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  1. hm450

    San Diego helps foreign off road rider

    Thank you very much for the time you spent. So, if i have well understood license plated or green sticker. For the second one is there a list to check if one bike is green or red ? I'm enjoyed to ride on exotic trails but need to find out buddies 1st... Cheers
  2. Hey there, I plan to live in SD area on next summer, not 100% sure. I'm a enduro (european) rider and would like to continue this sport as i started from '76. Need advices and good guys to ride 1st. Need also to understand how to ride in this area, i.e, no need to have a license plate bike to ride or not ? A lot of confusion... My current bike is a RMX450 (my second in a row) but will be sold here before to come ... I rode for 10y on French Enduro Championship and still riding with friends in my Alps (french side) I helped a few expat from SA US and expect the same welcome. Thanks in advance for your comments Jean-Patrick
  3. hm450

    new owner - questions questions questions

    Yep only off road max speed 100km/h 2s per day !
  4. hm450

    new owner - questions questions questions

    No unfortunately impossible. On my side it's a way to have a second wheels set to fit our landscape if it's rainy and muddy or if i ride in dry and rocky area without the need to change my tyres at each time. I've bought a pair from DNA in 2010 for my 1st RMX450 and keep them for my second RMX450 in 2014, no issue, up to now. In the past i own 2 crfx450 in a row and did the same with the same brands...
  5. hm450

    new owner - questions questions questions

    Rmz wheels works at the rear, on front You'll have To remove the speedo mechanism To fit a rmz wheel and disconnect the cable under the headlight (one minute)
  6. hm450

    Skid plates

    No it won't, RMX450z is wider
  7. hm450

    Boston area

    Thanks guys so if i've well understood Van is mandatory To avoid To be followed and stolen No need plated bike if enduro rides in the Woods 'cause in my country we are all plated To cross some roads between our tracks And area not really friendly for Woods riders. Damned
  8. hm450

    massachusetts Boston area

    I could get an opportunity to move there i.e I'm not yet in Boston area but just want to know I'm an old euro enduro rider (since '76) and would like to know if there are some places to ride ? How far from Boston suburb and information are welcome... Are people use trailers, is it safe ? or van is mandatory ? Are enduro bikes plated ? My current one in Europe is a 450 RMX See my posts on suzuki rmx 450 on this website. Thanks in advance guys Cheers Jean-Patrick
  9. hm450

    D-Day 9/24/10

    Still riding at 55s'
  10. hm450

    RMX450Z weight

    Any idea which aluminium stand could fit ?
  11. hm450

    DIY Cherrybomb with switch

    Hi neighbour, What's the benefit to ride without cherry bomb when u switch on off ?
  12. hm450

    RMX maps and issues

    I don't know brendamills but investigate on oem parts if they have the same part number at 1st...
  13. hm450

    D-Day 9/24/10

  14. I use Smith SMX goggles for a very long time but manufacturer seems to stop this model. I love them 'cause they have a wide screen, even if i'm not glass wearer. So, question is : Which model and brand should i've to consider as this kind of information is hard to find !?? thanks for your advise Jean-Patrick
  15. hm450

    D-Day 9/24/10

    For enduro, a switch on bar for EFI is interesting in my mind in 2 ways : standard and wet conditions, even if the RMX450 is smooth. I'm waiting to try new kT with their kind of grip control to see if it's real !?