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  1. bdubbs033

    MXON program Thursday at 9pm EST on FuelTV

    Thanks dude
  2. bdubbs033

    2010 ktm 250xc spring rates

    thank you very much
  3. Does anyone know what the factory suspension is set up for in terms of rider weight. I looked on the internet and found mixed results. Not sure which company to believe. Thank you in advance
  4. bdubbs033

    2010 ktm xc rad guard

    Thanks guys. What are your thoughts on pipe protection. I see most have fiberglass protectors.
  5. bdubbs033

    2010 ktm xc rad guard

    who makes the best radiator guard for the 2010 250 xc?
  6. bdubbs033

    2010 250sx vs. 250xc ?

    would the 2010 xc or xc-w be better for east coast hare scrambles racing im trying to decide which model would be best for racing.
  7. bdubbs033

    Greasing lower steering stem bearing?

    So does the ktm come with enough grease from the factory. I'm about to purchase a 2010 250xc and I anticipated taking the bike apart to re-grease.
  8. bdubbs033

    09 or 10 ktm 250xc

    Thank you, that is exactly what I needed. BTW very nice ride.
  9. bdubbs033

    09 or 10 ktm 250xc

    thank you.
  10. bdubbs033

    09 or 10 ktm 250xc

  11. bdubbs033

    09 or 10 ktm 250xc

    are there many differences between the two. obviously i can get a better price on a leftover, just not sure if it would be worth it get the new one. i'v searched and cant really find the differences. also this would be my first ktm are there any quirks i should know prior to purchasing. BTW im coming off of a 08 kx 250f. Thanks in advance
  12. bdubbs033

    D6 Hare Scrambles Plymouth, PA, June 21st

    the soil is pretty sweet. sand,loam, small rocks in the woods section. and grass in the open fields for some sweet drifting. you do as many laps as u can in the 2 hours u have to race. it is the best track to start out on as there are no jumps and aside from the 2 tight woods sections there are plenty of places to pass.
  13. bdubbs033

    Sunline Sl-1 Tripple clamps

  14. bdubbs033

    Sunline Sl-1 Tripple clamps

    I am going to be selling my rg3 20mm ofset clamps soon. They will not work with an oversized gas tank. Price is $250 if any is interested. They are used 1 full season on a 08. Shoot me a pm if interested. They are going on ebay this week.
  15. bdubbs033

    Dutchman Hare Scramble 4/5/09

    nice job hoffman, ill be comin for that podium lol hey broken whats ur number