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  1. 650wong

    Best Street Tires

    I use a Maxxis Traxer on the back of my 650 and its doing fine, havent seen any on their website though.
  2. 650wong

    What is this part? Found it in my airbox...

    yeah that seems to be on of the rubber isolator things for the gas tank, how did it get in the airbox, do you have the top open?
  3. 650wong


    No rip offs and any advice you need he is willing to give you help with(dr wise anyway). Nearly all the threads on this site talking about mods Jesse's name pops up as the source for parts, I got my DJ kit and K&N filter and carb parts etc from him. No problems. Derek
  4. 650wong

    Kick stand switch

    Is it just me or did my 2000 dr come with 2 springs on the kickstand....I'll have to check on that one.
  5. 650wong

    jetting help

    Do they still make one for the 650? I took a quick look through the absolute power II but only saw the 400. Anything?
  6. 650wong

    quiet pipes and loud friends

    Yeah...like they say, feel it. The bike will tell you if you overrev or are in too high of a gear and it is shuddering while trying to lug along at nearly zero rpms.
  7. 650wong

    FMF Q2 muffler

    The DJ kit is made to work with stock or aftermarket exhaust, so I would say yes. I was wondering if anyone had a pic of the yosh pipe, I keep seeing the name pop in to muffler threads but since its out of production as stated above, I havent seen one nor can I find much info about it. Derek
  8. 650wong

    17” Knobby Web Page

    nice. that terraflex looks huge, too bad I only need a mainly street tire.
  9. 650wong

    should i buy a DR

    Yes, my dad originally bought mine. Hes not that much taller than you and not "slim" either. It was used for light offroad like you said where I could join him on my old 80cc trailbike. It will be great for you. Now I have taken it over and modded it for more juice. Great for streetfighting on a budget.
  10. 650wong

    Get rid of the ugly Lisc Plate holder!?!?

    Yep...blizzards or hurricanes, it seems that free is the most popular price.
  11. 650wong

    Gutting stock muffler

    I was thinking of doing the same thing. I think during the winter I'll cut mine open and see how it goes. You could look for a stock exhaust from a 96 to current as I believe they are all the same. If i ever get around to opening mine I'll stick some pics up.
  12. 650wong

    Get rid of the ugly Lisc Plate holder!?!?

    I was in bathurst, Northeastern corner. Had to move with the family...yeah work related, but not mine, my dad. I'm still in highschool (one of those teens who thinks they know all and ride like theres no tomorrow) haha not really but some would say otherwise.
  13. 650wong

    Get rid of the ugly Lisc Plate holder!?!?

    DRrickk, I knew those plates looked familiar for some reason. I just moved to ontario from NB this summer. Where in NB are you? Derek
  14. 650wong

    Get rid of the ugly Lisc Plate holder!?!?

    Ah the snow is not too bad;) haha
  15. 650wong

    Anyone have a stock exhaust they want to sell me?

    yachtbuilder, I also want to open one up and see what can be done. Let me now how it goes if you do it and post some pics if you can. thanks Derek