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  1. chris400ex

    new 2017 crf450x glowing exhaust

    Sounds like it may be lean
  2. chris400ex

    Backfire on deceleration

    I'm actually run a torch tip cleaner through the jet and it still is not the same the jet is perfectly clean all the way around there's no doubt about that I've run carburetor cleaner through the carb I have run seafoam through the carb and I still cannot get this thing to idle or stop backfiring without the choke on
  3. chris400ex

    Backfire on deceleration

    I have done all of that stuff .....power core 4 exhaust slip on ....jetted to specs for the exhaust and everything ran fine for 2 years no issues at all then life happens and I let it set for about 2 years a day now I have the problem ......I just asked for advice on this and not to get slammed in a reply because God forbid I didn't read a pinned post
  4. chris400ex

    Backfire on deceleration

    If you find out anything just let me know I take any advice
  5. chris400ex

    Backfire on deceleration

  6. chris400ex

    Backfire on deceleration

    Is there any way to get the carb bowl off without pulling the whole carb off .....i think I may have some blockage .........another question is the fuel air mix screw got a special tool to turn it mine is not a flat or Phillips head....
  7. chris400ex

    Backfire on deceleration

    I have a 2009 CRF450X it set up for a couple of years now it will run but backfires fairly heavily on deceleration pilot jet is clean Main Jet is clean what else do I need to do to stop this
  8. chris400ex

    i have a pw80 i need help identyifing

    ya thats what i seen the guy said it was a 04 and that it was a 4 stroke wich i knew was wrong
  9. what can yall tell me about this vin number jya3rvd35ya008607 "or that may be 86d7" at the last what can yall pull up about it
  10. chris400ex

    pw 80

    hey guys i got a buddy with a 2004 or 2006 pw80 and i been seeing some stuff on line and was wondering is it a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke or did they make both. he seems to think its a 4 strokebut i wanna make dang sure for his sake
  11. chris400ex

    Which Braces?

    i had works connection and bent a radiator so i fixed it and went to a box store and bought me some hollow tubing and smashed the ends and bent it to were it fit perfect on the front of the radiator on both sides and never had a problem sence .....cost me 10$
  12. chris400ex

    crf450x home made smog block off!

    i did the same thing with my 09 x and have had no problems at all. i cant see paying $30 or $40 for a block off kit if you have the ability and stuff laying around to make one. it took me about 1.5 hours total once i figured out how i wanted to do it.
  13. chris400ex

    stupid stuff people have said

    i still love the powerband stories ... to me there the best.
  14. chris400ex

    stupid stuff people have said

    wow kinda cold
  15. chris400ex

    stupid stuff people have said

    whats some of the most dumb stuff someone has said or you have seen about a bike that you were trying to buy or just seen around. EXE: i just replaced the powerband.... lol