plates, but found them to...
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The Fundamentals of Dirt Bike Handling
Have you ever ridden a buddy’s bike and walked away wishing that you didn’t have to get off because everything just clicked as you were riding it? Maybe it was even the same bike as yours! So, what's the...
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Pistons Aren't Round: Profile and Ovality Explained
Profile and ovality are two main characteristics of piston design. Here we'll take a look at why pistons are designed to not be perfectly round.
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KC66 Edition Hydration Pack!
Excited to be a part of supporting the launch of the KC66 Edition Hydration Pack from USWE Sports! I've been riding with a USWE pack since last fall, they are flat out the...
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Is Honda making a 2020 CR500?
I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of people hounding their local dealer to be first in line for an aluminum frame updated CR500!
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Coach Robb: How to Properly Diaphragmatically Breathe (Handle Stress | Better Performance)
When you encounter stress (of any type), humans have a tendency to breathe shallow and only through the top of our lungs which minimizes the oxygen being delivered to our brain and working muscles.  Learning how to implement this breathing pattern will yield huge...
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Husqvarna Motorcycles Launch MY20 Motocross Range
Husqvarna Motorcycles are pleased to announce the launch of the MY20 motocross range – nine premium minicycle and full-size machines that feature carefully considered developments targeted at further improving the pioneering European manufacturer’s cutting-edge motocross line-up.
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10 Tips for a Dirt Bike Bottom End Rebuild
A bottom end rebuild doesn't have to mean a trip to the dealer and a second job or mortgage to pay for parts & labor! Here's 10 tips for those that want to tackle this job themselves.
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Do wrap around handguards cause hand and/or arm injuries?
If you've been around TT for any length of time, you've probably seen the question posted, so I thought that we'd try a non-scientific member poll to see what the consensus is. Do wrap around handguards cause hand or arm injuries? Please vote on our poll (for fun).

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Viral Brand Factory Series Pro 3 Goggle
Are premium goggles like the Viral Brand Factory Series Pro 3 Goggle worth the money? Are they more comfortable or perform better than the more budget friendly goggle offings out there? Are roll-offs just for racers? We gave their Factory Pro Series 3 a good shakedown riding the wet, rocky & rooty Pac NW woods and share our thoughts on this offering by Viral Brand.
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Top Three Mistakes When Recovering from an Injury and How to Avoid Them – Part 1
Nobody enjoys becoming injured due to overuse or an unforeseeable impact that happens in less than a second; however, as the old saying goes, as an athlete, if you haven’t already been injured, most likely you will be at some point. That said, let's talk about how to get you healthy and back in the saddle!
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Everything You Need To Know About Installing a New Chain on Your Dirt Bike
Whether you're new to chain installs or you're always looking to the latest/greatest info & techniques on the maintenance tasks you perform, here's a great article on drive chain installation done right.
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