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  1. stingraymoto

    Need a header for 450 x

    I need a header for a 450 x leave a thread or a message with how much you want. Thanks Ray
  2. stingraymoto

    Colorado TT Rally for 2007

    I plan on attending the Rampart Ride along with my friend that makes 2. I would like info on where and when we are meeting. Please reply in a post or email me in a private mesage. Thanks
  3. stingraymoto

    Is your 450X loud or quiet?

    I totally gutted my exhaust and sandwitched a screen inbetween the end cap and the pipe. I got the screen specs from the national forest and bought a screen from mcmaster carr. It is still not that loud. I think this is the extreem end of the spectrum but there is absoutly nothing obstructing the exhaust except the screen.
  4. stingraymoto

    Removing Header???

    Do not worry about it the freezer trick does not work even with rubber plumbing stop plugs in both ends. I even tried to heat it up with a tourch and pressiurize the pipe and that did not work after hours of wasted time I bought a header from someone on ebay.
  5. The EVS Web knee braces are excellent for protection but poorly designed. The inner sleve that makes the brace comfortable is held in with velcro or essentially glued in when the brace gets hot and used time and again the glue mealts. I constantly have to put new velcrow in mine to keep the dam things comfortable. The side hinges are the worst a rubber oval pad keeps the hinge from digging into your knee and mine almost always fall out into my pants because the velcro does not keep them in place. Does anyone else have problems with the web and do you have any fixes? Thanks
  6. stingraymoto

    did search ~ Best rear tire colorado terrain

    Thanks for the heads up mate and for being the only one to help. I am looking into the irc VE 33.
  7. I am looking for new rubber stock size. looking at MT-18 pirelli front. However, What is a good rear tire for long wear and traction. Colorado terrain is rocky and sandy. Intermediate, hard, soft/intermediate? Open to options but want to run the MT-18 front Thanks for the help
  8. stingraymoto

    helmet camera holder/waterproof box

    I have been going through the many ups and downs of the helmet cam thing and I have finally pretty much perfected it but am totally open to new ideas. I have a Hoyt tec HC-Pro http://www.hoyttech.com/. it is a sweet setup and comes with a crash proof super hard plastic case that the camera goes into. The camera is in an alluminum case that is submeragable up to 1 meter it is sealed with ruber o-rings. The camera on the plastic case mounts via superstrong velcro that snaps together to a gogle strap mount. MOST INPORTANT; LOOK AT THE COMPATIBLE CAMCORDER LIST ONLY GET A LANC COMPATIBLE CAMCORDER, I have a Sony HC32 in a modified pelican box that I put in my backpack. Hoyt tec offers a remote LANC Remote that is a must because you can turn off,on,play,and pause. I have crashed hard and the camera was fine. I would really like to get your ideas on other options that you have tried or are going to try. Ray
  9. I am new to GPS and just bought a magellen explorest 400. Do the topo maps have the trail systems on them, are any left out? It would be nice to use the GPS for more than just knowing where I am, where I have been, and how to get back there. I would like to know where I am going with out getting out the 40 degree latitude map and pinpointing the coordinates. I am trying to avoid buying the $150 one from magellen and not knowing if it even has moto trails or how many. I would only need to use colorado, utah, and Wyoming. If anyone has any info let me know. Ray
  10. I have been to moab a couple of times and the place is such a moto heave expance I can't ever remember where I have been. This was before gps or at least one I could afford. Now I have a GPS and am going back to moab and I have a couple of questions. Does anyone have sugestions on a good central camp kinda away from town ? Any good trails that are a must ride,epic day, that stand out in your mind? I also heard of a trail that goes to GJ (Grand Junction) that sounds cool. I am up for directions, names, sites, and GPS coordinates whatever you have. I just want to have fun on my new crfx 450. Thanks Ray
  11. stingraymoto

    moab jetting 450x uncorked

    Eddie whats up dude? you out there? It has been a while since I posted this question.
  12. 05 450x uncorked (top air box, no baffel, spark screen, pink wire). Moab is at 4650 ft. currently set up for 5395 ft. do I need to change anything? Thanks for your help
  13. I am going to moab next month and want to know what else I need because there is not a single bike shop for a hundred miles ie gj colorado. Please give input here is what I am bringing for a crf 450x only 300 mi All the tools I will need extra plug extra tubes f/r hd extra pre oiled filter (Are therer any filter skins for these filters like for sand rails?) an eats jeeps for breakfast sticker any other sugestions Thanks Ray
  14. 05 crf450x uncorked mods airbox, pink wire, no baffel whatsoever. With these mods the thing does not start now and it did before. Need info on the following: Both jet sizes fuel screw setting clip position PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not send me that link it is worthless because my bike barely starts once I get it warm for 15 minutes then it will be of use to me. Help Ray
  15. stingraymoto

    Baffle removed ..... noise?

    That is because almost all those harley riders universally hate foriegn bikes. They hate when they get passed by one when they are working on thiers on the side of the road.