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  1. Kent Rathgeber

    2009 Honda CR250 Finished Pictures

    That's one sweet-looking machine dogger!!! That graphics kit is awesome!! Can't wait for a race report. I want to hear how she handles with that engine and suspension in that frame.
  2. Kent Rathgeber

    six six one droid ???

    Since when can a word or phrase be copyrighted?? The Droid looks to be an innovative piece of protective gear. If I didn't already have a Leatt, I'd be looking into it.
  3. Kent Rathgeber

    Water in the Case

    Change the oil and filter immediately before you get a new dipstick. The water MAY (and I say MAY) damage your bearings somewhat (rust).
  4. Kent Rathgeber

    progrip neck brace?

    Interesting. Another take on neck supports/braces. Anyone know if they're on this side of the pond yet?
  5. Kent Rathgeber

    date on inside foam of helmet.

    Slinkyman has a point. Helmets DO wear out, and it's Snell's recommendation that a helmet should be replaced (provided no crashes on it) every 5 years. Myself, I buy last year's helmets and wear them for 2 years, then they get replaced (again, provided no crashes on the helmet). If I remember correctly, even the California Highway Patrol (you know, the CHiPs ) replace their motorcycle helmets every 2 years, even if they're not crashed on. Ultimately, it's your head.
  6. Kent Rathgeber

    Superbowl, or go riding?

    PVR the game and commercials.
  7. Kent Rathgeber

    Do I need a new helmet?

    That's what helmets are designed to do, show evidence of damage. It's not necessarily the type of crash, it's how hard the helmet hits the ground/bike/other bike/ whatever. That helmet gave its life to save the riders life. Good trade, no?
  8. Kent Rathgeber

    Do I need a new helmet?

    Like everyone else says IF YOU THINK YOU NEED A NEW HELMET, YOU DO!!! Helmets are designed for ONE impact only. If you've crashed and hit your head 2-3 times prior to this crash, and have a headache afterwards, you NEED a new helmet. The most likely reason you have a headache is that your skull hit the liner of the helmet in the same place more than once. The liner is already compressed from the first impact, and when your skull hits it again, there is far less absorption capability than there was on the first hit. Buy yourself a new helmet, even if it means giving up gas money to do it. Your brain is not like your leg, wrist, or collarbone. Those will heal relatively easily compared to the brain damage that may result from you crashing on your head when wearing a worn-out helmet. Many helmet makers offer inspection services for helmets that owners think may be damaged but aren't sure, and don't want to shell out for a new helmet if the old one is still good. That might be an option for you.
  9. Kent Rathgeber

    Helmet hair

    Do a Sinead O'Connor - buzz it right off!!!!! Yes, I know that the hair is a woman's prize possession, I'm just kidding with the comment above I know a woman who ties her hair up so that it ends just under the back lip of the helmet. She says that way the helmet fits properly and doesn't interfere with the shoulder pads she wears.
  10. Kent Rathgeber

    Leatt+chest protector yet again..

    What I did was trim the shoulder cups/pads back on my CP so that they wouldn't interfere with the Leatt if (heaven forbid!) I crash and need it.
  11. Kent Rathgeber

    Mom wants to race again!!?!!

    Get back on that bike and get out there!!! There's plenty of females who are members of TT that ride/race in SoCal. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them real soon.
  12. Kent Rathgeber

    What bike is this?

    K-Team graphics were '93, weren't they??
  13. Kent Rathgeber

    why did they stop racing 500cc bikes

    Suzuki stopped selling the RM500 in 84 (in the US. It was still for sale in Canada in 85) and Yamaha stopped selling the YZ490 somewhere around 89 (it dragged on for a few years as the WR500). All the 2 stroke 500's were VERY powerful bikes, and harder to ride fast (at the top level, mind you) than the 250's. The other reason the AMA dropped the class was cost. Honda, Kawasaki, and KTM were the only 500's (somewhat) widely available in the US in the early 90s, and they weren't selling very well, maybe 1000 bikes per year per maker. With sales numbers like that, the manufacturers couldn't justify the cost to upgrade their 500's, much less develop new models. That's why, after about 95-95, the 500's only ever got cosmetic and suspension updates. 500's also lasted a loooong time (mechanically), so there was no need for the 500 rider to replace his bike after 1 or 2 seasons. They'd easily last 2 or 4 years, and parts were readily available because the bike changed very little in previous years.
  14. Kent Rathgeber

    Daughter wants to race--buy used gear?

    Used pants and jersey, yes. I would NOT recommend used boots. Why? They are one of three things that hold you onto your bike (the other two being your hands and knee grip on the tank), and ankle/sole support is very important when riding. A tweaked ankle can cause lots of problems down the road. I wouldn't buy used boots online just because I have no idea what kind of ankle support I'm getting, the personal hygiene of the previous owner (believe me, you wouldn't want MY old boots, 'cause my feet sweat [and stink :smirk] quite a lot), and what the sole looks like. My 2 pennies
  15. Kent Rathgeber

    Sooooo, who knew?

    Putting antifreeze in there will kill the rats. However, seeing that antifreeze is a poison, do you really wanna be cooking steaks & burgers on something you put highly toxic poison in??? Didn't think so. Go buy a new BBQ (and pick up a mouser {cat} while you're at it )