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  1. Back on subject. Got a 17 300RR a couple months ago. got some time on it and raced it. I love this bike. My fist 2T. it is amazing. I am having some minor bugs. But no more than on any other bike I have ever bought. and no different than already said. It is a freaking tractor. lugs and lugs for days. no noticeable power curve. just torque. I have a 6 mile hard endure . it is great fun. Couldn't be happier. I had been looing for a new ride and this fit all the criteria. Low seat, decent tank, kick stand, push button, great price and service.
  2. I started off road about 20 yo on a XT350. Really enjoyed it. then bought a XR600 and thought it was too big..scared me silly Sold it quickly. A few years later jumped to a DRZ 400 on trade, then onto a GAS GAS 450 FSE. All dual sports. When I needed a new street bike after many years. I found the XT1200. I am a guy that can tear stuff up and decided that I would like a street bike I can abuse and occasionally take a detour with. After a year of so, I kept riding it more and more off road. today I love the big bike off road. you learn to make it do that work. Sort of like a horse. Just hold tight and give commands. If the trail is not too tight and not that difficult, I will grab the 1200 over the 450's without much thought. What is nice is I now have a choice. Load up the 1200 for trips to trails or take the 450 for local trail runs. Each has their place. This suits me well. but there is no question... I prefer the big bike for almost any riding unless it is the 25 mile hard endure course that I get to ride occasionally.
  3. They are both right. though a little harsh. You should seek treatment. You have swelling and possibly bleeding going on in a small non expandable place. this could truly be tragic. I am not a doctor, but I have had more concussions than a pro football player. Take care of yourself. you only have one brain. You should not do anything strenuous for a time longer than a few days. Take a break, do some maintenance, do anything but head jarring activities for a couple weeks at least. And seek treatment
  4. you might get on another site full of 'adv' riders or check out RMAR. they hold rides all year long and might be helpful. have fun
  5. after six weeks, I rode my bikes last night! WOOOO HOOO!!!! Didn't really 'go for a ride', but did take them all for a spin and a battery charge. Was in the middle of an XT1200 beef up to get ready for summer. But it had only been started on the stand since I finished. The auto tune was confused by this and it was running horribly on the stand last night. So, I had no choice but to run her a bit to train the AT. It worked and so did I....mostly. did do a couple one handed landers on the track. Not a full hit but there was air. Won't be long now....until I hurt myself again. lol
  6. got about 25 miles in. been a long time i'm a bit beat up.
  7. My ATF bike is the '05 Gas Gas 450FSE. Man I would do bad things to be able to have bike like that again. Rode it til there were no parts to be found.
  8. Soooooo excited about a thaw!!!!! Im gonna go mud riding and love it!!!!
  9. I have a '12 TC 449. I think it is a great bike. Especially for the price. the parts are going to get hard to find, but you should already be used to that.
  10. Little Egypt? Friday...Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of rain and snow. Highs around 40. Friday Night...Mostly clear. Lows in the lower 20s. Saturday...Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 40s. Saturday Night...Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 30s. Sunday...Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 40s.
  11. Oh..... Thanks 300EX It would have sucked to find that out sunday morning.
  12. FEBRUARY 7 Staff continue to work clearing roads and trails of downed trees and limbs to make it safe for the public. Anyone visiting, or traveling through, Land Between The Lakes is strongly encouraged to remain aware of their surroundings and know they may encounter hazardous trees and hanging limbs overhead. Icy patches still remain on many of LBL roads within. With temperatures predicted to remain below freezing for several more days, additional damages and unsafe conditions may exist. Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area remains closed at this time. Management urges OHV enthusiasts to “Call Before You Haul” (270-924-2000), or log onto the official LBL website at www.lbl.org and click on Alerts & Notices, for up-to-date informa F U C K !!!!!!!!!!!
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