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  1. DRZRiderz

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    I sold my last street bike because the world is out to kill people on street bikes!
  2. DRZRiderz

    Swingarm Pivot Shaft Maintenance (Photos)

    I love when people post tech tips and info. Thanks for the great post
  3. DRZRiderz

    Cha Cha Cha Changes....

    Yeah right! (you) :***:*-(roost)'+*:*;** (buddies) Great looking 650! If I may, I'd like to suggest a dark (black?) colored background for your number plates with some number of your choice. Numbers always seem to look better than a logo. Maybe some of TT's PhotoShop guru's could doctor those photos a bit so you can see what I'm talking about. IMO, it's tough to beat the black background yellow number combination Anyway, nice work!
  4. DRZRiderz

    Best Pipe for the Woods

    Yeah, the FMF T4 is working out really, really good. For me anyway.
  5. Same here They're a good combo
  6. DRZRiderz

    New model in the DRZ range

    MOTARD here I come!
  7. DRZRiderz

    Acerbis Tecnik front fender installed.

    Those a re great for dual purpose, but I kept tearing them up un the trail. They would just rip apart at the junction. I know, if I'd stop running into trees and hitting the deck so much it would be a different story. They do look trick though.
  8. That's the best looking XR400 that I think I've ever seen. Very Nice!
  9. DRZRiderz

    DRZ goodies post

    Very nice looking stuff
  10. DRZRiderz

    lots of metal in my oil

    How often you change oil will determine the life or death of your dirt bike. Change regular and ride longer
  11. DRZRiderz

    cheap front signal mod

    Every time I try something like that, all my street legal stuff gets damaged and quick. Bad luck I suppose.
  12. DRZRiderz

    My bike is done!Take a look!

    Looks clean, nice job!
  13. the crf250x rocks! I'm looking to buy an 07 when they come out. probably going to sell the drz-400 to help pay for it. I rode a 04 & 05 crf250x, very nice, very reliable...
  14. DRZRiderz

    RMZ450 pictures

    just bought one. hope to have pics of the drz and the rmz in the garage soon
  15. DRZRiderz

    fork oil level 2001 s

    I run about 15cc more than stock. helps the bottoming . depends on style, skill, weight, preference, etc. you just have to play with it to ever find out what's best for you. you'll tell a difference though by adding and subtracting.