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    LOUD PIPE issue: Vote

    In less than three years you will be able to ride in any national forest you wish, as long as it doesn't have any ball or roller bearings in it. So what difference does it make if it is loud or quiet. The greenies have been working on this agenda for over thirty tears. And you are going to stop them in a few? But if you try to comply now, it will be less than three years before you have to use your YZ's and WR's for anchors. I hope I am wrong.
  2. Tree_hugger

    LOUD PIPE issue: Vote

    I see this whole argument as a exercise in futility. The only leagle option we have is to vote with knowledge. The average age of this sport is the one thing that will kill it. So few get the real picture. No matter what we do, we will be deprived of our rights if we don't get the greenies out. Meanwhile, I vote for loud, but be considerate.
  3. Tree_hugger


    NVRFNSH, what would be the definition of the word,seems????????? In your next sentence, you said the same thing I said. Why is mine bull**** and yours is not? I know this is a very upsetting subject and I am upset also but all of us can work it out together. Lets stay focused.
  4. Tree_hugger


    Everybody sell your Yamaha and buy a Harley and Motocross them. There seems to be no regulations on how loud they are. But you better wear a half shell helmet and lots of leather. And for those of you who don't drink beer, fake it. I can see it now, a YZ 2200 F.
  5. Tree_hugger


    It looks like to me that algore has started his run for the Whitehouse or Senator Clinton and the Sierra Club are sleeping together.
  6. Tree_hugger

    Dirt Rider YZ450 Article

    Hello Dan, I am sorry, but I couldn't get it up, the picture that is. I am glad to hear about your relationship with your father. Father and son relationships are one of the most beautiful events that can happen in a life time. I value mine with Ron more than anything else. And then, there is the sport of motorcycling that I also like. I used to call it "DIAL A THRILL" and then my body wore out. Now I am Street Rodder, no helmet required. Tell your father that he is a lucky man and that I said Hi.
  7. Tree_hugger

    Dirt Rider YZ450 Article

    I just wanted to bring this thread back to the top, just incase anyone missed it the first time. Just the kind of guy I am.
  8. Tree_hugger

    Did I screw up new tube?

    The only time I ever used the nuts was while holding the tube in place until the tube was inflated. Then I would throw them away. Never put them inside.
  9. Tree_hugger

    Dirt Rider YZ450 Article

    Thats my boy! Isn't he great?
  10. Tree_hugger

    Hey All Heads Up! Please Read

    How much time did it take you to post that one? Way to go! Just a note to let you know I will be in Portland for a Street Rod swap meet March 3rd. I think I should attend the BLM meeting on the 4th. Now that sounds like allot of fun, I love to be a pain in the arse for those greenies. Thanks Paul for the heads up. The last meeting I attended, I volunteered to spray the roadside weeds with diesel fuel and they went postal. Now that was fun.
  11. Tree_hugger

    Knocked myself out

    On the upside, just think how good it is going to feel when it stops hurting. Now you know what to do with the next set of hoops. Get well
  12. Tree_hugger

    MotoCaching - Dumb Idea?

    Lets hear it for Ron, Yeh.......And now for the naked girls. Show me the girls. Me be seeker.
  13. Tree_hugger

    MotoCaching - Dumb Idea?

    I will be out there tomarrow,just tell me how to get to the hotsprings. Clothing optional? Girls? Can I take off my red flannel underwear? I just love this site.
  14. Tree_hugger

    how about...

    Somebody has been drinking thier own bathwater.
  15. Tree_hugger

    How to tell your too old to race motocross !!

    I resemble that last statement. At my age all of them apply. If I could just remember what the subject matter was. I do rember something about a water truck passing me, three times in one lap.