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Momentum is Your Friend
About a month ago, I launched a campaign in order to bring my dirt bike film project to the masses. The name of the film is NEVER RIDE ALONE. You may have been exposed to the trailer? If not, here... READ MORE
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Alta Lovers Rejoice!
Video: Electric Honda CR Prototype from the 2019 Tokyo Motorcycle Show
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ASV Inventions C6 Series Clutch Lever
ASV levers sure look amazing, but is their "unbreakable" design & on-the-fly adjustability worth the extra cost over stock? Checkout our video review to find out.
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Duct Tape Shootout!
It's been said that you can fix anything if you have some duct tape and WD-40. That said, let's do what rider's seem to do best and complicate the hell out of something simple! What duct tape is the best?
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Real men don't wear shop gloves!
For the record, I'm no safety nazi. In fact, I don't think that powersports junkies in general fit that bill. However, most will agree that it's simply smart to dress for the crash, not the ride. But, do most apply the same logic when dressing for bike repair and maintenance?
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2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look
The new 2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport has returned for 2019 with a whole new attitude. The popular on/off road model has received a face lift in the way of all new bodywork that resembles the off road RR models.
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All New 2020 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup
The new model year 2020 Timbersled systems demonstrate industry leadership with the introduction of the new 2020 Timbersled RIOT, the industry’s first 3” track through the introduction of Timbersled ARO™ 3, and performance-enhancing improvements on the Timbersled ARO 129 and 137.
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How to Check & Adjust Valve Clearance on Your Dirt Bike
JE Pistons has been building & testing engines for over 70 years! In this how-to article they share with us their best insider tips & tricks on performing this important job to a high standard.
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Pod Active K8 2.0 Knee Brace
Video review of Pod's all-new carbon fiber frame K8 2.0 Knee Brace

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Crankcase Bearing Removal/Installation Anyone Can Do
DIY Tech Tip: How to Remove & Install Motorcycle Crankcase Bearings with Paul Olesen
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Chinese Dirt Bikes: The Next Big Thing? (Video)
Will Chinese dirt bikes ever get a trusted seat at the table for the weekend warrior, let alone the racer?
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Zip Tie Shootout: What's the best brand?
Zip Tie Shootout: What's the best brand?
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Up to $6 million in Contingency is Available for Suzuki Off-road and Motocross Riders
For the 2019 motorcycle racing season, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., (SMAI) is putting up to $6 million in racing contingency money for off-road and motocross riders to race the all-new Suzuki RM-Z250, RM-Z450, RM85, and RMX450Z.
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Acerbis X-Trip Gear Bag
ThumperTalk Tested! We gave the X-Trip Gear Bag by Acerbis a shot hauling gear to the local trails and across the country. Any good? Checkout our review!
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2019 KTM 690 Enduro R:  More Power, More Tech & More Money
The KTM 690 Enduro R is back for M.Y. 2019 with a number of changes, some welcomed and some surely to be controversial depending upon the rider.
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Why Your Goal Setting Isn't Working!
As a performance coach of 35 years, Coach Robb takes a deep dive into why we gravitate towards actions & thought process that undermine our full potential! Whether this potential is in the area of professional, financial, relationship, health, wellness or athletic performance, Coach Robb walks you through the subtle yet destructive patterns of human failure.
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Flo Motorsports Pro Series 3.0 Foot Pegs
Video Review of the Flo Motorsports Pro Series 3.0 Foot Pegs in the jet fuel (aka- oil paint) finish that looks absolutely killer! Testing was performed in the Colorado Rockies installed on a KTM 300 XC-W 6 Days.
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How to Know When to Replace the Piston in Your Bike
The piston is one of many wear items in your powersports machine. It may last longer than tires or a chain, but it should still be treated as normal maintenance when the time comes. Here, we go through key tips to help you know when it's time for a refresh.
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On board w/ Graham Javis: British Extreme Enduro Championship Round 1 Tong 2019
On-board footage w/ Graham Jarvis racing the 1st Round of the British Extreme Enduro Championship 2019 at Tong, West Yorkshire, UK.

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TPI! It's short for transfer port injection and it's KTM's response to increasingly tough European emission laws. TPI is often promoted as the latest and greatest innovation for two strokes, but in reality it's...
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Bonhams is delighted to announce the no-reserve sale of the Sant Hilari Collection, to be offered on Saturday 27 April 2019 at the two-day Spring Stafford Sale (27 & 28 April 2019), The International Classic Motorcycle Show.
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Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video
Track the latest results of the 2019 Dakar and bench race with fellow fans!
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BMW is making riders obsolete! Self-riding motorcycle tech?!
Video: BMW is making riders obsolete with its autonomous R1200GS. Solution looking for a problem?

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Can you FEEL IT ThumperTalk?
2019 Marks a year of new winners, motivation, and the passion of FEELING inspiration for podium bound performances. FEEL IT FMF Style!
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2019 Beta Evo Factory Editions - First Look
Here's a first look and specs for the 2019 Beta Evo Factory Edition 2 and 4 stroke trials machines.
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