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  1. kaospiloten

    Vid: First ride of the new year......

    Nice video What have you done to your 450, looks black? Post some pics
  2. kaospiloten

    Take a look at this triple clamp.....

    they look nice and work great to
  3. kaospiloten

    Best of 2009. (MX)

    Me: My kid:
  4. kaospiloten

    who has the nicest custom graphics

    Looks better with black plastic
  5. kaospiloten

    NEW Husqvarna CR 50 Minicycle breaks cover!!!!

    The new CR 50 will be available in approx September 2010, followed by the all new CR 65 December 2010.
  6. kaospiloten

    Mugen 2010 CRF Stuff!

    Not Showa or KYB
  7. Great pics!! I love Greece. I go with my family every year to Naxos, love the island!! We rent 4x4 cars and atv's and go offroading. I cant rent a bike since I dont have a license for bike
  8. What about this one.......
  9. kaospiloten

    310 kit

    I think the Athena 300 kit and the one Husqvarna calls 310 kit is the same.
  10. kaospiloten

    Pics: One lucky italian bastard !

    Wow, nice bike. Wont he tell how much he gave for it?? Do Honda Martin use the Fox shock?
  11. kaospiloten

    Who has the nicest Yamaha?

    Here is a nice YZ 65
  12. kaospiloten

    Pics: Bling Bling CRF450

    We became a dealer for http://www.arc-design.it/ here in Norway. Here is the shop www.actionsports.no. Let me know if you want one You can also have it custom made Havent been on a bike since Gotland http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=851576 How about you?? Look what I found You at Magnor:ride:
  13. kaospiloten

    Making a light bike lighter (2010 crf450r)

    Alu or carbon fuel tank