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  1. GP1K

    '13 or '15?

    No brainer... 2015 for sure. It's hands down better bike in every way... except price, I suppose.
  2. Just wait another year til the YZF450FX comes out... problem solved!
  3. GP1K

    Picked up YZ250FX today

    You just need to tune the FI and all that herky jerky will go away. On my 2012 WR450 the stock map was terrible, very snatchy and jerky down low. But I put a better map in and it was smooth as butter but still had all the power when you rolled it on. Or I could make it a snarling beast, just a few seconds of remapping away. One really needs the FI tuner tool to truly get the most out of these FI bikes. It's not like the good old days of carbs, you can drastically alter the power delivery and character of the motor with a few button presses, it's pretty awesome.
  4. GP1K

    2015 YZ250FX owner's first ride vids

    The YZF, FX, and WR all share the exact same suspension front and rear. Only spring rates and valving are changed to suit each bike's mission.
  5. GP1K

    Picked up YZ250FX today

    Why are you guys wanting to compare a 250F to a 3002T? They are totally different bikes that will feel and ride totally different. I'm more curious as to how the FX stacks up to it's real competition, a 250 XCF.
  6. GP1K

    2015 YZ250FX owner's first ride vids

    The suspension is exactly the same, just different spring rates, which is easily changed and will be by default for a lot of riders anyways. Without checking part numbers, I don't know if the FX ECU is the same one you get when you buy the competition ECU for WRs? They might be different, and that may account for the lights issue. I suppose one could see if the WR450 ECU is the same part number as for the YZ450F.
  7. GP1K

    2015 YZ250FX owner's first ride vids

    Is it really? Every enduro kit worth a hoot costs around $300 or so, which is not counting anything you have to buy for the bike first to make it work. Unless you plan on ONLY racing, you'll need a new exhaust on your FX as well, no spark arrestor = illegal to ride anywhere other than a closed course, so that's a wash. The 'competition kit' costs a whopping $100 for the ECU and throttle stop. Snorkel removal is free. Yeah IF you're lucky enough to weigh what the stock springs/valving are good, but that's not the case for most folks, so most will end up re-springing either at minimum. So tell me again how much 'cheaper' putting lights on an FX is? EDIT: Oh I see you're in Australia, where for some reason they charge outrageously more for WRs. Here in the US the WR costs $100 more than an FX. If you want lights here, the WR is a no-brainer. So yeah, your $2500 AUD is what? Close to $2000 USD, and still and offensive premium for a WR, IMO. I'd prolly be looking at other options as well.
  8. GP1K

    2015 WR250F for a little motocross?

    It would be better than any previous WRs for sure, but clickers alone won't make the suspension work right for MX, and it's a bit heavy. If you really want to do double duty, why not get an FX? It would still be right at home on an MX track.
  9. GP1K

    2015 YZ250FX owner's first ride vids

    To those wanting to put light kits etc on your FXs, why didn't you just buy WRs instead? You do realize the WR is a snorkel, throttle stop and ECU/map & exhaust away from being exactly like the FX, power-wise, right? Cheaper and easier to destrict a WR than put all that stuff on an FX.... just sayin.
  10. Absolutely. They are the exact same motor; compression ratio, cams, etc. The only difference is the items you mentioned.
  11. There are options such as the FMF Q4, it doesn't make the power of the open exhausts, but definitely more than stock and they save weight and sound good, IMO.
  12. What carb? 15 WR250s have fuel injection. Yes you can uncork the bike and get a ton more power out of it. But then it will be a closed course only bike. Perhaps some other fellow Kalifornians can chime in here on what can & can't be done.
  13. GP1K

    2015 YZ250FX owner's first ride vids

    Hogging out your stock exhaust will only make it louder, it will not make more power, it will actually make less. This has been proven on a dyno many, many times. It's pure noise pollution with ZERO benefit whatsoever. Do the right thing and get a decent aftermarket exhaust like FMF or similar. More power, less noise, less weight, win/win. Also you can get the GYTR FI tuner and customize the power delivery to your liking via the mapping.
  14. And YOU never came HERE either. So there!
  15. Mocking that which you do not know only makes you look foolish and ignorant. I double dog dare you to come up to WA sometime and try some of our 'foo-foo little woodesy crap' trails and if you could even hang, you'd surely be singing a different tune. Real skills are required here, displacement and HP are largely irrelevant. And yeah, I for one never 'attempted' taking a several days of vacation to drive 20+ hours (each way) to find out what I already know: SoCal is not nor ever will be the mecca for super gnarly technical terrain. You have rocks... rocks, and more rocks. Bone dry rocks at that. We have rocks too, and also trees, downed trees, branches and roots, that are often wet, covered with moss, leaves, pine needels and or mud etc. Gee, I wonder which of those is harder to ride on? Dry rocks or wet slippery rocks, roots & branches? Derp. And perhaps Melvin should try some nice spider-web roots that are all wet & mossy on a steep side hill single track trail some time. After eating shit a few times he may find a new respect for them.