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  1. RutRipper

    Old YZ250 Question..

    ...dont make fun of it!hahah
  2. RutRipper

    Old YZ250 Question..

    Ya here this was before I got the KX Carb on which ended up fitting nicely but the tank doesnt allow me to pull the choke up all the way but ill figure something out. Ya I was thinking about trying to bump start it but its got a chunk out in the left side right by the chain drive that i need to get fixed before I can shift . I also need to fix both brakes. It sounds like a lot of work but I just work a little on it every now and then and I'll probably just use it as a beater bike
  3. RutRipper

    Old YZ250 Question..

    Ya luckily the KX carb has the whole throttle/cable assembly on it too, sweet thats good news! I still need to scrounge up a kickstarter for it but i will let you guys know if it works. Thanks for the replies so far!
  4. RutRipper

    Old YZ250 Question..

  5. RutRipper

    Old YZ250 Question..

    I got a 86 yz250 for really under a hundred bux and it needs a carb to see if it runs (needs alot of other little things too but mostly cosmetic). I have the carb that came on the YZ250 but it's missing the slide and needle. My question is, will a 97 kx250 carb work? Both the openings of the carb are the same measurements..would it be possible to run a flat carb on this old of a bike? I tried really hard to find the slide for the YZ carb online and at my salvage yard with no luck and i dont want to buy it brand new.
  6. RutRipper

    How Will Powdercoating put me back?

    Is that price for a quad or a bike?
  7. RutRipper

    How Will Powdercoating put me back?

    I'll look into that to see if anyone around here does that acid process. $160 is a pretty good pirce....I just posted a wanted ad on craigslist for anyone who will powder coat and sandblast it cheap, so hopefully someone will reply.
  8. RutRipper

    How Will Powdercoating put me back?

    Ok....so a quad frame would probably cost a little more then...like $250 then? FrankieWhipit, did your son get his frame sandblasted and powdercoated for $150 or just powdercoated?
  9. Ok, so I just got an old blaster and stripped everything off of the frame. I would like to have the frame sandblasted and then powdercoated...how much will each one of these cost? If the sandblasting is really expensive, can I just powdercoat on top of the old paint? So if you or a friend has had a frame powdercoated, if you could tell me how much they paid that would be great! Thanks!
  10. Yeah, I did...it's 1880 but I find that to be inaccurate a lot of the times with 2 strokes. Every time I've bought/sold a two stroke they are either quite a bit over the KBB or quite a bit cheaper...
  11. Yep, spark plug or jetting is most likely the problem, but also clean out your power valves...I just cleaned mine out on my CR250 and now it starts first kick where as it used to be quite a pain! But when you say stops running well after idling for a little while I would think it's either the plug, jetting, or too rich of a gas mixture.
  12. Sorry to post another one of these but I like to do it before I purchase a bike! There is a 1997 ktm 300 exc that looks to be in good condition and he claims it runs great. In the pictures he sent it doesn't look abused/used very much. How much is it worth? And I have never had a KTM before so how is reliability and such on these bikes? If anyone has one I would love to hear what you think about it! Thanks guys
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    don't you hate

    Yeah, I'm the only one in my family who rides...and they all comment on what a lazy sport it is...I would love to see any one of them ride with me for a day and not come home completely exhausted!
  15. Thank you for saying this...It's amazing how many people can convince themselves they are not the problem, people hear what they want to hear. And TeamTurtle I don't want to tell you how to raise your kids, but please don't try to make them believe that global warming is complete BS. I am glad that our High School is showing news that tries to make kids aware of global warming...it makes me sick when parents won't let their children watch watch Algore's movie because they don't believe we're ruining our earth. I would let your kids decide for themselves what to believe in.