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  1. I have a 2008 450 xcf with a full street legal baja kit(blinkers,horn,etc) and need a new battery. Ive read and read reviews all day. All seem to have good and bad reviews. What are you guys running that wont leave me stranded. I also already have a battery tender
  2. thanks, the concensus seems to be the same for street/dirt. Ive never done any real enduro and always had dirtbikes and ran 10/12 for the tires. not that these are going to last too long if i did road riding anyway. M402 Bridgestones and M59
  3. mook13


    cool, thanks!
  4. thanks guys, cant wait to get the pressure right and try the trails again on the bike. How does the high pressure usually effect the bike in sand and trails? Been researching and some say it makes it dig in and some say it makes the bike float and ride on top of the sand. Need to check the clickers on the suspension to make sure they are al dialed in to stock and not some crazy setting from the dealer. Had one bike where they were all different on front from a dealer, I was like *** till I figured it out
  5. I have a 2008 Ktm 450 xcf. What pressure are you guys running for on/off road riding? All my dirt bikes I ran about 10rear and 12 front for florida sand. I rode my KTM for the first time yesterday and front end felt like it was floating in the trails. Went back to the house and the dealer had the rear at 26psi and front at 22. They are the stock tires
  6. heres my new 2008 KTM 450 XCF , street legal
  7. mook13


    I thought the XCF came with a KTM computer
  8. Does anyone have a trail tech computer? I have an 08 KTM 450 xcf that is street legal. I was going to buy an hour meter to keep track of oil changes, suspension oil, etc. But I ran across trail tech vapor and vector that are pretty cheap. Just need to buy a mounting kit too. How hard are they to install and how good are they before I spend the money? http://www.trailtech.net/computers.html
  9. mook13

    Bought a new bike!!

    in pasco there will be more pictures to come! the sprinklers will help with the sandy parts in the summer
  10. mook13

    Bought a new bike!!

    on the hitch,hard to tell. This is the first time Ive used one. It seemed to be about the same price as most. I drove 2 hrs home with the bike on it and it seemed to do fine
  11. after a year and half with no bike I finally got one yesterday. Couldnt pass up the deal. Its a brand new 2008 KTM 450XCF. Tomorrow Im going to see my friend and he is doing the suspension for me for my weight. Cant wait to start riding again with my nephew!! Weve been working on a track at my house for about two months now. Goes through the woods some, then there is a double you can take or roll, two nice burms and a couple little jumps. My stress relief is back! Here is some of the track behind my house.You can only see one little jump and the double in this one. I have loads and loads of mulch coming in for free from a local tree service. Were going to put it on top of the whole track, we did it before and it works great for not getting too sandy. I also put sprinkers in yesterday and planting seed tomorrow in all the open area between the track and the house. Should look nice when all done
  12. mook13

    450 xcf exhaust

    the bike is BRAND new, yea!! So no reason to repack it. i found it as a left over model on the other coast. I already talked to Doug Harvey today. So im picking the bike up two hrs from my house then drive 1 hr north to Doug's and have him set the susp up for me. So one more week till I get my bike
  13. mook13

    450 xcf exhaust

    guess we'll see when I finally get to ride, thanks for the help! sparky has been ordered!
  14. mook13

    450 xcf exhaust

    how are the heat shields to stop burning the pants? Ive never had a problem with my other ktm, 200xc and 250xcf-w.
  15. mook13

    450 xcf exhaust

    GREAT!! thanks