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  1. Has anyone put a 19" or larger front tire on their supermoto for occasional D/S days or light adventure riding? I was thinking about this as a posssiblilty for riders who want their primary set up to be SM, but are interested in other types of riding too-assuming you can't afford two bikes. Please share your opinions, experiences and pics. Thanks:ride:
  2. circle1m

    Opinions- DR650SM Sell as Pimped Package or Back to Stock?

    It's sounds like the consensus is to put it back to stock. If I do sell, that's most likely what I will do. Thanks for the help.
  3. I may be selling by DR650SM. It's pretty pimped. I'm sure I have easily over 7K in it. I'm pondering whether to sell it as is (pretty much perfect) with all the never used original parts as a package or return it to stock and sell the aftermarket stuff seperately. I may just keep it. It's a lot of fun, and it looks great. It's my fair weather commuter and fun bike, not my primary bike. Problem is, my primary bike is showing it's age. The smart thing to do would be to sell them both and get a new primary bike. I don't always do the smart thing, though. Anyway, I'd like your opinions on which way to go, assuming I do sell. Hope I posted the pics right....my 1st try at that. http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff292/Circle1m/Picture039.jpg Thanks, Mark
  4. circle1m

    Corbin Top (Seat) Panel Leather or Vinyl

    When ordering a Corbin, the default top panel seems to be leather. Even though my DR650 will be mostly a street tard, but I'm keeping the stock wheels, hubs and tires intact hoping I'll get off the black top eventually. In any event, I do ride in all weather all year round here in Tennessee. It seems like it might be a bad idea to use leather for any part of the seat. Maybe it holds up better than I think it will. Maybe someone knows something I don't. I'll bet they do. I'm thinking that's one of the reasons we have this place. Thanks, guys m
  5. I think I'll be oredering a Corbin pretty soon for my DR650. I was wondering if anybody had one with welts (DR or others)? . At the website, you choose seat panel, side panels and welts. The seat picture for the DR 250 abd 350 shows them, but not the 650. Can you feel them under you? Can you even tell they're there? I think they would look nice, but I'm not willing to do that if they sacrifice comfort. Any other learned tips when ordering a Corbin would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, it'll get me a little lower to the ground and more comfortable. Thanks
  6. circle1m

    DR650 - what was your OTD price?

    About 20 miles
  7. circle1m

    DR650 - what was your OTD price?

    As a matter of fact, I bought mine today. $4800 OTD in GA-Paying tax in TN. Yellow 2006. There's one on ebay for $4500, but it was more than a $300 PITA for me to go get it. Good Luck:ride:
  8. circle1m

    Different Speedo

    Does this effect your title. For instance, if you were to buy a brand new DR and put a Vapor on with the 17s before mile #1, do you have to have that "no actual mileage" notation on your title?
  9. circle1m

    FMF Q2 exhaust - Quietet. Agree? Disagree?

    Thanks for all the points of view. I'm absolutely not going to rip on anyone, no matter how much I may disagree. That kind of thing just ends up running us around in circles. Besides, one of the best ways to convert others to your point of view is to try to be a good example and representative for what you think is best. I'm probably somewhere in the middle. I don't really care for the Vance& Hines ear busters on my friend's HD. He loves them. We still go on rides. I usually lead. I love the deep, throaty sound of my Moto Guzzi. It's definately adds to my riding experience. Do I like the sound of a tuner car on the road in town, especially the POS ones that only have an exhaust? Would I make them all disappear if we ruled the world? Reality is that we don't. Is it fun to piss off people (who outnumber us) with loud pipes. Let's be honest. Oh yeah, it's kinda fun. It is smart though? I also like to hike/backpack. As much as I love (am obsessed with) motorcycles, do I really want to hear them loud and clear when I'm out doing that? Do I like to see those guys out there? Absolutely. Maybe I'll join them when I get comfortable being off pavement. Anway, thanks for all the input. Keep the info coming on the original ? I'll take it all in. Thanks
  10. circle1m

    FMF Q2 exhaust - Quietet. Agree? Disagree?

    Thanks, Mike I'm in Chattanooga mostly and Ocoee sometimes. I've heard the FMF on a XR650L. I wouldn't be all that concerned. I'll be motarding the DR-17s have been ordered, but I may want to ride with some folks like these some time. http://www.dixiedualsport.com/web1.html It looks like fun, but they have really tight restrictions on noise-which I agree with for off road. I'll have to learn how to ride off road first. I have 75-100K miles of experience, but all on pavement I didn't send in the stock wheels so I can run both set ups. . I'm actually in Knox fairly regularly. I get the Guzzi serviced at Destination Motorcycles. Thanks for the offer on listening to your FMF.
  11. For the 650. I called Two Brothers Racing. According to the guy I spoke with, the M 7 VALE with all the inserts will only get you down to about 96 dB. I believe that makes it a bit louder than the FMF. Jetson is supposed to be crap. That only leaves less than a hand full of other choices. Supertrapp? Staintune? Loud sucks as far as I'm concerned, but I love to listen to a throaty rumble. You guys agree that the FMF is the quietest. I'm buying the goodies while searching on a good deal on a bike. Yeah, we sometimes do thing a little backwards here in Tennessee. Thanks, Mark 2002 Moto Guzzi California Stone Soon to be DR 650 parked next to it.
  12. circle1m

    Years for Adjustable seat height

    Thanks, guys
  13. circle1m

    Years for Adjustable seat height

    Was wondering how long this has been an option. I am considering a DR as a second bike, maybe used. At my height, 5'7" maybe, I will want this option. Thanks