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  1. kiethy26

    Latest race video from NC

    Good stuff, interesting to see the perspective of a faster rider:worthy:
  2. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Ended up going down on the main to 142tk, open airbox with side holes cut 4th clip. Anything else runs fine but this runs better in Aus conditions
  3. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Well it seems with our fuel you can't get it to run right with any jetting combo if you have an aftermarket pipe. Ended up yanking snorkel and cutting a big hole and running with 140 main mikuni 3rd clip 27.5mm float FWIW the main problem is the different fuel companies here have different additives and dramatically change jetting
  4. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Glad I could help, it's actually been puzzling me for a while. Chart looks great, only comment is it assumes the other chart is correct, which from my estimations of a few of them is pretty close. I'm going to try going up from a 130tk I have, using a jet reamer to around 137 and go from there. btw I think keihin use thousands of an inch for their measurement With a totally stock pipe and 29mm float with needle in middle mine responded well up top, but I need to tune it to an aftermarket one:ride:
  5. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Here it is stated that 150 main is just right at ttr250.com , but reading that site he is saying 150 keihin which according to this chart http://www.4strokes.com/tech/carbjetxover.asp is a 138 oem main (dynojet and oem the same) aka just bigger than usa stocker So in summary which I think needs to go to sticky for other countries When USA is talking about going from 137 to 140 they mean 137 oem to the equivelant of 150 oem (140 mikuni) Australia and europe already have 147 which is pretty close already if it's not running right in hot weather you may actually have to go down closer to USA stock which is 137 oem/130.5 mikuni/150 keihin:thumbsup: Earlier ttr's came out with 142 oem which seems to be a good compromise in Aus
  6. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    For what it's worth fmf recommend 137-140 main oem size Also, aussie testers have found cutting the snorkel top and bottom to angle it 45 deg towards air filter is better than removing it.
  7. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    tk is the ttr brand of carb teiki or something can't remember spelling and not in front of me. Brisbane dealers are hopeless especially if it's not a wr, I'm in lismore 2 hours south. http://www.mikunioz.com/ This is the importers of mikuni, jets are $5 each and you can get any size in about 2 days Keihin are way off in sizes as are imperial, tk is oem yamaha and same dynojet. 142 mikuni is around 152 or so in oem so would be massive. i've tried 140 mikuni and it's too rich. Interesting you are running rich in brisbane, must be the time of year.
  8. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Also, check float height as if it's an aussie model they come with the float fuel level too high, 29-30mm works well here
  9. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Yep oem ie tk is 1.4mm if 140 whereas mikuni is 140 flow rate iwhich works out as 150/1.5mm
  10. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Mate ask yamaha for a 94 model ttr250 main, it will be tk42. It's a rip off though, Smaller sized tk's can be drilled out to correct size by engineers, should cost about $5 If not 132.5 mikuni small rounds will be same thing http://www.4strokes.com/tech/carbjetxover.asp
  11. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    ok hopefully have answered my own question. For those of us near the equator at sea level and in hot summer humidity, the stock tk147 main is too rich. If you go to the 140 main as suggested here then you are going to tk150 which will be worse. The white ttr's came out with tk142 stock which is about right. Also, USA fuels are different and for some exhausts they will need smaller main than stock. Too large main feels like it revs out a bit slowly, sputters when you back off the throttle slightly at revs and will soot the exhaust.
  12. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    In a similar situation with aussie 03 ttr but my results are different. I'm on the east coast so high humidity and heat Setup is Standard snorkle mod (cut top and bottom) 52 pilot 29mm float (lowest) 3rd clip aftermarket exhaust 147 main Bike is super responsive in bottom and mid but top flattens out a bit and gets worse with humidity. Also when you back off from revs a bit it burbles and sometimes has a cough when reving out. With stock muffler it revs out cleanly Stock USA is 137, stock AUS is 142 till 97 then 147 140 mikuni is 150 tk so......... Everything points to a rich main but most are going up on the main. Anyone else had these symptoms and gone down on the main to clear it up? I think stock 137 is small but anyone tested 142 or something, maybe 140 mikuni is a good difference from stock but doesn't mean it's optimal? Also I have experienced better flowing pipes requiring smaller mains before from better fuel burn or something
  13. kiethy26

    TTR250 Tank Compatibility?

    had same problem. Plastic repaired professionally for $30 6 months ago and holding fine
  14. kiethy26

    TTR 250 Tekei carb is there a replacement.

    Google "ttr250 pumper" there is a thread on dirtrider about a tm33
  15. kiethy26

    ttr250 pumper parts

    Does your ttr250 part 39 ( of the pumper circuit look like the picture. Mine is just a cylinder under the gasket and has no needle looking top to it? Pumper is not working, cheers