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  1. SV_Rogue

    2002 YZ250F Oil Leak Questions

    Thanks! I'll have him check those gaskets too.
  2. SV_Rogue

    2002 YZ250F Oil Leak Questions

    I'll try to get around to cleaning them better and taking pics of them tomorrow. And you're welcome
  3. My husband and I picked up an '02 YZ250F (cheap!) to fix up since he has some mechanical knowledge of street bikes. We finally got her started the other day and discovered she has a bad oil leak. The first time she started up, oil was literally pouring underneath her. It appeared to be draining from a some sort of breather pipe/hose (from what we could tell from the micro fiche). He checked the oil level (the oil looked clean) and the oil level was now just a little bit high. Second time she started, no oil leaked at first, but she did eventually start leaking again. Seems her hoses are bad. Here's a pic. Cell phone pic so it's not the best, but hopefully enough to show how bad they are. Question: what is this long hose in the middle and what is it's function? I'm hoping that changing out the hoses will solve the oil leak, but what are some other things to check concerning an oil leak? If this helps, the rest of the motor is very clean. We were told she just had a new top end. Any help is sincerely appreciated.
  4. SV_Rogue

    Tire Question(s) & Suggestions

    Rim strip. Gotcha.
  5. SV_Rogue

    Tire Question(s) & Suggestions

    What do you use for your rear?
  6. SV_Rogue

    Tire Question(s) & Suggestions

    Thanks! Tube size will be the same size as the tire size, right?
  7. SV_Rogue

    Tire Question(s) & Suggestions

    SI is soft/intermediate?
  8. 2002 YZ250F I need tire recommendations. Soft for the track. Kind of cheap right now as I'm not going to be doing any hard running on them. I'll change to a better tire next change. Also, where can I find the tubes? I've went to a couple of sites and can find tires, but not the tubes. I guess I suck at the internet today as I can't find the first piece of information I've been looking for.
  9. SV_Rogue

    R1 project

    I think he meant to be sarcastic.
  10. SV_Rogue

    R1 project

    It's not the fact of pinning it. Riding street is different than riding dirt. Compare that R1 to a 250 2-stroke. It's not very smart of someone who's never ridden dirt to start on a 250 2-stroke. It's not very smart of someone who's never ridden street to jump on a liter bike. Same principals apply. Liter bikes are torquey as hell and WILL even leave an experienced rider on their rear. Not only that, but liter sports bikes today have so much power you only use a very limited amount on the streets and that's even riding hard. You'll never get the full potential of what the bike is capable of on the street anyway. So what's the use? I've seen guys who raced mx jump on a liter bike and total it in a short period of time. Actually, a friend of mine did that recently. You'd have just as much fun on a 600cc sports bike as that 1000. I see you ride a 4-stroke. If you like the 4-stroke better than a 2-stroke, I suggest looking into a V-Twin sport bike, like the SV. The basic delivery of power is the same. Not sporadic like a 2-stroke....inline 4's have the power band in the high revs much like two-strokes.
  11. SV_Rogue

    Another Bike

    Oops. Typo. Fixed
  12. SV_Rogue

    Another Bike

    I've given up beating my little TTR on the track and have been looking the past couple of weeks for an old mx bike I can learn on. It didn't have to be anything fancy as long as it ran. I've ridden my hubby's KX125 a couple of times and feel it would be a challenge, but I could learn on it. But I didn't want a bike like his. I wanted something I'd probably feel more comfortable on so I was looking for a big wheel 85 KX100, etc. When I came home from work, I discovered I didn't have to look anymore. My hubby found a bike for me. He found it for next to nothing. It's a 2002 YZ250F. Not exactly what I wanted, but I'm not going to complain. He got a great deal on it, but it does need some work. We're the third owners of the bike. The second owner said he bought it earlier this year, rode it twice, and never rode it again. He scared himself off of it when he wheelied it. He said it had been about a month since the last time he cranked it and it cranked on the first couple of kicks. It looks like it took quite a beating beating and wasn't cared for by the first owner. Well, the bike won't start now. It's probably the spark plug from the way it acts. I hope that's the reason it won't crank. The other bad problem is it needs new fork seals. Other minor things are needed like new tires, and new clutch and brake levers. The sprocket and chain look good, brand new, but I wonder if it's the stock size? The plastics are scratched up, but I'm not worried about that. I'll probably put a few on their myself. It has a different pipe on it. I think it's just a slip on but I don't think it was originally made to fit on this bike. It's had a top end rebuild recently. You can tell. It's missing it's snorkel. The air filter is completely nasty. I wish I could meet the first owner. I can't believe someone would mistreat a bike so horribly. He probably rode the hell out of it and didn't take care of it. Now it has a new home, with loving owners that will get it back into shape. I look forward to making her all better and hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to do it. I'll be back here often, (in the proper subforum, of course) looking for advice and asking plenty of questions. The best thing about the bike is I didn't have to sell my TTR to get it, which means alot because my son can ride it.
  13. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that the bike was tainted because it had been raced. I don't know much about dirt bikes. As long as it's been maintained, it's all good. I mention that it may have been raced (the second one) because of my ignorance on the maintenance of raced ones. I know some basics, but don't know if they've been raced so many times if they do, in fact, become "tainted" i.e. need constant rebuilding, higher maintenance after being raced often, etc. I wasn't putting the bike down. I apologize if I gave that impression.
  14. I found a 1996 KX 125 for $1,000. The guy says he just had some maintenance done to it, including a top end rebuild. It's never been raced, but has been taken to the track. As far as visually, the bike looks good, although a new front sprocket and chain is needed and probably new tires. The guy says he's had no problems with it starting. He's the second owner of the bike and has kept it well maintained. How easy/hard is it to find parts for this bike? The bike is kind of old, but they don't die if they're taken care of, right? I looked at kbb's website and the suggested retail is $1640 with the trade is value at $1060. I also found a 2000 KX 125 in the same basic condition (new top end rebuild, well maintained, new rear tire, chain and sprockets look good, bike is clean) for $1500. Retail value is $2045 with trade in at $1355. I haven't spoken to this owner, but instinct tells me it's been raced. Which one would be the better deal? I found them on cycletrader and they are in Texas, which means I'll have to travel at least 5 hours to get it. No problem if the bike is worth it, but I'd hate to make that long of a trip and not get either. I'm kind of digging the older '96 one, especially for the price. I don't mind having an older bike as long as it runs and doesn't need more than normal maintenance. Keep in mind, the bike will be raced. Another thought for consideration: my son will NOT be able to ride the 125 at all. If I were to get the '96 one, I may not have to sell the TTR and can give it to my son. Decisions, decisions, decisions. . .
  15. SV_Rogue

    Question(s) About Titles

    I called myself searching, but may not have used good wording. I'll try again. Thanks!