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  1. blackelmo

    Bike Prices

    "Trolls love to eat people, especially small children." So this must be the meaning as referring to Fester??
  2. blackelmo

    Bike Prices

    Not only are the bikes made in Europe but the trials market is also much bigger there. It comes down to supply and demand as well as the weaker US dollar and import tarrifs. There is probably a much larger selection of used trials bikes in Europe whereas in North America there may be several people searching for a few used bikes. Does that help? If it makes you feel any better,I just spent 9 weeks in Denmark and I attended the Copenhagen motorcycle show. In Denmark cars and street legal motorcycles are charged a 180% tax - new and used. If I move there and ship my Suzuki over I will be charged that tax on whatever value they place on that bike. But since my Montesa is offroad only it is exempt. Scary isn't it?
  3. blackelmo

    seat on trials bike?

    I have the tank/seat unit for my montesa. I have only used it once, for trail riding. I think it would be a little cumbersome for trials riding but if it is necessary to use it to help an injury then it might be worth a try. It isn't that comfortable but it does allow you to give your knees a rest.
  4. blackelmo

    Back-up bike saves the day!

    dos equis,I love your avatar!!
  5. blackelmo

    Trials Seat.....

    http://cascade-motorsports.com/ I'm not sure who made it but Don can give you price and availability.
  6. blackelmo

    Trials Seat.....

    They are available from the local dealer here. If you want I can PM you the link. I paid about $600.CDN back when our dollars were a little more even. Expensive ,but it adds more fuel and it is nice to sit down on a trail sometimes. I haven't used it as much as I thought I would. I've been trying to practice more trials riding and it can get in the way a bit. But it can give my old knees a much needed rest sometimes.
  7. blackelmo

    Trials Seat.....

    This is the one I bought for my 4RT. But, yes, they are expensive!
  8. blackelmo

    Dialetric Grease on the bulbs?

    I use dialectric silicone on my bulb contacts and although it does attract some dirt, it stops the corrosion. I also use a little regular rtv silicone on the lens to help prevent the water and dust from entering but it's not perfect.
  9. blackelmo

    Looking for riders in Denmark

    I may be moving to Denmark in the near future. I'm curious about off road riding there. I own a DRZ 400 and a Montesa Trials bike. Is there anywhere to ride. I would be moving to Sjaelland. Any Dansk riders out there? Tak. Blackelmo
  10. blackelmo

    Movies with trials bikes.

    I seem to remember that in "The Jerk" it was a Bultaco Sherpa T although it's been a long time since I've seen it.
  11. blackelmo

    A good laugh

    Some of my favorites.
  12. blackelmo

    Why do they call it observed trials?

    Hey. I resent all those references to our provincial cash crop. Beside it'll make you ride soooo much smoother...at least in your head!!!
  13. blackelmo

    post pics of your trial bikes

    Was the name of that old Ural-riding vet "Mr Cobb" by any chance?
  14. blackelmo

    Awesome Granite mountain face

    That is one beautiful area to play in. And so close to your home. Lucky guy!!
  15. blackelmo

    Your Favorite Trials Forum

    Yah I want to hear you explain to Fester. Remember,your toes are not the only things you might lose!!! And TT gets my vote also.