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  1. what would be the best way to get better performance on my bike. I would like to keep it stock as far as exhaust. low noise area. what jetting and other mods would I have to do.to help it breath better. I took of the snorkle but I don't like that opening when we are in sand what can I do? thanks
  2. kfxrider1

    3x3 hole? 2003 kfx400

    thanks for the info. I think I will not be doing that, we have to keep the noise down I will just do the jets and cover for now and then pick up a quieter exhaust later
  3. kfxrider1

    3x3 hole? 2003 kfx400

    when you said stock exhaust {modded} what did you mean Is this something to do at home and how.. looking for more pep without a lot of money outlay.
  4. kfxrider1

    3x3 hole? 2003 kfx400

    ok, should I put a outerwear in place of the cover. what about the fuel screw and low speed jet. Won't these change without the cover. I thought from reading these posts that 160 would be too rich
  5. have a few questions. not used to kfx. all stock. I rejetted to 137.5 and removed snorkle. Still doesn't want to run right. acts like it runs out of gas in 3d gear. after that even less I pulled the carb and checked float 13mm Is this a normal thing with these bikes What is this 3x3 hole I read about? Need help!